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Who's A Girl To Do/ Formally "Raising Another Uchiha"

A mysterious widow and her eight year old daughter come to Konoha looking to rebuild. (28yrs)Mitsu/(27)Izumo, (16yrs)Neji/(15yrs)Sakura, (15yrs)Shino/Ino M for language and citrus.

Hope you enjoy!

Chapter One

The Hokage stared, wide eyed, at the two files that had been placed before her. She read and re-read the thinner one marked "Kana", still unable to believe what she was seeing.

"Are you sure," she breathed.

An old man dressed as a simple merchant sat in front of her, merely smiled and nodded.

"Hai, Hokage-sama," he then lifted a small chest that was sitting on his lap.

"I even brought blood samples of both mother and child for your labs test and compare if you wish. I assume there are DNA samples of each bloodline trait among your facilities?"

Tsunade nodded as Shizune reached for the chest. She bowed to both the Hokage and the Ambassador before rushing out the door.

"Again, I must apologize, Hokage-sama," said the Ambassador, "For the unofficial status of my country in this matter, but secrecy and obscurity have been the child's strongest defense. If the Sharingan had lain dormant, as with her father, she would have lived a normal life."

"Ah yes," the blond woman pulled up the larger file with the name, "Mitsu", printed on it. She pulled out a small wedding photo of a happy couple holding each other close. The young bride of nineteen wore a dazzling kimono with her burgundy brown hair held up with jeweled pins. Her bright red eyes shone with the light of most blushing brides. They reminded Tsunade of Kurenai's eyes. The much older and handsome groom had his arms wrapped around his wife, with his onyx eyes staring possessively at her, as all Uchiha men had a tenancy to do.

"I barely remember Uchiha Keitaro. If you hadn't brought the wedding photo, he would have been hard to place. He was one of the few Uchiha to make it to Genin, but never could activate his Sharingan."

Tsunade chuckled aloud, "I was told he was more a daydreamer with a bad case of wanderlust. Decided himself to become a full time world traveler...sent back the occasional tidbits of information while roaming different countries."

That brought a smile to the Ambassador's face, "Yes, that he was until he crossed the seas and met Mitsu. She, on the other hand, was a shinobi prodigy...a genjustu specialist with Jounin rank. She was assigned to escort him though our land and well...", he stretched his hands out and shrugged.

"Don't ask me how," he added with laugh, "I didn't bother to ask."

The Hokage sighed, "Well, the Uchiha men have always been lady killers."

"Even hardened kunoichi must fall in love sometime. If only he had stayed overseas for a while longer, Itachi...", Tsunade's voice faded as memories of the aftermath flashed before her.

The Ambassador face fell into a melancholy as well, "I was told he wanted to discuss his marriage with his clan. While the union was legal, the Uchiha Clan had yet to be informed."

It was not long after, that Shizune burst through the office doors.

"Hokage-sama! It has been confirmed. The child was fathered by Uchiha Keitaro and the most recent blood sample shows the Sharingan activated to the first tomoe."

Tsunade stood up and picked up both files on her desk, "If you'll excuse me, Ambassador, I must speak with the Council. Please, enjoy your stay in Konoha as my personal guest."

The Ambassador bowed deeply, "You are most gracious, Hokage-sama. "Arigato."

Shizune lead the man out as the tall blond woman stared out the window, deep in thought. She need to figure out how to handle this the best way without raising suspicions. A plan started to come together. It would take a lot of fast talking and more promises to the Elders. Tsunade winced as a nasty headache started to form. She really needed a drink.

Tsunade stepped outside her office and walked up to her assistant, "Shizune, please arrange a morning meeting with Hyuuga Hiashi and Aburame Shibi. Also set up an afternoon meeting with Sakura-chan and Ino-chan."


The Next Morning...

Aburame Shibi and Hyuuga Hiashi nodded in acknowledgment to one another at this somewhat strange meeting with the Hokage. They kept silent as Tsunade faced the both of them down. She handed each of them edited copies of Uchiha Mitsu and Uchiha Kana's files. She tried to explain the surprising turn of events that landed such a grand prize into they're laps.

"In addition to reviving the Uchiha bloodline, we will be privy to the another hidden village's shinobi techniques through Mitsu-san. True, it will be limited since she retired nine years ago, but she is still skilled at genjustu."

