Um…Author note: I don't know if I've given this a certain month yet but I know Wyatt is born February 2nd so this has to be sometime in January. This is my last chapter of 'Mixing Times'. I've already started the sequel named 'Disappearing in Time'. The reason why I've started a sequel is because it has a different plot.

Chris fell asleep on the uncomfortable hospital chair his arms hanging over the edge, his head lolled back and his mouth hanging slightly open. Piper chuckled at her whitelighter and placed a cup of coffee next to him. "Chris." she nudged him. "Wake up!"

Chris opened his eyes groggily. "Morning already?" he asked.

Piper nodded. "Coffee on the table. Doctor said we can check her out today. She'll need crutches and we get the stiches removed in a week but now that Leo is out of his big meeting and he can contact us, you know we can magically move things along. I told the doctor we were getting the stiches removed at our local doctors."

Chris took a sip of his coffee. "You don't have to do this for us Piper…"

"Hmm." Piper placed a hand on her hip and held her coffee in hand. "Let me think. You come back from the past leaving your fiancé behind to save my son, half your family is dead thanks to my son and you and your sister are mentally scarred for life thanks to my son. I think I do need to do this."

"No your son owes us not you." Chris corrected her.

"Yeah but right now he is one years old not even and well…" Piper smiled. "I don't think he could pass as your father. Not at his height."

Chris laughed. He looked at his little sister for a few moments then spoke. "She's going to be this pale about five minutes before she dies."

"Well she ain't dying now." Piper declared. "She's just lost a lot of blood. We get Leo to do a little healing and then bam!" Piper clapped her hands. "She's back and ready to fight."

Chris frowned as he looked at Piper. "How many coffees have you had and how many sugars did you have in each of them?"

"Lost count after four and sugar on the sugar count…No idea. Now I'm going to grab her stuff." Piper said and bounced out of the room.

Chris chuckled in amusement and looked back at Mel. "It's kind of being a habit Dad healing me every time I get close to Wyatt." Mel said proving she had been awake for quiet some time.

"Not a habit I want you to have in the new future." Chris said smiling.

Mel frowned. "Will we remember the new future? I mean…what happens to our memories of what actually happened? How will we know if we remembered? You get what I'm asking."

Chris nodded. "I don't know but I don't want to remember what happened at all."

Mel looked at him again. "But if you don't remember what happened how can you appreciate the change? And also if it doesn't happen who comes back to the past to save Wyatt? How will Wyatt stay good if no one comes back to save him?" Mel frowned.

Chris rubbed his temples. "Mel you just woke up and you were on heavy medication. You're confusing the hell out of me."

"Sorry. These were the questions going through my mind while I was sleeping." Mel admitted.

"You have one weird brain." Chris ruffled Mel's hair.

"I grew up with you. Having a weird brain was the only way I was going to survive." Mel grinned fixing her hair.

Chris rolled his eyes. "I think the weird brain was from Aunt Gi."

"You just don't like the music." Mel muttered.

Piper walked in holding Mel's bags. "You guys want to go?"

Chris nodded. "Come on Mel, get dressed and let's get out of here."

After Melinda was back into her own clothes and out of the hospital rags she was given crutches and taught how to use them. Once that was over Piper, Chris and Mel walked out of the hospital turned a corner, headed into an ally way and orbed off. "I'm back." Mel shouted as she collapsed onto the couch. Silence was her only reply. "Not the entrance I was going for." she smiled. "But at least I'm out of the hospital."

"Speaking of which." Piper held up a bottle of pain killers. "We might need these on a rainy day seeing as you aren't going to be in any more pain." Piper looked up to the heavens. "Leo?" she shouted. In an instant blue orbs filled the room. "Hey could you heal Mel's leg?"

Leo looked at Mel whose leg was in a cast. "What have you done this time?" he asked leaning down and placing his hands over the leg.

"I hurt myself. Got ten stitches in my leg." Mel smiled proudly.

