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Stupid Sun

The Sun always gets on my nerves. With its stupid remarks toward me and the rest of my clan. He's always trying to be the best, and always failing at it. He's always too bright. Trying to hard to beat me. The Sun can't beat the Night. I keep telling the Sun that but of 'course he just laughs it off with his stupid self and walks away screaming that he's the best. His rays of light blind me- It blinds all darkness. I hate that- and when I tell him to stop the retard goes ahead and shines brighter. Is he a jerk or what?

So as you can see the Sun's an idiot. A 'Tard who hopes to be king one day. Can you believe it? King?! What he doesn't realize is that he's already king. King of the world. Shining the day with blinding rays 24/7- Wait scratch that. Except at Night. Thats when darkness takes over- Thats when 'I' take over. Thats when the sun sleeps. My darkness always finds away to sneak into the Sun's room at night. After a long day of shining the Sun's always a heavy sleeper. I let my darkness wrap around him, touching him in places where I don't think a boy my age is supposed to touch. My darkness brushes the Sun's lips, and quickly pull back when the Sun stirs.

I wonder what it would be like to sleep with the Sun. It's impossible because we both have different duties, and all at opposite times. I am Darkness, he is the Sun. But I still wonder what it would be like. To have him all to myself, day and night. Then he could shine 'my' world 24/7. unfortunately, no one can sleep with the Sun. The Sun is an idiot. An idiot that wants to be king. An idiot that doesn't realize that he 'is' King. King of our world- King of MY world.

Stupid Sun.

Stupid Naruto.



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