This happens after Used Karma (Dangerous Supernatural events result when Phoebe is the accidental recipient of the spirit of Mata Hari, a stripper and double agent during World War 1) but before The legend of a Sleepy Halliwell (A magic school mentor calls upon The Charmed Ones to find out who casts the spell of darkness upon the school and conjured up the Headless Horsemen- who's been busy beheading teachers!)

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Christopher Perry sat on his bed as he leaned against the wall. He lived in a small room out the back of P3. It wasn't the best but it suited him well. Small, messy but concrete. Chris flipped over the last tarot card.

"An old friend.' he whispered. Of course with him being from the future and all most of his friends were only two year olds. He sat and pondered who this old friend might be and smiled at the thought of seeing his friends as babies.

His thoughts were rudely interrupted by Phoebe Halliwell, part owner of the P3.

"Well I'm sorry Elise," she spoke into her phone. "But I can't come this weekend." she smiled at Chris and reached into the fridge next to his sofa bed. As she pulled out a sparkling water she continued speaking. "No it is not because Jason is going to be there." Phoebe turned her head to Chris and nodded as he laughed.

"No Elise I'm with no one." she quickly reassured her boss. "It's just the television."

Chris could hear some major shouting coming from Phoebe's phone and decided it was time to but in. He waved his hand and the reception on her phone started to cut out. "I can't hear you Elise!" Phoebe screamed at the phone not knowing that Chris was controlling it.

He waved his hand again and the connection completely dropped. Phoebe looked at her phone confused. "I don't understand this phone. It picks up connections in the underworld but can't survive in P3."

"You'll figure it out someday." Chris laid his tarot cards again and got the same reading.

"Ah, future information." Phoebe opened up the supply closet next to Chris' bed and grabbed some napkins, plastic cutlery and paper plates.

"What are you doing here anyway?" he looked at his watch. "It's like, ten thirty in the morning."

"Oh I'm going to a picnic!" she pulled a picnic basket from the other cupboard and Chris gave her a confused look.

"With who?" Chris asked immediately.

"Piper, Paige, Leo and Wyatt. We needed to get out. Even if Leo and Piper aren't together they should both be with Wyatt." Phoebe started blabbing on about child physiology as Chris thought about the last time he went on a picnic with his family.

Chris stood at the car door with his little sister, Melinda. "Chris can you sit in the middle?" the little girl asked. She had long brown hair and bright green eyes, much like Chris'. Mel was two years younger than Chris meaning she was four years younger than Wyatt.

"Aw come on Mel. I sat in the middle last time." Chris complained. It was his fourteenth birthday and nothing was going to ruin it. Not even his complaining sister.

Wyatt came out from the manor and rolled his eyes at his two younger siblings.

"You two arguing who has to sit next to me again?" he asked. Wyatt wore a sarcastic smile across his face.

Mel narrowed her eyes. "Mom said you can't use your mind reading powers on us."

Wyatt looked at his little sister and flicked his fingers. Mel's mouth closed instantly and she shot daggers at the eldest Halliwell.

"Wyatt! Let her open her mouth." Chris wrapped an arm around Mel and pleaded to his older brother.

Wyatt rolled his eyes and slid into the car. Mel stuck her tongue out to Wyatt but Chris just lightly hit her over the back of the head.

"Hey!" Mel giggled.

"Shut up Mel and get in the middle." Chris nudged her sister and laughed.

Mel jumped into the car as Leo and Piper walked out of the house holding three picnic baskets.

"Piper, I still don't understand why we need so much food." Leo complained.

Piper looked at her husband as if he was crazy. "Let me think Leo." she started. "There is you, me, Wyatt, Chris and Melinda. Then there is Phoebe, Coop, Prue, Penny and Posy. Oh and don't forget Paige, Henry, H.B, Patience and Pipa. That's just the blood relatives. Daryl…"

"Okay I understand." Leo tried to Piper to stop but she continued.

"..and Sheila are coming with their kids D.J. and Alicia. Billie will be joining us with her new boyfriend I think its Fred but it could be Jeffrey. So now you know why we need so much food? Also you haven't been home for a long time so we are also celebrating that. And what if…"

Leo kissed Piper to finally shut up her up. He laughed as she continued to make noises as he was kissing her.

