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Chapter One

This is a story of how five young men met at a meeting and became good friends. They all shared something in common. They were the first born son's who now have the responsibilities of raising their siblings alone. Each young man had lost both or one parents.

Ishizu Ishtar was a Psychologist who was holds meetings for people who were raising their siblings alone and needed to talk to others who were in the same place as they were.

" My name is Ishizu Ishtar and I want to thank you all for coming today she said. Let's begin by introducing ourselves and telling if we have either a brother or sister we are raising."

"My name is Bakura and I'm taking care of my brother Ryou he said. Our parents died when he was two years old, and it's been just us since. It is so hard trying to work and find someone who will watch Ryou, because he is Hyperactive and doesn't like to mind."

"My name is Marik, and I also am raising my brother Malik. My brother is four and trying to drive me out of my mind. Everyone laughed. Malik is also Hyperactive like Bakura's brother, but he has shut out the world ever since our parent's death."

"My name is Yami, and I also am raising my brother Yugi. He never knew our parents. He was only two weeks old when they were killed. I've tried to do what I thought was right, but then I guess what ever I did was wrong. He hasn't just shut himself off from the world, he just isn't trying, and I don't know what the hell to do."

"My name is Joey, and I'm raising my sister. Her name is Serenity and he couldn't go on."

Take your time, Ishizu said.

"She was a premature baby, and our mother died during her birth. Our father couldn't deal with her death, so he blew his brains out" Joey explained.

"My name is Seto, and I too and raising a brother. His name is Mokuba. We never knew our parents. We were adopted and brought here to Domino and our adopted father got killed by a drunk driver. Mokuba has some trouble telling real from make believe and at times I just want to give up and leave, but when I look into his eyes I know why I'm there. He needs me as much as I need him."

"I want to thank all of you for sharing with us about your lives. What I want to do here is to get each of you to maybe try to help each other out by sharing some of the things you have tried to use to help your siblings with each other. I have left five cards with each of you, and if you will please fill them out and exchange them with each other, then all of you will have a support system and just maybe it will be of some help. Also you each will have my Office and Home phone numbers and I want you to call if you need anything at all. I don't care if it is just to talk, please call." Ishizu told them.

Now I want to discuss with each of you how you are feeling and give you some suggestion of how each of you can do to keep your tempers under control, when it all seems too weird. They all spoke of how their siblings could push their buttons and how one time or an other, they have wanted to just leave them somewhere and walk away and not look back. One thing that Ishizu had stressed, was it didn't matter who you were, or how much money anyone of them had, they were all fighting the same feeling as the others here.

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