Hermione looked at him as if he lost his mind, "Remember what?"

Draco replied sullenly, "N-nothing."

He left the Hospital Wing immediately afterward. When he left, he wiped the tears from his cheeks. He felt so stupid. How could he not remember. 'I talked to him after Madam Pomfrey left, and at first he didn't remember anything from his days as a spirit, so I took him to the Owlery to show him his owl. Apparently it all came back to him then because he muttered 'Finny'.'

An idea hit him. He knew how to make her remember. Draco then set off to put this idea into action.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital Wing, Hermione was questioning Harry as to why Draco was acting all chummy with her.

Harry was refusing to answer. He resorted to changing the subject, "How are you feeling Hermione?"

She complied with an answer, "Fine, but why was Malfoy being so... friendly?"

Madam Pomfrey, after dealing with Ron for lying about a student wanting to commit suicide, went to take care of Hermione, her miracle coma patient.

Harry had never been more grateful to Madam Pomfrey (including the time she regrew all of the bones in his arm).


Madam Pomfrey got a Calming Draught and gave it to Hermione, forcing her to drink it. Immediately she calmed down. Madam Pomfrey then gave Hermione a pile of papers at least two feet tall.

"These are the assignments you've missed over the past month," Madam Pomfrey explained. "You'll have two weeks to finish them all and give them to the appropriate teacher."

Hermione nodded calmly. Harry really loved the Calming Draught. 'I should keep some of that around,' Harry mused. 'It would really help when a certain bushy-haired girl and a certain red-haired boy got in rows.'

Harry went over to talk to the now calm Hermione. "Look, I can't tell you why Malfoy was acting like that. Well, I could tell you one thing that he told me while you were in a coma, but I doubt you would believe me. We didn't believe him when he first told us. You'll have to talk to Malfoy about it. Madam Pomfrey said that she was going to keep you here one more day, just to make sure that you don't fall back into a coma. Why don't you get started on those assignmnets?"

Hermione simply nodded. Harry pushed her bed back to its original spot and brought over her massive pile of homework along with her bag filled with supplies she'd need to complete said assignments, other than potions.

She immediately got to work and Harry was shooed from the room along with Ron, who had just received detention for that night.

Hermione just came out of Snape's classroom after making up the last of her potions. It had been a week since she woke up. She needed a quiet place to finish her homework and catch up on studying. After dinner she was going to head to her clearing.

In the Great Hall, they were serving Shepard's Pie, Ron's favorite judging by the way he was shoveling more food than usual into his mouth.

"Ron, that's disgusting! Eat with your mouth closed and don't shove so much food into your mouth," Hermione chided annoyed by his disgusting table manners.

She noticed that Malfoy wasn't at the Slytherin's table. He hadn't been for the whole week. Then, Hermione wondered why she cared. She dismissed it as curiosity for his being kind to her. Other than the day at the Hospital Wing, he just ignored her, no insults, at all. 'Thankfully he hasn't tried to hug me again or something equally bizarre,' Hermione thought to herself, though she couldn't help but remember how good his warm arms felt around her. She quickly dismissed this and continued to eat her dinner in a civilized manner, unlike a certain one of her tall, gangly, carrot-topped friends.

After finishing, she told her two male companions that she was going to the library to study, knowing they wouldn't follow because they had absolutely despised it since one time in fifth year when Madam Pince came out of nowhere (according to the two rather oblivious fellows) and started screaming at them for hurting her books and sent two of the biggest books in the library (they weighed at least twenty pounds apiece as claimed by Ron) chasing after them and whacking them repeatedly on the head until they reached the Fat Lady, then went back to the library. There weren't any witnesses other that Harry, Ron, and Madam Pince, the former two, rather unreliable due to massive exaggerations, the latter wouldn't tell Hermione unless she was deeply inebreited.

Hermione took the long walk to her 'study spot' as she so fondly called it. She had a big surprise when she got there.

Instead of it being in it's normal, all-natural way, it had a huge, beautiful bench swing. It was red (her favorite color) with gold accents to it. It had three huge cushions and a mahogany table attached on the right side of it, perfect for doing homework. It looked incredibly comfortable and it looked big enough so she could lay down on it if she just wanted to think. It also had a cover on top of it so she wouldn't get rained on and a curtain down the back, and retractable curtains in the front.

Sitting in the middle of the beautiful swing has a green and silver clad Draco Malfoy.

He smirked. "I was wondering when you were going to come, seeing as you have so much homework, I would've thought you'd come to your 'study spot' sooner. Or did Potter and Weasley want to watch over you so you didn't fall into a comatose state again?"

Hermione looked shocked. 'How did he get here?' Hermione thought to herself. 'How would he have known I call it my study spot?'

She closed her eyes in thought. Then, everything came back to her. Draco in the Hospital Wing, her body, driving him crazy, lots of researching, Dumbledore helping them, Lily's diary, taking Draco here after finding out she was going to die, the sunset over the lake, the body snatching plan, Draco kissing her.

She slowly opened her eyes. "Draco..." she said softly.

His smirk widened. "I thought this would jog your memory. I later remembered how in the diary, James didn't remember at first. Lily had to show him something that happened between them while he was just a spirit. I thought this would work, and it did."

Draco patted the seat next to him. Hermione immediately sat down on the cushion next to you.

Draco cupped her cheek in his hand. "I've been wanting to do this for a long time," he murmured quietly.

He then reached in and kissed her softly on the lips. She kissed back, for she too wanted this for a long time.

He had been there for her. Draco was the only one who could see Hermione, even now. He's the only one to really see her for who she is and Hermione is grateful for it.