Chapter 1

A dark fog surrounded him. Pain was everywhere, even on the soles of his feet, but most intently in his head and ribs. He sensed that, as bad as it was, the pain could be worse; his body also felt numb and he thought he might be on some powerful painkillers. The fog lessened, and he realized he was warm—blessedly, wonderfully warm—and he rested on soft, clean sheets. He seemed to be restrained, but whatever held him was gentle. He blinked, and a hand tenderly touched him. "Bobby?" A sweet voice whispered. "Are you waking up? Can you hear me?"

He blinked again, and discovered he couldn't quite open his right eye. A young, beautiful face framed by soft wisps of blonde hair and anchored by hazel eyes leaned over him. The blonde hair sent inexplicable waves of fear through him, but the vaguely familiar eyes and voice inspired his trust. But who was this woman? And who was this Bobby?

"Here," she said gently, and she raised a cup with a straw to his mouth. The water was cool and soothing, and he sipped it gratefully. His throat felt as if he hadn't had much to drink for some time.

"Thank you," he said hoarsely.

"It's ok." She seemed enormously relieved. He felt a strong, intense connection with this woman, but he didn't know why. Did he love her? Was she his wife? Who was she? And terror struck him as he realized he had no idea who he was.

She gripped his arm as the panic seized him. "Bobby…what is it? Should I get a nurse?"

"Please," he gasped. "Who…who are you? Who am I?"

End Chapter 1