Chris frowned. "Mel that's a bad thing. You shouldn't be smiling."

"Yeah I know." she giggled. "I think I'm high."

Chris smacked his head and Piper let out a snort of amusement. "Um…Leo can you fix the whole high off medication thing?"

Leo bit his lip as he smirked. "Sure thing." he moved his hands up to Melinda's head and the glow continued. "So why didn't you call me?"

"Magical Conference." Chris said.

Leo looked confused. "Magical Conference? I was at Magic School all night talking to some Elders to be."

"Oh…" Piper frowned. "Gideon told us you were at some world wide magical thing and you were out of hearing reach."

"Gideon said that?" Leo's frown deepened. "That's weird I was with him."

Mel who had gotten off her high looked at the cast which was still on her leg sitting pointlessly. "Why would Gideon lie?" Mel tried to walk but the bulk of the cast ended up tipping her over. Chris caught her before she could fall flat on her face.

"Stop experimenting with what you can do with a cast on your leg." Chris enforced then looked back to Piper and Leo. "Maybe you should ask him Leo. See why he left us dry and hanging."

Leo nodded. "I just might."

Mel looked curiously between Leo, Piper and Chris and grabbed Chris' arm for support. She was sent spinning into a vision.

"You too…" Chris whispered and shut his eyes. Leo threw himself on top of the Chris crying. Chris' body disappeared from Leo's hold.

Mel was pulled out of the vision and looked confusingly at Chris. "Mel?" Chris asked. "What'd you see?"

Mel frowned. She was on the floor her brother and Piper crowding around her. "That was vaguest and shortest vision I have ever gotten in my fourteen years of life."

"Huh?" Piper asked. "As soon as Leo orbed out you dropped to the floor. You've been out for five minutes."

Mel shook her head. "Weird…I had like a ten second vision."

Chris shrugged. "Visions are weird like that. What'd you see?"

"Not much. You were lying on a bed. Leo was crying. You said, 'you too' and then faded away." Mel nodded. "That's it."

Chris looked at Mel then looked up at Piper. "I have no idea what that means."

"Are you gay?" Piper inquired. Chris shook his head disgusted. "Well neither is Leo so that can't be it."

"So totally wrong inter breeding." he muttered so only Mel could hear him.

Mel chuckled. "Can we get this thing off my leg?" she said about the cast.

Chris flicked his fingers slightly and the cast blew up. Piper froze the mess before it spread. "No mess in my conservatory." Piper said plucking the bits from mid air.

Mel helped inspecting her leg as she did. "I wonder who hit me."

"Who was there?" Chris asked.

"Demons, darklighters, warlocks and Wyatt." Mel said. Piper flinched slightly but continued picking bits of cast from the air.

Piper took all the rubbish and placed it in a bag and walked it to the trash. Chris sat next to Mel on the floor but leaning on the couch. He looked away. "We never really got to talk."

"Talk about what?" Mel asked.

Chris looked out one of the many windows of the conservatory. "What I showed you before I disappeared."

Mel gulped at the thought of her brother showing her all of his scars. "Does it matter right now?"

"Kind of does…to me." Chris admitted.

Mel squinted as she tried to remember what Paige had said to her. "Sometimes there are things that you can't help people with. You just have to be there." Mel smiled wryly.

"Talking to Aunt Gi again?" Chris nodded his head.

"While listening to Belinda Carlisle." Mel smiled.

"Are you going to tell anyone?"

Mel shook her head. "But you're going to promise me you aren't going to carve them out anymore. No I'm serious Chris." she said to the look on his face. "They are going to heal." Mel placed her hand on Chris chest. "Starting now." A healing glow seeped through her fingers and Chris just watched her hand.

"Alright Mel." he said placed his head on her shoulder pulling his knees up to his chest. Mel placed her head on Chris' and looked stared at nothing yet everything at the same time.