"…So it's perfectly natural for me to have packed extra food."

"Do you ever give up?" he asked laughing.

"Do you want me to start a speech?" Piper threatened.

Piper got into the car and looked back at her kids. "You all right back there?" she smiled.

"I'm good mom." Mel smiled.

"I still don't understand why I couldn't take my car." Wyatt muttered bitterly.

Chris saw the pained expression on his moms face as Wyatt brought back memories of the previous night's argument.

"Today is going to be a great day mom." Chris quickly said.

Piper knew what Chris was doing and mentally thanked her peanut. Wyatt smirked and Piper looked at him. "Wyatt keep your mind to yourself."

"Yes mom." Wyatt laughed…

Chris looked up and noticed Phoebe was still talking about how important family picnics were and that they would.

She finally stopped and smiled at Chris. "Honey are you okay?"

As okay as I can be when my own mother chucks me out of my only home. "Yeah I'm fine. You go on your…family picnic. Oh and I suggest you get changed." he nodded at her outfit. She wore very long skirt and lacy top. She looked as if she was going to a ball.

"What's wrong with it?" Phoebe looked at herself then smiled. "Overdressed?"

Chris nodded. "That's an understatement."

"So I haven't been on a picnic for ages." Phoebe complained. "Why are you reading tarot cards?"

"To see if the future has changed." he shrugged. He quickly changed the topic back to the picnic. "You better go or else Piper will blow a fuse."

"You're very right." Phoebe smiled. "Could you orb me over? Because Paige kind of orbed me here without way of getting home."

Chris waved his hand and watched Phoebe disappear in a shimmer of lights.

He looked back at his tarot cards and withdrew cards again. The message of seeing an old friend kept reappearing.

"What 'Old friend' am I going to see?" he complained in frustration.


Year 2020

Melinda Jenna Halliwell sat on the edge of her bed. It was like nightmare. In the past two years she felt like she had been at funeral after funeral.

Today was her cousins' funeral, who were twins were only six months older than her. They had both died because of 'illnesses'. Of course the family knew it was because of a demon attack.

Her Aunt Phoebe had passed away due to 'heart failure' only a month before. The heart failure was actually caused by her giving up on life after her two youngest daughters, Penny and Posy died because of an attack. A mad looking demon had killed aunty Paige and her son and eldest Henry Bailey. All of Daryl's family were murdered. Prue, another one of Phoebe's daughters died a couple of days before Daryl. Coop was killed by a Demon of Hate. Leo had been taken away by the Elders and even though they assured him it was only for a day, he has been missing ever since.

And finally the death which started it all, Piper Halliwell. Melinda's mother. Melinda's favorite person in the world was taken away.

"What I wouldn't give to have you here mom." Melinda let a tear fall from her eye. Her long brown hair was very much like her mothers and her green eyes shone brighter than her fathers. Aunt Billie walked into Melinda's room tapping the door slightly.

"Hey honey." she whispered.

"Hey Aunt Bee." Melinda smiled in reply.

"You okay baby?" Billie asked knowing that if she said yes it would be a lie.

"I'm fine Aunt Bee. Just need some time to think."

"Don't worry honey. You aren't the only girl yet." Billie sat next to Melinda and wrapped her arms around her. "I won't leave you."

"Yeah but what if I leave you?" Melinda choked on her tears.

Billie kissed Melinda on the forehead. "You won't baby. Now I need your help to keep Uncle Henry from jumping off a cliff."

Melinda shuddered at the thought and quickly orbed downstairs.

She arrived in the conservatory and watched Uncle Henry sit on the couch with his knees tucked into his body. It was the seat Paige always sat in when she needed to think. Chris was looking out the window not that far from Henry still in his black suit. Wyatt was in a little corner writing as usual in the weird little diary of his. Apparently the school councilor said it would be good for him.

"Unkey Henry?" Melinda used a nickname she used to use when she was a little girl.

Henry looked up from his daze. "What's wrong Mel?"

"You." she muttered. She pushed him over and sat squashed on the little chair but ignored her discomfort.

Henry closed his eyes and looked at his niece. "You're a lot like your mother."

"No I'm not." she whispered. "If I was I would know what to say."

