To: Seto's Darkness! Happy belated birthday! -GLOMPS-

By: Hiki-chan

Sasuke found a small notebook while digging through his things. It was at the top of his shelf, it was hidden behind the larger scrolls.

Taking the small notebook out, Sasuke made his way to his large bed and settled down softly so as to not wake his companion.

He used the hem of his shirt and cleared the dust that settled on the old book before he flipped it open.

There, written in a perfect handwriting,

This book is the property of Uchiha Sasuke and he or she whoever dares to read this will face an inevitable death by me.

Sasuke hid a chuckle at that. Possessions… no doubt play a part in every Uchiha's life. Whether young or old, it plays a part. Giving his sleeping partner a fond look, Sasuke agreed wholeheartedly.

Flipping to the next page, Sasuke almost laughed out loud.

There was a page with the photo of Itachi, covered in red marks (no doubt markers). A mustache and a beard drawn, his eyes badly scribbled on. There were drawings of little knives poking through the man and needles stuck in him. Of course, now that Itachi was dead (by him), Sasuke didn't need to worry about him.

Shaking his head at himself of his younger days, Sasuke flipped the page again.

Now this caught his interest.

Why I don't like girls.

-Girls are icky creatures, except mother, mother was perfect.

-Girls have cooties!

-Girls are annoying they irritate me.

-Girls are weak and emotional.

-They hold you back.

Sasuke grinned at the 'cooties' part, unable to believe himself. Although he did agree with the rest of what he had wrote. He flipped the page again as there seemed to be more.

The date of this was newer than before… He couldn't be older than 7 or 8…

-Girls don't have bright blue eyes like his.

-Girls don't have sunshine golden hair like his.

-Girls don't have whiskered marks on their cheeks.

-Girls don't have a smile as bright as his.

-Girls aren't as cute as him.

-Girls don't have the name Naruto…

Sasuke could see a big scribble on Naruto's name but it didn't block the name from him at all. Now he understood why he had hid this book.

A soft moan jolted him from his thoughts. Tanned arms wound around his neck and a head rested on his shoulders. "Sasuke… what are you doing?" Came the sleepy question.

Sasuke closed the book before placing it on the bed before he twisted and brought the boy behind him to his chest. He placed a chaste kiss on his lips. "I just found out that I loved you since I was a young boy, dobe."

"Hmm?" Naruto murmured sleepily, not really understanding his boyfriend.

Sasuke smiled and brought the boy closer to his chest. Naruto snuggled up to him and whispered tiredly. "Of course you did… I did too…"

The raven bent down and gave Naruto a kiss on the forehead. "Yeah?"

Naruto gave Sasuke a cheeky grin and a sloppy kiss on the cheek before he nestled up to Sasuke and closed his eyes. "Yeah."