Hiashi, while still calm, managed to show some irritation in his voice, "This is all very interesting Hokage-sama, but why do you need us"?

"As leaders of your clans," smiled the Hokage, "You are here by informed that these two will be occupying the property between your two family compounds."

The estate between the Hyuuga and Aburame Clans was for the most part for show. It was a buffer created many years ago to settle some dispute involving both families. The house had been for visiting dignitaries before the Konoha Hotel added penthouse suites. Now it remained empty as a no man's land for either clan.

Aside from the raised eyebrows, neither one broke they're pokerfaces. This time it was Shibi who decided to speak up.

"May I ask, why not set them up in the Uchiha homes?"

Tsunade shook her head, "Too much of a security risk. It won't take long for the rumor of her existence to reach enemy ears. Putting the child in the Uchiha district would be serving her on a platter. I need round the clock expertise of your clans to be an informal alarm system. All you merely have to do is rearrange your guards' rounds to accommodate the new household.

"I see...", mumbled Shibi behind his large collar. Apparently the woman had no idea how annoying that was going to be.

"What is their estimated time of arrival?"

The Hokage lifted the Ambassador's file with the Uchihas' itinerary.

"They should be arriving at the harbor in the Land of Wind any day now. They will be escorted by Sand-nin from the harbor through Suna to Konoha."

She then dropped the files back on the desk, "I'm guessing they'll be here in about two weeks."

It was Hiashi who brought up the delicate subject of Sand's Alliance, "Would you be informing the Kazekage of the situation since we would be placing such a valuable target with his men?"

The blond closed her eyes, "I have taken that into account. The Elders were very tempted to hold back on the information, but it's clear that Sand will be the best escort. We cannot allow Sound to notice by having Leaf's ANBU hovering over an eight year old girl...But we could arrange a little Leaf-Sand conference at the same time, allowing Gaara and his siblings to 'Tag Along'. Besides they'll find out sooner or later, especially when the girl applies for the Chuunin Exams. I have already given permission to the Ambassador to disclose this information to the Kazekage on his return trip through Suna."

Tsunade stood up from her desk bringing the meeting to a close, "I don't have to tell you two, this information is for those with appropriate clearance. I am assigning two of my apprentices as tutors and bodyguards for the girl. Aside from them, please keep this on a need-to-know basis."

The two men bowed leaving Tsunade and Shizune alone in the office.

Shizune turned to her mentor, "Do you think this will work?"

"I hope so," sighed the blond, "They may think we're over-reacting, but I don't want to take any chances. Perhaps we can avoid the same mistakes the third time around?"


Two weeks flew by as Tsunade made sure everything was ready for the Uchiha widow and heir.

"Sakura, did you make sure all the furniture was delivered and placed in the home?" The sitting blond handed her pink haired assistant a finished file.

"Hai, Tsunade-sama." Sakura handed her sensei a few more files.

"Tasteful I hope," grumbled Tsunade.

Sakura rolled her eyes, "Hai".

"Ino, did you have the gardens planted and training areas prepared?" Ino jumped from her file cabinet.

"Hai, Hokage-sama."

"I'm sure the dojo was done in traditional Konoha style?"

"Um...Hai, Hokage-sama." Ino made a mental note to check the home later today.

"Shizune! Was the kitchen stocked and the linen closet supplied?"

Shizune nodded as she bowed to Tsunade handing the blond more paperwork, "Hai, Hokage-sama."

"So who arranged for the housekeeper, gardener, and milk delivery?"

Three pairs of eyes blinked in confusion.



"Well, you see..."

Tsunade turned from her pile of papers with a frown marring her lovely features, "Then what are you waiting for?" Her voice resonated through the entire Tower.

"Go get them done!"

Her three assistants disappeared in colorful blurs as they scattered to their tasks.

"Hmm," with a smirk Tsunade slipped out her secret bottle of sake and poured herself a cup, "That probably bought me a couple of hours."


A while later, Sakura had finished signing up a housekeeper from the Temp Agency and was slowly making her way back to the Hokage Tower. As a lovely wind blew her short hair and cooled her face, she debated whether or not to show up so soon.

'Aw, skip it all together!'

