"...One of these nights I'm gonna show you what you already know
There's a feast waiting for you and you've never even gotten a taste
It's later than you think, and a kiss is a terrible thing to waste..."

The hotel room was mostly dark, one dim lamp providing just enough light to cast shadows across the bare walls. The blankets had been stripped from the impersonal queen-sized bed, leaving it draped in nothing but the stark white sheets. Clothes were strewn about the floor in careless heaps.

Shawn was lying naked on the bed, stretched out on his back. His arms raised above his head, hands gripping the headboard. He'd been ordered quite firmly to keep them there. He was already sweating in anticipation, and his hefty cock protruded from the nest of sandy colored curls, standing at almost painful attention.

From the side of the bed, Edge regarded him calmly, naked as well. He paced back and forth, a predator stalking his prey, trying to decide exactly what terrible games to play before going in for the kill.

Finally, Edge kneeled on the bed at Shawn's side. Leaning down, he let his tongue emerge, tracing the ridges of Shawn's collarbones, lapping at the pool of wetness that had collected in the center, above his sternum. Shawn tensed slightly when he felt Edge's lips move upward to his neck, nipping and kissing. Edge had once purposely left an extremely noticeable mark on Shawn's neck during one of their lovemaking sessions. Nobody asked where it had come from; knowing full well that Shawn's wife had not flown in for one night to give it to him, no one dared to broach the subject. He thought the make-up people would never forgive him. And he had to fight back the urge to smack away the cocky little smirk that appeared on Edge's face every time he caught sight of the hickey.

He was being a tad bit more gentle this time, though. Kissing and gently licking along the side of Shawn's neck, tongue pausing to play with his earlobe. Shawn breathed slow and deep, enjoying every new sensation that the other man sent through his body.

With his lips against Shawn's throat, Edge felt more than heard the deep rumble as Shawn spoke. Raising his head and brushing the hair away from his face, Edge looked down at his lover, eyes dark with lust.

"What'd you say?" he inquired, voice husky with arousal.

Shawn watched Edge's eyes, not repeating his words. He closed his own eyes and swallowed hard, as if trying to gather the courage to voice the request again. Edge's brows knitted and he resisted the strange urge to brush his fingertips down Shawn's cheek.

"I said," Shawn forced out, eyes still tightly shut. "I said, 'kiss me.'"

Edge paused at that, studying Shawn's face. They'd been experimenting with one another for quite awhile now. Their relationship, if one could call it that, was quite useful for several purposes. They used each other for the obvious release of sexual tension while on the road, fighting loneliness, taking out aggressions on one another. Never had there been talk about feelings or the future, or anything such as that. And there was an unspoken agreement between them that there would be no mouth kissing. That was far too intimate, too serious. It took away the fun and games factor of it all and stuck them in another place entirely.

"Shawn. Open your eyes."

He did so, steeling himself to meet Edge's intense stare. They stayed silent for a moment letting their eyes do the talking.

Edge verbally spoke first, and the apprehension that Shawn saw on his face and in his eyes made his cock even harder. All through this, Edge liked to think he was in control. He'd never shown any nervousness or guilt about any of it. The chance to take apart that wall of control made Shawn's stomach tighten in excitement.

"Are you sure?"

Rather than answering with words, Shawn sat up and caught Edge's lips with his own. Both men gasped at the unfamiliar sensation, heads canting in opposite directions to get closer, lips melding seamlessly. Intent on his goal, Shawn reached up and wound his fingers through the curly locks of Edge's hair, holding him tightly, adding a bit of passion to their otherwise semi-chaste kiss. Edge let Shawn do as he pleased, and made no moves to advance their current position, a fact which Shawn was glad about. He wanted to take his time and enjoy this.

Shawn felt Edge tremble against him when his tongue breached Edge's lips, seeking the scalding heat beyond. The contact seemed to awaken a stronger lust in Edge and his hands moved to Shawn's midsection, fingers splaying across his chest, stomach, and sides. The kiss became more frenzied, their tongues tangling with one another, dueling for dominance as their bodies did in the ring. They both were moaning, the sounds reverberating in each other's mouths, serving to excite them even more.

Making sure the liplock didn't break, Shawn rearranged himself so that he sat upright, leaning against the headboard of the bed. His legs were outstretched in front of him, cock standing straight up in the air. Grabbing Edge by the hips, Shawn jerked him into his lap, making him straddle his thighs. Two sets of hands shot downward, but Edge's got there first. His slender fingers wrapped deftly around both his and Shawn's lengths, pressing them together. Both men quickly took up a rocking motion, rubbing straining erections against each other, the movements assisted by sweat and dribbles of precum.

Shawn sucked softly at Edge's lower lip for a moment before breaking the kiss with a satisfyingly wet smacking sound. As soon as Edge's mouth was free, a torrent of words both articulate and not even close to being so, spilled from his lips.

"Fucking god, Shawn.. that's.. that was.. mmmphh.. fuckin' amazing.. you taste so good.. unngh, yeah.. soo good.."

He firmed his grip on their cocks, rocking harder into Shawn, eliciting a primal groan from them both. When at last Edge couldn't take it anymore, he released them and leaned back on his hands.

"Please," he panted, trying to catch his breath. "Please tell me you've got something in here."

Shawn just smiled, hand reaching out to search the nightstand drawer blindly, until he found what he'd been searching for. Unscrewing the cap from the tube, he looked up at the man straddling him.

"How d'ya want it?"

"Just like this. Like this, so I can kiss you again."