Henry wrapped an arm around Mel and pulled her in tight as she started to cry. Henry let tears fall down his cheek and held onto Mel for dear life.

He turned around and looked at Wyatt and Chris. "Both of you sit down over here. You too Billie."

They did as they were told but Chris decided to stand up.

"These um…" he swallowed hard. "These past two years have held many unfortunate deaths." he closed his eyes hard thinking of all the family he lost. The only family he ever knew.

Wyatt heard what Henry was thinking but remained emotionless.

"So I've come up with a plan. A plan you all need to go along with." Henry looked at his nephews, niece and friend nodded.

Henry reached into his back pocket and pulled a ring out. It was Uncle Coop's.

"Where did you get that from?" Billie asked in awe. Chris just looked stun. No one noticed but there was a flicker of anger in Wyatt's eyes.

"Coop gave it to Phoebe. Phoebe told me to give it to one of you guys. But I've held onto so I can try to find Paige." Henry whispered.

Mel got even closer to her uncle and gave him a big hug. Henry returned it and looked back at the boys and Billie.

"Wyatt I need you to…" Henry started but Wyatt interrupted.

"I'm not doing it Henry." he said bluntly. Mel raised her eyebrows and Chris looked shocked. Billie looked at Wyatt.

"You haven't even heard what he wants yet Wy." Billie looked at the eldest Halliwell concerned.

Chris looked at Mel who had a funny look on her face. "I don't want to hear him out." Wyatt protested.

Chris looked at Mel again who closed her eyes and nodded. "Don't think I didn't hear that!" Wyatt looked at both of them.

Mel stuck her tongue out and sent a very mean message to her brother. All of a sudden Melinda was shouting in pain holding her hands over her ears. Chris looked at his brother fuming. "Don't hurt her because you're frustrated!" Chris shouted and tk'd his brother off the couch on to the nearest wall. Henry put his arms around Mel trying to figure out her source of pain. Billie jumped over to Chris and held him back before he did anymore damage to Wyatt. Wyatt stood up and tk'd Billie and Chris into glass window.

"Wyatt!" Henry shouted as he let go of Mel who was still shouting in terror. "Release your sister of whatever spell you put her under now!"

Wyatt narrowed his eyes but looked and tried to blow Henry up. Henry merely thought Wyatt was trying to freeze him. He pulled an amulet out from under his shirt and showed it to Wyatt. "When you had three daughters who liked casting spells you get very into these magic protectors."

Wyatt knew he couldn't hurt Henry with the amulet. It was probably blessed by his aunts and mother. He flicked his wrist and Mel stopped crying. She staggered up and ran to where Chris and Billie had fallen.

Chris regained his consciousness and looked at his little sister. "Are you okay?"

"He's evil Chris." Mel whispered with her eyes brimmed with tears.

"Don't tell Uncle Henry or Aunt Bee." Chris groaned as he stood up and then looked back at Mel. "Try to heal Aunt Billie." Chris cracked his knuckles and walked over to where Wyatt stood sending dagger stares at Uncle Henry. Chris sent a message of war over to Wyatt. He tensed up and Henry sensed something was wrong.

"I think we should all get a nights rest. Tomorrow you two can use Coop's ring to fix all this." Henry looked at both of the half-witches and smiled. He cracked his back and grabbed Chris' shoulder. He forcefully pushed Chris up to his room and sent him to bed. He went back down for Mel. She had healed Billie and was looking ill.

"Where is Wyatt? I need to speak with him." Henry looked at Mel.

"He is gone. So I can think freely." she muttered with a relieved expression.

Henry looked worried. "Where did he go?"

Mel rolled her eyes. "Wherever he goes to think. He'll be okay. Not much can get through his shield. Not even the most powerful demon can get into his shield."

Henry calmed down a bit. "Go to bed. Alright?" he hugged Mel tightly and sent her up to bed.

"Aren't you the least bit worried you nephew just tk'd a fellow witch and his brother through a glass window?" Billie asked Henry once Mel was upstairs.

Henry looked at her with a deep sadness in his eyes and nodded as he walked away.

Mel meanwhile sat in her room trying to piece the puzzle together. She closed her eyes and meditated. She was trying to study deep into her subconscious where she usually hid information she didn't want Wyatt to find out.