Phoebe had just hung up the phone. Mel was back from hospital and everything was fine. Except for Gideon's little lie. Why would he do that? Before Phoebe got a chance to ponder the question she was interrupted by a knock at her at her door.

"Come in." she said.

The door inched open a bit then closed. No one walked through the door. Phoebe frowned and stood up as she heard a tiny mouse footstep. "Hello?"

"Miss Phoebe Halliwell?" a small

"Where are you?" Phoebe frowned.

"Down here!" the voice replied.

Phoebe leaned over her desk to get a better look at the tiny man. He was as big as a fairy but had no wings. "Um…hello."

"I got a delivery for Chris and Mel Halliwell but I knew there was a Phoebe Halliwell closer to where I was." the man squeaked. "I was wondering if you could give this package to them." he held above his head disk larger than him. "It's from the Future."

Phoebe leaned down and plucked the disk from the little man. "What are you?" she asked.

The man rolled his eyes. "Haven't you ever seen a Pixie before?" he said before he zipped off leaving a small dust puff behind him.

Phoebe glanced at the disk in her hand. She pulled her jacket on and grabbed her bag before heading to the door. "I'll be back soon." she said to her boss and headed to the exit of Bay Mirror.

She was happy she got an elevator to herself because she looked up to the ceiling and shouted. "Chris! Mel! One of you guys come now."

"What's wrong?" Mel asked as her blue orbs set on the ground. Chris landed on the other side of Phoebe and looked deeply concerned.

"Message for you two, from the Pixie service." she handed the disk to Chris who looked at it frowning.

"Thanks Phoebe." Chris said as he orbed off.

"Wait one minute!" Phoebe complained. "Take me home and explain the disk."

"Can't explain the disk when we don't even know what is." Mel said grabbing Phoebe's hand and orbing off.


Paige tapped her fingers against her desk and frowned. "So basically I have to write all these letters of thanks." Paige looked at her boss frowning.

"Exactly." The man in the suit said and walked away.

"Whoopee." Paige faked excitement and looked to the computer and shook her head. "Dear Ms Eliza Cowell…" she typed but at the same moment a letter fell from the sky in a ray of blue orbs.

Paige's eyes darted around and frowned. "Exposure people." she opened the letter and an explosion of sound came from it. She quickly times. "Oh no." she muttered and looked around her office. No one was there.

She stuck her head through the door and looked at her 'boss'. "I'll be back soon." she said before diving under her desk and orbing to the Manor.


Piper held her son on her lap and wrote something down. She was at P3 writing up some orders for the bar. Wyatt gurgled happily at the fact he was with his mommy. He gave Piper what would be toothy grin if he had teeth and bobbed his head up and down.

"What's gotten you so excited Mr?" Piper smiled tapping her sons' nose as she did.

Wyatt just grinned and blinked. A rainbow materialised in the middle of P3 and a small leprechaun stepped out of it.

"What the…?" the leprechaun stated as he looked at his surroundings. He looked at Piper and frowned. "You know I don't really like to get summoned." he said with his thick Irish accent.

Piper looked at her son. "I'm sorry," Piper said. "He's just a little boy and I had no idea he was about to summon a leprechaun."

The Leprechaun looked at Wyatt cautiously. "Is that young Wyatt Matthew Halliwell?"

Piper nodded. "Really sorry…Uh…didn't catch your name there."

The Leprechaun bowed. "I be Declan Mrs Halliwell and your son here has done me a favour. I was looking for you. Just couldn't seem to find you at home."

Piper smiled. "Yeah well I got a job as well. Why were you looking for me?"

"Well I had to give you a message. Don't understand why they couldn't use the mail service but they said it was important." Declan hobbled over to the bar and Piper walked around it. Declan lifted his arm up and handed Piper the letter.

"Thank you Declan." Piper looked at the letter cautiously and smiled. "Anything I can do for you? Do you want a drink?"

