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Chapter Eight

Today is a very important day in the lives of all children because they were all graduating from our small school. There would be a small ceremony in which all the parents and guardians were invited to attend.

As all the parents and guardians were seated and the children were backstage waiting to perform a little act for them, Serenity was getting nervous because she had to say a speech in front of her brother and the others. Mai went over and told her "honey you'll do just fine" and Serenity wrapped her arms around her and asked "will you stay with me in case I can't remember what words to say?" Mai kissed her and said "you bet I will."

Ishizu came out from behind the small curtain and she said "Welcome everyone to our first and last little play and I want to thank each and everyone of you for believing in your children and allowing them to attend this school so that they could have the chance to expand their minds and learn things that some people would of believed they could do. So to begin our little play Serenity Wheeler will recite a poem that she and the other children wrote."

The curtain went up and there at a podium was Serenity with Mai Valentine standing behind her. Serenity said that our Poem is called "We did it."

When we first came here scared and not knowing anything at all

All of you believed that we had the right to try and succeed

We worked long and hard and sometimes were failed just to try again

So now we are here today to show the world that even with the problems we all had we did the best we could do

And now we are graduating and (the rest of the class stood up and they all joined her) WE DID IT!!!!

When she was done everyone stood up and cheered and clapped for all of the children. Joey ran up to his sister and gave her a big hug and he looked at Mai who had tears in her eyes and he said "thank you for being here for her." Mai nodded that she understood. Joey went back and sat down and the other children all one by one stood up in front of their parents and guardians and did little skits and when they were done the place rocked with the sounds of cheering and clapping.

Ishizu then called out their names one by one and each child received a plaque saying that they had graduated from Domino's Special School. There wasn't a dry eye in the place as each child proudly accepted their plaques. After the ceremony there was snacks and cake backed by Marie, who was also there and damn proud of each child.

When they had graduated they were all going to be going to Domino Elementary School and there the Principal Maximillion Pegasus was proud to have them attend this school. As they got older and had graduated from that school, many of them went on to High School and even onto College where they showed the world that even with a learning disability anything is possible.


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