Mel looked at the information they gathered on all the demon attacks. They were completely random. However all of them preyed on their weaknesses.

She remembered the first death. Her mothers.

"Yes mom." Wyatt laughed at his mothers comment. However Mel felt something behind it. He wasn't laughing because he was amused. He was laughing because he found it pathetic.

Leo got into the car after loading baskets on food into the trunk and started the car.

As they were driving Mel couldn't help but feel Wyatt still thought her mother was pathetic. Mel being the empath and little annoying sister spoke up. "Mom Wyatt thinks you're pathetic."

"Shut up Imp!" Wyatt looked at his little sister.

"I am not an Imp." Mel retorted.

"You were the other week." Wyatt jested.

"Thanks for reminding me Wyatt. They hurt me a lot!" Mel's eyes filled with tears.

Chris gave his mother a pleading look in the rearview mirror and Piper understood. "Wyatt and Mel! This is your brothers' birthday. Now let's have a nice one. Neither of you use your powers to read other people's minds or emotions! Also Wyatt stop calling your sister an Imp. Last week was a bad week for her."

Both siblings stopped their bickering and they arrived at the park.

Mel watched as Chris stare in aw. His family had put up a tent and decorated it with hundreds of different colors. Everyone was there setting up a banner which said 'Happy Birthday Chris'. All of his cousins were running around playing games and laughing. Chris ran down to where his family was and allowed himself to be hugged, kissed and punched by his family. D.J. and Alicia grinned at Chris and gave him a big box brightly decorated.

His cousins jumped on top of him and started giving him birthday punches. Mel laughed and groaned as she felt there pain. She rushed over to her Aunt Phoebe and winced at every blow of pain she felt. "Aunt Phoebe?" she asked. Phoebe turned and smiled.

"How's it going Melinda?" she asked.

Mel knew she was talking about what happened the week before. "I'm better but can I ask you something? Can you feel Chris getting punched?"

Phoebe gave Mel a said smile. "Honey I feel everything. I got my empath powers before Chris was born and think about this. I was at every one of the births in this family. Think about how hard it is to be pregnant seven times and one of those times with twins."

Melinda shuddered at the thought and watched her cousins play. "I'm going to go join them." she nodded and ran off with them.

Phoebe sat down next to her sisters and they both shared the same worried glance. "Things aren't going to go wrong today." Phoebe told Piper.

"That's not what I'm worried about." Piper answered eyeing her eldest son.

Paige looked at her Phoebe and nodded her head towards Wyatt. He was sitting all by himself. "This isn't like him."

Phoebe looked at him at tried to see what was wrong with her eldest nephew. "I can't feel any emotions off him. However it's like he is forcing himself to feel nothing."

Tears threatened to spill from Pipers eyes but she held them back. "He has been acting out a lot lately. His powers are growing abnormally fast. Leo tried to talk to him. Chris and Mel don't want to talk to him anymore. As for me speaking to him. I'm too scared to try." Piper pushed the tears away from her eyes as quickly as they had gotten there. She saw Chris and Mel walking up to her with concern on their faces. "We'll talk about it later." she muttered to her sister who wore the same look of concern as her children.

"Hey kids." Piper attempted to sound happy but ended up looking like a fool.

"What's wrong mom?" Mel asked.

"Nothing honey. What's the matter with you two? Why aren't you having fun with your cousins?" Piper pushed a lock of Mel's hair behind her ear.

Mel looked at Chris and Chris answered. "Because there is something wrong with you."

"Kids I am fine." Piper assured them.

"Empath." Mel reminded her mother.

"Good son." Chris put his hand up.

Piper looked at where Wyatt was sitting sending a text message with his phone. "Just go and have fun. And don't read into it." Piper warned her daughter.

As Chris and Mel walked away Mel looked at Chris. "She's worried about Wy. So is Aunt Paige and Aunt Phoebe."

Chris looked at his brother. "It's just like him to chuck a tantrum on my birthday." Chris shook his head. All of a sudden D.J. let out a scream of pain and fell to the floor. Everyone looked at where D.J. had fallen. An abnormally tall man, dressed in the brightest white from head to toe smile at them. His skin was the complete opposite of his clothing and pitch black. His eyes were green and his hair and teeth were as white as his shirt.

