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Beautiful Disaster by Kelly Clarkson

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Beautiful Disaster by Jon McLaughlin

The years of isolation had always kept him from making friends. The paranoia instilled in his siblings courtesy of their father didn't make the situation any better. As the desert sand flew past him in a screeching maelstrom of chaos, he sighed. Chuunin exams were starting soon, and his father was expecting him to fight, and win. He turned to face the man behind him.

"Gaara, it's your duty as a shinobi of Suna to accept your mission. Much blood will be shed, but that shouldn't be a problem."

Gaara didn't say anything. Baki was right, even though Gaara never admitted it. He turned back to face the scathing wind, chapping his lips and forcing him to close his eyes.

"Gaara, what 's bothering you?"

Gaara walked away from his sensei, features hardening back into the mask he used to protect himself from the world.


"Okay, team. I almost forgot to tell you: the Chuunin exams are going to take place three days from now. The other shinobi from hidden villages all around will be arriving two days from now. Train up a little."

Kakashi poofed off, heading kami-knows-where. Sakura sighed. This was just like Kakashi to wait until the last second to tell them about something this important. Sasuke's eyes had flashed in genuine anticipation, and Naruto, having asked what the exam was about and received his answer, was determined to beat Sasuke, at risk of life and limb. However, the decision was up to Sakura, and at the moment, she couldn't have felt less ready. Sure, her genjustu skills were fairly strong, and her chakra control was above average, but the teams there were probably much better at their skills than she was, and that would prove to be a problem. She just considered not doing it at all, but that would have been folly. Sasuke and Naruto were depending on her. The question was, could she count on herself?

Two days.

The journey to Kohona was two days long. Gaara's face was once again a harsh mask of impassiveness. The only sounds puncturing the silence was the swishing of their clothes, the whistling wind, and the sudden shifting of the fan on Temari's back or Kankuro's puppet sliding on his shoulders. Baki was on the lookout for any enemy nin on the prowl. Being the teacher of the Kazekage's children wasn't the easiest job in the world.

As soon as they reached the gate, they were stopped for a moment to present their documents. Reading the words "Chuunin exam" was the only ID they needed: the team was welcomed to Kohona with open arms. Gaara only smirked.

Like shooting ducks in a barrel.

Yes, my host. Let's revel in the rivers of their blood…I'm sure if you wanted to, you could…

Not now, Shukaku. Let's follow this worthless plan. It may be to our advantage.

(smirks) You always were the brightest vessel I've had…

I'm the only vessel you've had.


Sakura had spent two days training her hardest to catch up to her teammates. She'd stopped thinking about joining Ino in spying on Sasuke for a while, and focused on perfecting her skills. So after her regular training, she walked with Naruto, who met up with that brat Konohamaru. She threw a punch or two at Naruto, simply for suggesting to the young boy that she was affiliated intimately with the doofus. A minute later, and one of the biggest guys they've ever had the misfortune to meet was towering before them, holding Konohamaru by his scarf. The black-clad boy was rather enjoying himself, while a girl behind him pleaded for him to let the kid go before their teammate got there. The giant's smirk widened. Naruto suddenly got into the thick of it when he decided to save Konohamaru himself. Sasuke showed up, but that only made things worse. She was about to be crushed by the sand-nin before a deep voice, raspy as the desert wind, cut through to the shinobi's ears.

"Eh heh…Hey Gaara…"

It was then their two worlds collided. But the reaction they had was way more than just the normal reactions associated with meeting Sabaku no Gaara.

She stared in awe at the redhead before her, all thoughts of the Uchiha prodigy blown into the wind. Her eyes traveled the expanse of porcelain skin exposed by his flowing clothing, tracing the curve of his cheek, the black ringing his eyes, his messy red hair. She dared to look into his eyes, a shocking celedon-green that sent electric currents traveling in her body.

Gaara could say this turn of events was tenfold for him. Her shocking pink hair, her creamy skin, her long lashes that caught the sun. The pretty leaf-green eyes that tantalized his own and made his heart beat a heavy, erratic rhythm. The two stared at one another, each one's face still masked by impassivity. Her eyes flashed mischievously, while his flared with burning passion. This and more were noticed by them and them alone. It was only when Naruto shook her and snapped her out of it that she turned and walked away. But not before she'd memorized his face. When a new shinobi arrived, she wouldn't remember their name.

However, she never forgot a face.

So, we've found a victim, yes?

Not quite, Shukaku. She's different.

How so, my little cub?

Unlike the others, she didn't run.

Well, we'll see, cub. I'm sure soon she too will run. We shall have our blood.

She smelled sweet. Like a cherry blossom.

A sakura, hmm? Well, she may just be the prefect specimen. What do you think, cub?

I think this exam has finally gotten interesting.

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