Chapter One: The Bad Deal

It was very late and cold. Leon knew he shouldn't be out. Or walking down an extremely dark alley. His golden circles shined, but they only illuminated a small area. He is the only Umbreon to ever have dim circles in his family. His brother always laughed at him for it, but it didn't matter to him. It mattered now. Leon then got to the end of the alley where it was the darkest. Leon was supposed to meeting his "friend" here. He wasn't there yet, which worried Leon. His "friend" was usually a very on time person.

"Damn! Where the hell is this guy?" He yelled to himself. He then heard a noise and his head whips around to where his sensitive ears picked up the noise. "Who's there?!?" He yells into the darkness. "Leon?" A deep voice calls back. Leon sighed with relief. His "friend" was here. "Darnet, Joshua! What the hell took you so long? You Charizards are so slow. You also scared me half to death!" Joshua snickers at hearing this. "Too bad, now, did you bring it?" Leon pulls out a disk from the pack on his back. "Every single file, the humans didn't suspect a thing! I even walked right out of the front doors with it." Leon brags. Joshua ignores this and takes the disk from Leon's hands eagerly. "You don't know how much this will help our group." He then begins to leave. Leon stops him. "Hey man, what about the payment? We had a deal!"

Joshua looks at him innocently, his eyes going wide . "Deal? I don't remember anything about a deal. Are you delusional or something?" Leon begins to get irritated but is able to keep his cool, barely. "Look, stop kidding around, please. I really need the food." Leon had a brief moment of humiliation due to the fact that he had to steal things from people just to eat.

Joshua then began to laugh. "I am sorry little creature, I do not remember anything about a 'deal'. I am going to leave now, so please don't stop me again." Joshua tries to leave but Leon yells at him. "You better give me the dammed food, or else." Leon growls and tries to look bigger than he really was as he yells this. It didn't work to well. Joshua laughs even louder. "Or else what, you'll bark at me? Is that what you are going to do little doggy? Bark?" Joshua then laughs again as he mocks Leon.

Leon's eyes then narrow. He had, had enough of Joshua's mocking comments. He tenses up, then leaps to attack him. Joshua grins as he sees this. As Leon is about to get close enough to bite him, the latter suddenly swings his tail around and hits Leon right square in the face. Leon cries out and is hit into the alley wall. He tries to get up but he is hit right back into the wall as Joshua does a body slam attack right into his chest, causing Leon to see stars, and then black out. The last thing Leon remembers is how stupid he probably looked like right then.

(Five hours later)

Leon wakes up to the smell of rotting fruit and other various old foods. He tries to sit up, but he is being pushed down by something heavy and very smelly. He opens his eyes and looks up into a plastic bag. It finally all added up in his head and he realized that Joshua had thrown him into a dumpster! He pushes the bag off of him, throws open the lid of the dumpster and finally throws himself out of the dumpster. "Great, another plan gone bad." He mutters angrily to himself. He then begins his long, gloomy walk to his apartment. Luckily for him, nothing bad happens on his walk home. As he walks up to his apartment door, he notices that there is an envelope stuck in the door crack. "Hmmm… wonder what this could be?" He asks no one in particular. The envelope is addressed to him. He opens it and takes out a letter. Just a plain old computer typed letter, with no return address. He flipped it over and on the back was a phone number. He flips it back over and begins to read it…….

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