Phoebe, Paige and Piper readied themselves for fighting. "Wyatt, stay with us! Chris take everyone else to safety!"

Chris nodded and did as he was told but failed to notice Wyatt had disappeared. Chris looked at the next oldest in his family after him. "Prue!" he shouted. She automatically looked up. "Grab D.J. and go to the manor. We'll meet you there." Prue nodded and bolted to where D.J. was lying disappearing in a faint pink light as she touched him.

"Everyone else! Either grab someone who can't orb or disappear and go to the manor." Chris shouted.

Everyone nodded and everyone disappeared in swirls of pink and blue light. Mel looked at Chris. "Come on! Let's go." she begged.

Chris watched his mom and aunts fighting. He looked for a sign of Wyatt but couldn't see him. He looked back at him little sister. "Go home. I'm helping mom!" he turned and started running towards where they were still fighting the tall demon. His aunts and mother looked extremely confused. They were throwing there best at the demon but nothing seemed to be working. Chris watched as the demon flicked a finger and The Charmed Ones flew backwards. Chris ran took The Charmed Ones positions and started fighting the demon with whatever he had. The demon flinched slightly.

He was distracted for a second by his little sister who suddenly screeched in terror. He turned around but at the same time was tk'd by the demon. He had flown so far back he managed to see what his sister was screaming at. Piper was lying down in blood red grass.

Suddenly Chris found a new strength he never knew he has. He started muttering a spell. "Demon of night, dressed in white, suspend your powers so I may fight. Twist and twirl, fly to and fro, leave my sight, run and go!" The demon started to blow up from the inside. His head shrunk and grew and then suddenly he blew up in a burst of colors.

He stood up and ran towards his mother. He fell on his knees as he looked at the stick which pierced threw her stomach. His aunts were nearby and were still knocked out. It looked as if Piper had been thrown against a tree. Mel was sobbing and looking down at Chris. "Heal her." she cried.

"I can't heal remember?" Chris shouted at her and she whimpered.

Chris lifted up his moms head on his lap. "Dad?" Chris called. "Dad!"

Leo didn't show up. Mel tried as well. "DAD!" she shouted at the top of her lungs. "Something is blocking me." Mel cried…

Mel racked her brain. Wasn't there anything they could've done to stop it? If only Chris had orbed her back to the Manor. They weren't thinking straight. They didn't know what to do. Mel went into Chris' room and didn't fail to notice that Wyatt wasn't in bed. He was never at home while everyone was sleeping. It was like Wyatt never slept. Mel sat on the edge of Chris' bed and Chris bolted upward.

"Shush." Mel whispered and stroked her big brothers forehead as he was panting for breath. "It's just me, Mel." she watched as Chris' face slowly returned to normal.

Chris looked at her. "What are you doing? It's like, ten thirty in the morning." Chris then realized it wasn't a bad time to wake up. Chris then noticed the dark circles under Mel's eyes. He wrapped a loving arm around Mel, "Have you been sleeping?"

Mel shook her head. "Not exactly. I was up all night thinking about mom."

Chris closed his eyes and let Mel bury her face in the crook between his neck and shoulder. "Please Mel don't think about mom." Chris felt his tee get wet.

"I'm going to do something Chris." Mel choked. "And I can't tell you what it is. I will be safe but I won't be here for a while."

Chris looked at his little sister. "When will you be back?"

Mel thought. "I don't know. I just have to go away for a bit."

"I'm going with you Mel." Chris said stubbornly.

"NO!" the younger witch suddenly shouted. "This is something I have to do on my own."

Chris grabbed Mel's chin. "Mom made me promise to take care of you. I am going to take care of you."

His little sister laughed. "Now who is thinking about mom?" she asked. Chris frowned at her. "I will be back. I'm not going anywhere dangerous. I'm actually going to the safest place ever known. I'd take you as well but I have to do this by myself. So please don't worry about me."

He looked at Mel and reluctantly stopped hugging her. "If you're gone but tonight, I won't follow you."

Mel looked at her brother and kissed him on the cheek. "I love you Chris."

"I love you too Mel." Chris watched as Mel walked out of his room. And that was the last time he saw her for five weeks…

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