"No, no, no! Discipline, Sakura," she chided herself and then pointed ahead, "The Tower it is."


It was a good thing Sakura did return early, because she would not have seen the indomitable and devastatingly handsome Hyuuga Neji sitting patiently in the Hokage's waiting room.

Once upon a time, the pinkette would have turned to jelly in the presence of Uchiha Sasuke, but his repeated refusals to come back home... i.e. kicking the shit out of Team Seven, wore down what affections she had harbored.

As time went on, Sakura found her emerald eyes drawn to a similar shinobi prodigy. Neji did not make her weak in the knees like Sasuke. No, he made her underwear moist from the thought of him.

Sakura felt her heartbeat racing as she drew closer to the impressive dark haired shinobi.

'Can his hair get anymore sexy.'

"Good afternoon, Hyuuga-san. May I help you?" Sakura's green eyes softened as they rested on Neji's own pearl orbs.

"Afternoon, Haruno-san. I came to give my report, but I have yet to be called in."

Sakura suppressed a shiver as his deep voice rumbled straight through her libido.

'Oh, even his voice exudes raw power!' She bit her lip to keep any more embarrassing musings at bay.

'Control, girl. Keep it together!'

"I-, I'll just go check on Hokage-sama. Excuse me." Sakura nervously backed away until she felt the office door hit her from behind.

She cracked open the door and poked her head through just enough to glimpse Tsunade. The most honorable Hokage was face down on her desk, drooling on the very same paperwork Shizune dropped off earlier.

Unknown to the pinkette, the ever cool and straight faced Hyuuga Neji was watching Sakura's lower right foot lightly bounce a few inches from the floor as she balanced herself on her left leg. The seemingly innocent motion teased his pearl eyes to lock onto her dainty ankle, up the curve of her lovely calf, and slowly rest on the soft swell of her hips,...not to mention her perfectly proportioned-

"Ah," said Sakura as she pulled her head back out.

Neji's eyes snapped up before Sakura turned to face him. The dark shinobi looked as impassive as before.

"It looks like the Hokage is currently indisposed at the moment."

Neji crossed his arms, "She's drunk again".

Sakura giggled as she scratched the back of her head.

"That's our Hokage."

"Hn...," Neji was highly annoyed that Tsunade-sama would brush his meeting off so lightly, but he had to admit seeing Sakura again was... nice.

"You could leave the report with me, Hyuuga-san. I'll give it to her when she wakes up."

Left with no other choice, Neji pulled his paperwork from his bag and handed it to Sakura. It was a light brush of fingertips on that sent a jolt of electricity through the both of them, causing normally nimble hands to scatter Neji's report on the floor.

"Oh! Gomen, Hyuuga-san," cried Sakura in embarrassment, "I'll get the papers. You go on ahead." She hurriedly snatched up page after page, trying not to look too much like an idiot.

Neji knelt as he picked up the rest of his report, "Neji."

Sakura gasped in astonishment, "Excuse me?"

Neji handed the last few pages, "Please, call me Neji,...Sakura" he had paused wondering if it was a good idea to be so informal.

Sakura tried to hold back a blush as she looked into his piercing white eyes, "Very well... Neji."

Neji nodded his farewell as he left to go home.

Sakura watched his tall strong form slowly disappear down the hall. Her mind came up with wonderful images of tracing her fingertips along his rippling muscles and her tongue gliding over his deliciously musky skin.


The poor girl nearly jumped ten feet high. Shizune watched the nervous pinkette gather up Neji's report again. Sakura's face had turned a bright red as she kept mumbling about stupid hormones.

"Sakura-chan," Shizune tried again, "Have you finished hiring a housekeeper?"

"Hai, Shizune-san. Here is Neji-san's report," the younger girl handed the paperwork to older brunette.

"I see," said Shizune as she re-ordered the papers according to page numbers, "By the way, have you seen Ino-chan?"


At that moment, Ino was sitting in the back room of the Yamanaka Flower Shop, rifling through the inventory books for some of the professional landscapers who frequent their shop.

"Maybe a little bit unethical, " Ino mumbled, "But it's not like we're forcing them to shop here. It's just that they're already in the habit."

Eventually, she came across the name Aburame Sanyu. It would make sense. The Aburame Clan was known for their prize gardens for their beetles. It was only natural one of them would become a landscaper.

