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Prologue/Chapter 1

4th of July Celebration Party at the National Archives Building July 4th, 6:00 pm-11:00 pm; Fireworks Show Included Special Guests of Honor: Benjamin Gates and Abigail Chase of the Treasure Trio!

"Liss, I still don't understand why you dragged me to this stupid thing. You know I don't give a hoot about history."

"Well, I didn't want to come alone," her friend Melissa responded, "how pathetic is that? Besides, Kels, how could you not be interested in this? These guys found a lost treasure underneath a church based on a map they found on the back of the Declaration of Independence! How can that not be cool?"

Kelsie retorted, "Because I don't care at all about history. Math and computers are my area of expertise; you should know that by now."

"Then how did you not fail American Studies in high school?"

"Because it was just memorizing a bunch of dates! Dates are numbers; numbers I can handle."

"Well, it's not like you had anywhere better to be tonight," Melissa shot back, "unless you wanted to let Stupid Steve take you out again."

"Okay, fine, I'll stop whining about you making me come," Kelsie sighed. "I do have one question though: how did you manage to get us in? I thought this party was booked months ago."

"It was," Melissa admitted. "But I reserved tickets last Fourth of July, before the whole National Treasure thing happened that made this party so popular." She laughed as Kelsie rolled her eyes.

"Whatever," Kelsie said, bored. "You can go gawk at some old yellow papers and gush over your new idols. I'm going to stay in the back. We can meet back here at 10 to watch the fireworks display, OK?"

"Okay. See you later."