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Summary: Angela receives a phone call from a distraught FBI agent.

Rating: PG

Author's Notes: So we have to keep a writer's journal for my Creative Writing class, meaning we have to write two pages of anything every day… When I wrote this one, I decided it was going to be one side of a phone conversation… The first couple of lines came to me, and all of a sudden it became Angela in my head, and she was addressing Sully… So this is what came out of it, and I figured I might as well post it… Just a bit of an experiment I decided to play around with, so enjoy and let me know what you think!

The Call:
Don't do this. Just don't.

It's not right. You know that.

But you can't. You won't. I know you won't.

Just let her be. Leave her there. Leave her alone.

Please, just let her be.

She doesn't love you. She can't.

I don't know why. I can't answer that, only she can… But not now. Now she needs to be alone. She needs to work through it.

You're not the only one who's hurting, she is too, but that doesn't mean she needs you…

I understand that, and I know you're hurting, but that doesn't change anything.

She loves him. He's the only one she's ever cared for this way, and she's scared, but she's finally beginning to accept it.

No, she wasn't leading you on. She wouldn't do that… She just didn't know. Didn't realize.

She couldn't love you, because she already loves him. She's always loved him.

No, you were important. And she did care for you, she truly did… But she didn't love you. She couldn't.

At the time, she couldn't even accept that she believed in love. You made her realize that she could have something more than just a fling. You made her realize that she is capable of love… She just couldn't love you, because her heart was already his.

No. Please don't hate her. She didn't know. This wasn't something she did to hurt you. She would never intentionally hurt you.

Just let her be. Don't go over there.

It'll hurt you more than it could ever hurt her.

She's scared right now. Trying to figure herself out… Trying to find some way to prove herself wrong. She doesn't want to love, and if you show up there right now, she's going to fall into bed with you just to prove to herself that she can because she wants to believe that her heart is wrong and she doesn't love him, because she needs it to make sense in her head, and to her love isn't logical… And it's just going to hurt you more than anyone.

She doesn't love you.