Ino quickly jot down the name and house number before locking the shop. She did stop by the new Uchiha home to check on the dojo, but nothing was amiss and she locked everything back up.

It was barely a five minute walk when Ino came to the front gate of the Aburame Clan compound. A couple of guards at the gate turned towards her and asked her to state her business.

"I am here on behalf of the Hokage to hire a landscaper. May I speak with Aburame Sanyu, please." She then gave them her trademark dazzling smile.

The guards relaxed and one of them sent a beetle to the back of the compound.

"An escort will take you to Sanyu-sama. It will only be a few more minutes."

Ino bowed to the guard, "Arigato."

Soon a familiar hooded fellow appeared and walked up to the front gate.

"Shino-kun," cried Ino as she gave all the guys the full blast of her sunny personality, "So good to see you. Are you taking me to Sanyu-sama?" It took a moment for Shino and the guards to recover from the sudden shock of Ino's informality.

"H-hai," Shino finally said, "She is to the west side of the compound."

"Of course she is", bubbled Ino as she grabbed Shino's arm and started leading him away.

"Shino-kun," chuckled one of the amused guards, causing the already flustered Aburame heir to blush under his tall collar.

Feeling a little lost, Ino took out the notepaper with Sanyu-sama's house number. Shino patiently waited while the girl looked up and down the row of homes then pointed to the correct house.

"Over there, " Ino said as she tried to drag Shino to the front door, but was stopped when he pulled her in another direction.

"That is her home, Ino-chan, but right now she is in the community garden." Shino gently tugged on her arm until Ino finally relented to the young man's lead.

They came across a delightful strolling garden being tended to by a small middle aged woman in a straw hat.

"Sanyu-sama, I have Yamanaka Ino here to see you." The petite woman pulled herself up from her knees and lifted her sunglasses.

"Good afternoon, Shino-san, Ino-san," Sanyu walked along the pebble path to the fence border where the others waited.

"Sanyu-sama," Ino bowed to the older woman, "The Hokage would like to procure your services for the new residents of the former guest quarters next door. The garden has just been placed. You won't have to do anything extensive. Just maintenance."

Sanyu smiled, "Well, if that's the case then it'll be my pleasure. Tell the Hokage I will start next week."

Ino bowed gracefully once more, "Thank you very much, Aburame-sama."

Shino was quite impressed by how Ino's composure came out when it was needed. Every other time he saw her, she was a hyperactive ball of energy...practically bouncing off the ceiling. Behind his collar, Shino smiled to himself. Hanging around Tsunade-sama has certainly refined the blond beauty.

"Shino-san," Sanyu interrupted his thoughts, "I'm having some trouble with that wheelbarrow of sand. Would you move it to the shed for me?"

Shino nodded, "Of course, Sanyu-sama". He immediately removed his hood and coat, then placed them on a nearby bench.

Ino's blue eyes widened as she glimpsed Shino's handsome face that he kept so well hidden. She then had to hold back a nosebleed when Shino's well toned arms rippled in the sunlight. It was no help that he wore a high neck sleeveless shirt that made his upper body look... oh so appealing. Now to get rid of those pesky sunglasses.

Sanyu smirked as she watched Ino's jaw drop at the enticing young man before them. It was not often a girl would eye an Aburame bug master like grade A beefcake, much less a beautiful buxom blond like Ino.

It was not long before Shino returned from the shed and proceeded to cover back up. Unconsciously, Ino's lower lip quivered, as she tried not to pout.

"Shino-san, " Sanyu quickly called out, "There are...uh...weeds at the north corner of the garden that are difficult for me to reach. I could use some helping hands to get it done faster."

Shino shrugged, "I have nothing else planned for today. It would be my pleasure to help you, Sanyu-sama." Once again Shino disrobed and Ino was back in her happy place.

"Do you have anything else planned, Ino-chan?" Sanyu watched the girl glance at her watch. There was only a half hour until the others would be expecting her. It would take her that long to get back to the Tower.

Then Ino noticed Sanyu's eyes gesturing toward the weeding Shino, who's strong legs and taut derrière were shifting under his black slacks.

Ino quirked an evil eyebrow and smirked, "Nothing I couldn't cancel."