Shawn flushed at Edge's words, all the blood that had been left in his brain immediately evacuating to his cock. Edge sat up again and took the lube, squeezing a healthy amount into his palm. He warmed it quickly in his hands before beginning to spread it over Shawn's aching length. Shawn nearly yelped, arching up into the hand that was wrapped around him. Edge let Shawn fuck his fist for a minute or two, relishing in the sounds that escaped his throat. Finally, Edge moved into position, lowering himself onto Shawn's cock in achingly slow movements. Shawn frequently worried about Edge's preference to take it without any preparation for himself, but he'd learned that Edge liked a little pain with his sex, and there was no point in arguing the issue.

Shawn's fingers were making deep indentations in Edge's hips as Edge worked himself slowly onto the cock below him. All the breath escaped Edge's body when he noticed the expression on his lover's face. Shawn's eyes were half-lidded and unashamedly locked on the sight of his erection disappearing into Edge. His mouth hung ajar, tongue occasionally creeping out to moisten dry lips.

When the head of Shawn's cock brushed Edge's prostate, Edge shook and let go of a load groan. The sound was apparently enough to bring Shawn from his trance, and he blinked, looking upward. Edge didn't have time to question the devilish smirk that spread across Shawn's face, before the grip Shawn had on his hips tightened and Edge was roughly jerked down onto the rest of Shawn's hardness. If Edge wanted pain, Shawn would be just the guy to give it to him.

Shawn clinched his jaw and rammed himself up into Edge, who threw back his head, hair flying in all directions. Not allowing Edge any time to adjust to the intrusion, Shawn continued pounding up into him, hands still glued to his hips so he could pull his body into every rough movement. He grunted as he delivered each thrust, the sounds mingling in the air with Edge's keening sobs of combined pleasure and pain.

Leaning his head forward, Shawn brutally attacked Edge's throat, sucking and biting. With revenge in the back of his mind, he chose a particularly delectable spot on Edge's neck, planting his lips there and sucking for all he was worth, more than enough to leave behind a respectable love bite. Edge hissed and Shawn was sure he'd be scolded for his retaliation, but the only word that left Edge's mouth was a breathless "harder." Shawn readily complied, using his lips and teeth until he wasn't sure if he was tasting sweat or blood.

Edge's hands worked their way through Shawn's hair, pulling his head backward. Demonstrating why he'd chosen this position, he sealed his lips over Shawn's bruisingly. Their mouths opened in unison, tongues dancing, bodies still keeping true to rhythm.

Shawn eventually pulled from the kiss, leaning his head back against the wall and letting his deep groans openly fall from his mouth. His hands moved down to Edge's thighs, squeezing the hard flesh there. Seeing every gorgeously defined muscle in Shawn's body tremble and flex, Edge knew he was on the verge of climax. Letting Shawn continue to guide his movements, he reached back and lightly ran his fingers along the underside of Shawn's balls. The unexpected contact sent a jolt of electricity through Shawn's nerves and he screamed his release, body jerking violently as he emptied himself inside his lover, orgasm crashing over him in waves.

When Shawn's orgasm had subsided, Edge let Shawn slip out of him and simply held still, giving his exhausted partner a moment to come down. Though, to make sure he wasn't overlooked, he wrapped his hand around his own still hard cock, giving slow strokes. Shawn opened his eyes and smiled at the scene that greeted him.

As soon as he was able to muster the energy, Shawn batted Edge's hand aside and replaced it with his own, moving it steadily over Edge's cock. Leaning forward, Edge rested his forehead on Shawn's shoulder, his ragged breath hot against Shawn's already overheated skin.

Edge's hips started moving in tandem with Shawn's stroking hand, and the pace soon became quick, desperate movements. Edge lifted his head, whispering a breathless request into Shawn's ear.

"I wanna hear you. Talk to me, Shawn. Talk to me."

Shawn chuckled lowly at the almost begging words, complying easily. He pressed his lips against the sensitive shell of Edge's ear, the contact enough to make Edge squirm and move a little harder into Shawn's hand.

"You sure you want me to talk to you? 'Cause if I do, y'know I'm gonna tell you what a filthy little whore you are. Such a slut for me. Screaming as I fuck you silly. Begging for it harder. You should see yourself, bouncing up and down on me.. you look so fucking amazing. I want you to come for me now, Edge. Come all over me, and if you're a good boy and clean up your mess, I might just fuck you all over again."

Edge's breath hitched in his chest and he bit down on Shawn's shoulder. He was all out shaking with anticipation, ramming himself faster and faster into Shawn's ever tightening fist.

Allowing himself a smile, Shawn spoke again with a lowered voice, making sure Edge could feel the vibration of the words against his skin.

"C'mon, I need to feel you. I want you to come for me, Adam. Come for me, now."

It was a combination of the direct order and hearing his real name on Shawn's lips that sent Edge over. Sinking his teeth deeper into Shawn's firm muscle, he came over Shawn's fist and all over both their chests and stomachs. Shawn nearly purred at the feeling of being covered in Edge's seed.

When his body relaxed and he was able to move again, Edge rolled off of Shawn and collapsed beside him on the bed. They didn't touch, didn't speak, and the silence quickly became uncomfortable. Edge was the one to break it, words quiet.

"Give me a second to recover, then I'll be outta your way. I just don't think I could walk at the moment."

"You don't have to walk. I.. I mean, you can stay. If you want to. Won't be bothering me any."

Arching a brow, Edge turned to regard Shawn curiously. "Stay for how long?"

"All night, if you want."

"You sure that's a good idea?"

Shawn scoffed. "Couldn't really make anything worse, could it?"

"Huh. Guess not. Yeah, I guess.. guess we can give it a shot."

"All right, then. Well. I'm gonna go clean up," Shawn announced, rolling away. Edge grabbed his wrist, looking at him with a mischievous grin.

"Did you mean what you said earlier? About my reward if I cleaned up my mess?"

Shawn returned the grin, languidly stretching out on his back. "Only one way to find out."

Lyrics courtesy of Jim Steinman and used without permission