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Stupid Sun




"Oi. Dobe. Wake up.", I lean over the blond in annoyance. The stupid idiot fell asleep! Who falls asleep in the middle of the forest- at night no less. The dumbass doesn't stir as I try to shake him awake, and I could feel a vein popping on the side of my forhead.

"Come on, dobe...", I say shaking him even harder. The idiot doesn't move. I sigh and rub my forhead. If this retard doesn't wave up in five seconds I swear I'll kill him.





One and three forths...

One and two fourths...

One and one fourths...



Alright maybe I won't kill him. But I am going to step on his stomach.

I raise my foot and step gentely on the idiots stomach- I'm about to press when I take a good look at him.- And I mean a 'good' look at him. His eyes are shut and those whisker like birth marks looked relaxed and tiny- it was as if they weren't even there. I sigh to myself. The sun is so beautiful...even when it isn't shining.

I look up at the sky for a moment. Stars blanket themselves over the dark sky.



It's my time to take over. I lean down to the floor above the resting sun and take my hand to his sun kissed hair. I caress the tips and smooth it down against his head. He's breathing lightly, arms on his sides, his head tilted slightly showing the bare part of his neck . I'm tempted to just get down kiss it- But I don't. Not just yet.

I move my hands to his moving stomach and caress the clothng there- but it isn't enough. I slowly dip my hands underneath the black shirt and let find my way to his small navel. He shivers slightly, at the touch of my cold finger tips on his warm stomach. I pull his shirt up to reveal his amazing naturally tanned body and bring my lips to the spot just above his belly button. The sun doesn't stir- so I continue to lay butterfly kisses against his skin, first on his soft nipples, then against the skin the overlapped his beating heart, then below his belly button- until finally I reach the spot I never dared to venture through before.

I stop.

"Sas..Sasuke...What are you..."


"Naruto.", I say in the most unemotional way possible.

Naruto sits up, so I'm in an awkward position against his waist and he's looking down on me, and I'm looking up at him. His eyes are wide, as if not believing what he was seeing. I still have my expressionless face on, staring up at him.

"What?", I ask, tilting my head.

Naruto just looks down at me.

"I..", he starts to say.

"I don't understand..."

I don't understand either.

"What's not to understand, Naruto-Kun?" I ask despite my thoughts.

Naruto loks down at me with confusion in his eyes, and for a moment he looks as if he's about to cry.

"I...I don't...I don't understand all this..", he says bringing his hands to his face.

"I...I've been having weird dreams lately...dreams about you..coming into my room...only at night...and you would touch me...and I would..let you...And now...here it goes again...only we're in the forest..I..I sdon't know if I'm really dreaming or not Sasuke!!", Naruto shouted still holding his hands to his face.

I'm flabbergasted. Does this mean that Naruto was awake- all those times?! All those times I would touch him in his so called sleep- all those times I whispered those erotic fantasies in his ear?! All those times I let out my deepest secrets to him- and told him I loved him more than anything in the world?!

"I don't know Sasuke...", Naruto's voice brings me out of my thoughts.

"Sasuke...Does this mean...Does this mean I like you Sasuke? If I'm having all these dreams...does this mean that...I really like you?"

I smile up at him.

"I wouldn't know Naruto-kun- Do you like me?"

Naruto looks away from me.

"Sometimes..I look forward to you coming to me...in my dreams...Sometimes, I can't wait to fall asleep..."

I nod my head and kiss Naruto's belly button. He shivers and grips onto my dark hair.

"Sasuke! I don't want this to be a dream!! I like you, Sasuke! I like you!! I want you to mean all those things you said to me! I want this to be real!!"

Naruto was crying freely now, letting hot heavy tears cascade from his tired eyes. I couldn't beleive it...Naruto...liked me...maybe...maybe as much as I liked him...I sat up straight..and put my arms around him.

"Naruto-kun...if you don't want it to be a dream..then it doesn't have to be..."

I take Naruto's chin, and force him to look into my eyes, then I do something I never did when I thought he was awake.


Naruto P.O.V

When I wake up Sasuke isn't by my side. I feel something familiar in my heart- devestation. I look around for Sasuke frantically- not finding him I quickly stand up. A sick realization comes to me- What if...What f it really was all a dream..What if Sasuke never really did come to me at night -what if he really didn't...

I touch my lips. I can still feel the tingling sensation I felt before when he-

"Oi- Dobe!"

I look up there he is- looking as emotionless as possible. He's glaring at me.

"Idiot- how long do you have to sleep until you can finally get your lazy ass up?!". he asks me with that glare still in his eyes.

I feel myself die a little. It really was all a dream- a dream that I so foolishly thought could be real. I feel something trickling down my chin. I'm crying...damn it..How can I cry in front of him- that bastard!

"Oi- dobe."

I look up again, and gasp when I see his face only inches away from mine.


"Shut up, dobe."

In less than a second my tears become not of devestation but of joy. I encircle my arms around Sasuke's waist and hold on tight, not ever wanting to let go. I'm so happy- yesterday was not a dream- it was real, and this moment proves it all! Because now Sasuke...

Is kissing me.

In broad daylight.

"Naruto...", Sasuke said breaking the kiss and burying his face onto my neck.

"This is what we call..."

He looks into my eyes.

"A solar eclipse."






I know its short but it's cute right? Right?! Please give credit to Shenive-chan- she gave me the solar eclipse idea!! Stay tuned for the epilouge!!