Music Piece 1: An Autumn Melody

The rain pelted down on the glass windows of the music college. Angry, black clouds gathered and clumped together above the building. Thunder rumbled in the near distance and lightning flashed, lighting up the night sky with its blinding white light. Despite the gloomy weather, the moods of the students remained bright. The atmosphere was filled with happiness and laughter.

" Hey Takara! Are you going to perform for us again? " A student asked the girl who stood quietly in the far corner of the very large hall.

" Uh huh, " Takara Satake answered shyly, nodding.

" So, what's this? A new piece? "

"The fifteen-year-old smiled, " An Autumn Melody. "

" With your harp? " he inquired.

" Well, that's the only music instrument I can play, " Takara replied with a mischievous twinkle in her mazarine eyes.

" Okay, now let's give it up for Takara Satake, the only daughter of Yumi and Gail Satake! " the emcee announced into the microphone. " Please come up onto the stage, Ms.Satake! "

Almost immediately, the spotlight shone directly down on her as the ruckus died down and everyone turned to stare at her. Takara felt her face blush in embarrassment. Clasping her hands tightly together, the girl walked forward and slowly climbed onto the stage, the spotlight following her every move. A chair and her beloved harp stood there, in its golden glory. She took her seat and leaned the harp on her shoulder as she adjusted herself, leaning against the chair's back, lightly plucking the strings with her long and slender fingers, of the harp. The sweet, melodious melody floated softly out as she continued to tease the strings.


Life is like roads that we travel…

Some are smooth…

Like a rare gem…

Memories of which we will cherish…

Some are rough…

Ultimately, we will face problems…

Obstacles of which we ourselves have to overcome….

Some I'd rather forget…

Like the intense pain of losing someone close to us….

The sadness…

The feeling of loneliness…

Even though we feel like we want to give up…

We will always pick ourselves up and carry on…

It's always like that…

Life goes on…

The only thing, which will forever remain true…

Will always be the friendships and relationships that we have forged for ourselves…

There is one road…

Which I won't regret…

The road where we first met each other…

(Note: This short song is written and solely owned by 'moi' V)


The last note rang true as she finished the piece, earning a thunderous applause from the audience.

" There you have it! An Autumn Melody by Takara Satake! "

Takara got up and smiled as she bowed. Then, she left the stage.

" Wow, you were so great, Takara! You were simply marvelous. 'An Autumn Melody' brought tears to my eyes. It's such a no-brainer why you are the youngest student in the college who learns music. You are really gifted, mademoiselle! " The student who had engaged a conversation with Takara earlier, gushed excitedly.

A flower of pride bloomed in her heart.

" Thank you but it's all practice that I've managed to get this far. Anyway, 'An Autumn Melody' was inspired by my parents- " her words were cut short when an announcement was made over the PA system.

" We apologise for interrupting the dance party but we have an urgent announcement to be made. We are calling for Miss Takara Satake. Please come to the principal's office, right now. Thank you. "

The girl's eyes widened in confusion.

" Why would the principal be calling you for, Takara? " he asked her in a whisper, voicing out her question, which she was asking herself.

" I really don't know, " she answered, shaking her head numbly.

Suddenly, Takara perked up.

" Wait, I know! My parents emailed me that they are coming down from Japan just to watch me perform during my first ever concert! Maybe they wanted to give me a surprise! "

" That must be it! Anyway, I bought a ticket. You'll be certain to catch me there! " The other student replied. " I'm your number one fan! "

She gave him a toothy grin before waving goodbye and running off towards the principal's office as fast as she could in her high-heeled sandals.


" Good evening, Mademoiselle Takara. The principal will see you now. Please do enter. " The secretary told her curtly.

She could not contain her joy as she skipped over to the closed door and barged in without knocking.

" Hi Mum! Hi Dad! You wanted to- " the words died on her lips when she realized that her parents were not there at all but only her guardian, Mrs. Westmount. Immediately, she scrunched up her shoulders and her face grew warm. She swallowed.

" Oh…uh, I'm sorry. I-I forgot to knock first before I came in. I shouldn't have barged in like that. "

In Paris, the music college had strict rules about displaying of common courtesy and knocking first before entering was one of them. Takara caught sight of the solemn and grave looks on both the principal and guardian's faces. Almost immediately, dread filled the pit of her stomach and she felt nauseous.

" Wh-What happened? " Takara asked nervously. " Did I do something wrong? "

The principal shook his head slowly and motioned her to sit down. Clasping her hands tightly, she did as she was told although rather reluctantly, thinking that she has done something wrong.

Oh, great! Now, I've got to prepare for an hour-long lecture about common courtesy and manners! She thought sarcastically. Okay, now I'm seated. So, now what?

Takara folded her clasped hands in her lap, waiting expectantly. She saw him giving Mrs. Westmount, a helpless look. Inwardly, the fifteen-year-old was astounded.

I was so sure that he would reprimand me but he brushed it off just like that?

" Uh, excuse me. Would you mind me asking something? Am I going to be punished or something because I know that I haven't done anything wrong, " she replied. " Except maybe being impolite. "

Takara grinned sheepishly. The principal gave her a sympathetic look before clearing his throat.

" Well, you see, Miss Takara… " He trailed off weakly.

He did not know what to say and Takara was starting to get impatient.

" Perhaps, you should watch this, dear. I taped it this afternoon, " Mrs. Westmount suggested and switched on the mini television beside her.

" Huh? "

Takara knew that it was rude but she simply could not help it. Here she was feeling apprehensive about the reason why the principal summoned her, but here he was wasting her time, not knowing what to tell her.

It seems that they are hiding something, from me,she told herself. The girl was starting to become slightly edgy as she fixed her gaze on the screen.

" We have received an urgent news that a plane from the Blue Waters Airline, one of the most prestigious airlines, crashed into the Mediterranean Seas due to strong turbulences. The Navy had been ordered to comb the area of the wreckage for survivors. There have been rumors that the famous parents of the renowned harpist of France, Takara Lekeisha have been on that particular plane. The report of the survivors will be broadcasted on the nine 'o' clock news tomorrow. "

Mrs. Westmount knew that Takara had heard enough so she switched off the television. The poor girl was affected more that what they could have e expected. She gripped the handles of her chair till her knuckles turned white. She leaned forward, her face shielded from them. Her shoulders shook. She was trembling madly.

There have been rumors that the famous parents of the renowned harpist of France, Takara Lekeisha Satake, have been on that particular plane.

These words rang in her ears and vivid images of her parents' corpses lay before her.

My parents! What happened to them? She screamed inwardly. How could this happen? They didn't do anything wrong!

She was devasted, confused, sad and lonely. This mixture of feelings surged through her. Her mind was numb. That was more than what she could take. She was helpless. Inside, she was frantic. Mrs. Westmount went over to her and squeezed her shoulders reassuringly.

" Don't give up hope, dear. Have faith. You parents might be among the survivors there. "

Takara struggled to hold back her tears as she looked up at her guardian's kind face. She nodded slowly.

" Have hope, dear. There is a high chance that your parents are still alive… "

Note from 'moi': Dear readers, I have to tell you that the next few chapters is about Takara and then it'll be a mixture of the Ouran High Host Club and her. Sorry for the trouble caused. Oh yeah, the chapter has already been re-edited…