"No thank you love. I got a date tonight and I don't want to be out of it." Declan smiled at baby Wyatt and pulled a lump of gold from his pocket. "And this is for your son. To repay him for making my job easier." he gave the gold to Piper. "Just keep this and one day you might get some good luck."

Piper thanked Declan once more and watched as the rainbow formed and he stepped into it. "I guess you weren't being such a bad boy but baby you shouldn't summon people." she said to her son. "Or leprechauns for that matter." she looked at the letter and opened it. She read it through once and frowned.

Dear Piper,

Sorry for the inconvenient way of sending a message but it's kind of hard to talk through time. Hope the Leprechauns got the message to you by the way but if you're reading this I guess they did. Oh wait you need to know who this is first off. It's well…you haven't met me yet but you will in a year or two. So that means I can't tell you my name. Crap, didn't think this one through. I need you to tell Melinda she needs to go back to her time. No matter what she needs to go or else…well things are changing in the future. She'll listen to you. Just enforce it. I cast a spell on this letter so if things change to drastically it won't disappear and the words won't change. Change the future Piper, it's up to you. Keep fighting, for all our sakes.


Piper scratched her head furiously trying to think of what it meant. "Wyatt will you orb us home?" Piper looked at her son and Wyatt orbed instantly taking his mother to the living room where Paige and Phoebe were sitting next to Chris and Mel looking at a letter and a CD type thing.

"We got problems." Piper, Phoebe and Paige said together.


After a brief discussion on how they got their messages Piper handed her letter to Mel and Chris.

"Mel needs to go back to her time." she said.

"I can't go back. Not yet." Mel replied shaking her head.

Chris looked at the letter B. He bit his lip. "Billie." he whispered to Mel.

Paige looked at both of them. "The letter I got was a little more freaky." she gave it to Piper. "It's from your son but be careful cause it kills your ears."

Chris and Mel shared worried looks and Piper slowly opened the letter. Suddenly a voice filled their ears.

"Chris, Mel, get back to your times right now!" they heard Wyatt's voice explode. "I'm good, I'm cured people have been asking me why I don't knock anymore….I NEVER KNOCK!" Chris looked at the letter seriously and Mel chuckled. "Things are changing like badly. Not good for me, definitely not good for you two either. Births shall not happen Chris. Remember? Now get your asses back to your times now and that's an order." The letter shut by itself and Piper looked at Chris and Mel.

"I'm never going to doubt Harry Potter again." Piper shook her head.

"What's in the disk?" Paige pointed to the CD.

Chris picked up the disk and studied it. "Mel, did you bring a camera with you?"

Mel disappeared in orbs and reappeared in a matter of seconds with a camera in her hand. "Here." she handed it to Chris.

"Cool future technology." Phoebe admired the camera.

"Not sold for another sixteen years." Mel winked as Chris loaded the disk into the side.

Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Mel watched as Chris flicked the camera on. He placed it on the table and pressed the green button on the silver object.

An image on Prue Halliwell found its way into the living room as a holographic recording. "Hello Chris. I'm guessing by the way things are changing around here Melinda is there with you. Only you two could stuff things up this much. Mel your…family, have probably sent a message to you telling you to go back to your time. It won't fix anything. I'm sorry to say but you two will have to clean up this mess. Chris your credit card number means something more than rubbing things in your face. I wouldn't do that to you first off. I can't tell you what to do. As you know I'm bound by magic to advice not give away information. You two are closer than anyone to stopping Wyatt and I suggest you keep on that track. No doubt my sisters are with you so hello to you three and I'll see you in the future, hopefully. Blessed be." The image switched itself off and Phoebe and Piper had to wipe the tears out of their eyes.

"So what do we do?" Paige asked placing a comforting hand on both Phoebe and Pipers legs.

Mel looked at her brother. "How have we changed it that's so bad?"

Chris looked away slightly. "We aren't going to be born."

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