Eons United Chapter 4:

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Eons United Chapter 4:


At first there was only blackness, and then a small light appeared before Leon's eyes. The light was bright, but Leon didn't feel the need to squint, as if the light wasn't really there. Leon looked at the light for a moment, and then suddenly saw it turn into a street lamp. He felt confusion at what was going on, until a street spontaneously appeared. He looked up at the lamp again and saw a street sign that read, "Yena Dr."

Leon wanted to cock his head in confusion at this, for it all seemed to be so familiar to him, but it was as if his body was frozen, and he was unable to move. He was alarmed at this, but for some reason he fell that it was natural, and wasn't frightened. Just using his eyes then, he glanced around the street. It had a long line of shops, though all of the buildings were just grey blocks, how he knew they were shops was a mystery to him.

He then heard a loud scream and his eyes were drawn to an alley that was in between two shops. Suddenly, Leon's vision was moved closer to the alley and what he saw made him gasp mentally.

There were two big menacing Mightyenas standing over a tiny helpless eevee. They had the eevee backed against the alley wall and were talking to her, although Leon couldn't hear what they were saying, for they were very muffled. As a few seconds passed though he could begin to hear what they were saying. The larger of the two Mightyenas was talking to the Eevee, his voice lustful and filled with menace. "…trust me, baby, everything will be okay. Like I said, all you have to do is…give us a minute of your time is all, and this whole trespassing ordeal will be completely done with." The Eevee just whimpered and moved closer to the alley wall, until her tail finally touched the wall itself.

She fumbled with her words for a second until she got out a whispered response. "P-p-please…don't d-do this. I…I didn't mean to trespass…I was just following my mom!" The two Mightyenas just laugh, then the smaller Mightyena nudged the larger with his paw and said, "Hey, it's too bad we didn't catch the mother huh? That would probably have been one nice catch! Especially considering how cute this one is." The larger Mightyena just laughed. "Yeah, probably." He then turned his attention back to the frightened Eevee.

"Listen, you little thing. If you don't give us exactly what we want, then we'll have to just take it, and I'm sure that you wouldn't want that, now would you?" The Eevee just shook her head "no" and shut her eyes, not wanting to look at the Mightyena anymore. The Mightyena in question just smiled at her, an almost pleasant smile, until he turned to his partner.

"Well…she made her choice bro, you mind holding her down for me? You got be first last time." At this Leon had finally had enough of not doing anything to help the poor Eevee. He struggled against this mental freezing of his body, but his attempts were futile for he still could do no more than see and hear what was going on. He could only continue watching the horrific scene unfold before him and silently curse whatever entity that held him frozen.

The smaller Mightyena had grabbed the Eevee by her front left paw with his teeth and threw her down hard onto her back, causing her to yelp in pain. The larger then stood over the Eevee, licking his chops at her as the eevee stared up at him in horror. The Mightyena had just began to lower himself onto her when a loud voice was heard.

"Hey you assholes! Why don't you get away from her and mess with someone who can fight back!" Both Mightyenas whip their heads towards the sound, their eyes meeting a very pissed off Umbreon. When Leon saw who the Umbreon was, he realized why this night had seemed so familiar to him. He had been coming down this street just a week after he had evolved and had found this scene going on. The Umbreon was Leon. The Leon who was watching all of this happen mentally breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that he would be able to help the poor Revee. The larger Mightyena just gave his partner a smug smirk and then looked back at Leon and spoke calmly to him.

"My friend, I do believe that you have traveled into a very bad territory for you to be in. Luckily for you, my brother and I are busy, so you have the chance to rectify your mistake and leave, but if you continue to interrupt our punishment to this girl, I'm afraid you may have to be scraping pieces of your obviously non-existent brain of the ground with a spatula. It is your choice." He then turned back to the Eevee only to have Leon yell at him. "If you get your crotch anywhere near her, I'll bite it off!"

The Mightyena sighed then and moved away from the girl, who was whimpering on the ground. He then cracked his neck once and addressed Leon, still being calm. "You have made a very bad mistake my friend. It would seem that I am going to have to dismember your body for that comment that you made to me. If you apologize now, then I'll make it quick for you, quick and painless." Leon just growled and lowered his head, his rings glowing slightly. "Not a chance. I would never apologize to filth like you!"

The Mightyena smiled then, baring his teeth. "That is your choice then." He then lunged forward, using extremespeed, and leaped at Leon. Leon was expecting this though and moved sideways and rolled, letting the Mightyena move harmlessly passed him. He then jumped to his feet and focused his energy inwards until he could feel it pulsing in the core of his body, and he then released it, moving at a faster pace than even the Mightyena as time seemed to move slower during his feint attack. He moved right up to the large dog and bit down on its throat, hard.

He felt a large crack reverberate throughout the Mightyena's body and heard a yelp then tasted blood on his tongue. The dog then stopped moving, Leon had broken his neck. He dropped the motionless body from his jaw then, blood dripping from his small but sharp teeth. He then looked over at the other Mightyena, who was staring at his brother's motionless body, quivering. The smaller dog looked up at Leon, his eyes full of fear and yelled at him, "You killed him! You're a monster!" He then turned tail and ran down the alley and leapt over the small wall at the end.

Leon then walked up to the Eevee who was now pressed fully against the alley wall that the Mightyena had just leapt over, quivering with just as much fear as well. Leon spoke very softly and slowly, trying not to spook the girl anymore that she already was. "Hi, my name is Leon. I'm not here to hurt you; I just want to help you." He walked forward one step to her, and held out his paw for her to come to him.

The Eevee just looked at his face for a second and cringed, unmoving other than that. Leon could only guess how he looked right now, for he could feel the blood on his fur and face. For all he knew, he could really look like a monster. He just put on a calming a smile as he could and lied down about five feet in front of the girl, with plenty of space on both sides of him for her to pass by. He spoke again. "You don't have to come with me if you do not want too. I am not holding you here, and you can leave whenever you want, but….I don't want what just happened to happen again, okay? All I'll do is help you find your mom and that's it, you won't ever have to see me again. It's your choice my dear."

He then put his head on his paws that were stretched out in front of him and looked at her, hoping his submissive pose would calm her down enough to at least not be scared of him anymore. About ten minutes passed before the girl began to physically calm down. She moved forward from the wall a few inches, coming closer to Leon and stopped. She spoke in nothing more than a mere whisper to him, and both Leon in the dream and the one watching had a hard time hearing her.

"T-th…thank you for saving me…." Leon just smiled and quietly said, "Of course. No thanks needed." Another minute passed before she then asked, "What's your name?" Leon picked up his head a little bit, still smiling. The eevee flinched a little bit at this movement, but didn't move back at all.

"My name is Leon, and what might yours be?" The girl took a minute before looking Leon in the eye and saying, "My name is-"

She was cut off when suddenly the Leon watching all of this felt a large white light suddenly cutting the entire picture out and then he felt himself jerk awake, an alarm clock he hadn't noticed beside the bed was going off. Leon sighed and turned the alarm off, then lied back down in the bed, his right front leg draped over his eyes as he tried vainly to remember the rest of the memory he had been dreaming about.

He then sighed as he could only remember clearly everything that he had seen in the dream, while everything else was just a muggy haze. He rolled onto his side and pulled the sheet more over him to go back to sleep when he heard his door slam open and his light on. A very loud and angry sounding voice then broke the silence, Joseph.

"Hey, Umbreon, get up. It's time to get ready to go sleeping beauty.

Let's do this thing."


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