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By the way, if you haven't seen Drag Me To Hell, then go see it before reading. Mild spoiler alert! Besides, it's freaking scary as shit and worth the nine dollar admission fee.


Sakura from Vocaloid (Look it up on YouTube. I'm hooked on Vocaloid!)

Trick and Treat from Vocaloid (Look it up on YouTube! Cute but scary!)

Acadia by Marianas Trench (BAND MADE OF AWESOME GO LISTEN NOW!!!)

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Sakura had to stop herself from crying as Naruto stood there in front of her, head bowed.

"Sakura-chan, I have to go find Tsunade-san. If I don't do it, then we won't have a Hokage. I don't like it any more than you do, but I promise to be back when Sasuke wakes up."

"It's not that, Naruto. It's just that I don't want another one of my friends to leave so soon! First Gaara, then you?!"

"Sakura-chan, I have to. And unlike Gaara, it's a sure thing I'll come back!"

She said nothing. Naruto sighed. He hated dealing with other people's emotions, mostly because he didn't really know what to do. Finally, the demon host had an idea.

"Hey, don't cry! It's not like in Drag Me To Hell where the demon drags the girl down to hell to eat her soul! I'm gonna come back!"

Sakura had to laugh. They'd just recently seen the horror movie and it had scared her. Naruto had laughed through the entire thing. And everyone else had stared as he made funny faces at the guy in the projection booth. And then everyone had thrown popcorn at him.

"Just watch over Sasuke until I come back."

"This was by far the worst thing ever created."

"Gaara, it's a movie. We know that demons are ten times worse than that."

Gaara sat back in the couch, and Temari snorted as one of the family cats swiped at him. Baki had bought them on a whim, this little ash-colored thing and its orange brother from a local shelter. Kankuro had promptly named it Stupid, though Temari had officially named it Trick. Its brother Treat was off wandering somewhere.

"Still doesn't change the fact that it's stupid. These writers didn't study demonology at all, did they?"

"It's a foreign demon. One we wouldn't know."

"Right. Where's the other cat?"

"Somewhere. I wouldn't know."

Gaara stood, and stretched. "I'm heading to my room. I feel the need to..."

"No hunting down the producer. House rules and you know it."

Gaara cursed, and turned. "Fine. Then I'm going to read something."

Gaara climbed the stairs, entering his room in the north wing. All was pitch dark, all was quiet.

Until a scratching sound told him he wasn't alone.

He turned. The door was heavy oak, and tended to close of its own accord. As per usual, it had closed behind him. Only half-moonlight lit the dark space, but he saw nothing.

Something near his right crashed, and he whirled around. He felt nothing.

At least, not until the yowling ball of orange fur so wrongly named Treat attacked his head. As Gaara tried to pry off the clawed beast, footsteps ran up the stairs and an unseen hand flicked on the lights.

"Looks like Treat scares you more than the movie," Temari said as she stifled her giggles. Gaara growled.

"Get this damn thing off me before I decide to let you go the way of the girl in Drag Me To Hell and have Shukaku eat your soul."

"Won't work. We just saw the movie, remember?"

"Get this thing off!"

Sakura sat beside Sasuke, pressing a moist cloth against his forehead. He was still stable, and she'd picked up on some of the things the nurses did for coma patients, such as making sure they're comfortable, checking their chakra flow, and of course keeping watch so their families wouldn't worry. She felt good knowing she could help like this. She may not feel like she loved Sasuke like she used to, but she did still care about him. She sighed and looked out the window.

She really wished Naruto would get back soon. He'd been gone for weeks.

She didn't know how this Tsunade could help, but she was a Sannin, so Sakura only assumed she would be able to do something. It was a long walk from where Jiraya-sama had a hunch she was and Konoha, though.

It wasn't until she heard the familiar lighthearted footsteps that Sakura left Sasuke's side and flung open the door.

"I told you I'd get back, Sakura-chan! And I brought Tsunade-baa-chan to help Sasuke, too!"

Yay, we're finally getting somewhere. Now I need to go eat before I keel over and die.