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Epilogue: 5 Years Later

(POV: Kohana Aizawa)

My mommy and daddy brought me to this place again, they always brought me here often but I never knew why. Whenever we came here together they'd always act strange and quiet. Every time we came here we always came to the same weird shaped rock, the area was full of them, all lined up. I always thought this place was scary, but mommy and daddy holding both my hands made me feel safe. I never understood why we came here and I still don't…

"It's been 5 years now." Daddy said looking down at the same weird shaped rock that we came too. "We both still miss you very much. We can't thank you enough for all you've done for us." When I heard daddy's voice it sounded like he was going to cry. But when I look up at him he is smiling with serenity on his face. It made me feel sad yet happy…

"You are truly a friend to us. Without you we wouldn't have our little Kohana…" I wondered what mommy was talking about. I thought that mommy and daddy made me, not some weird rock. I'm starting to get bored now and I want to go home. But mom and dad had a hold on me and made sure I wouldn't move. It wasn't like they were exactly forcing me too but I wanted to be with them in the end.

"Mommy, daddy, why are you talking to that rock?" I ask looking up at them. Mommy let go of my hand and daddy kneeled down to look at me at eye level. He lightly pet my head, moving my long orange bangs so he could look into my blue eyes.

"It isn't a rock Kohana. This is a tombstone, a really important one." Daddy points at the rock – I mean tombstone – and I notice that there is some strange writing on it. "This person was and still is our dearest friend." I could see that there was a name on it.

"…A… Amano Mishio?" I manage to read.

"That's good Kohana. That's her name… Mishio Amano." Mommy praised me. We stood there for so long that I felt I was just going to fall asleep standing up. I guess daddy saw this because he held me up onto his back into a piggyback. I rested my head on his soft back, it felt like a big fluffy pillow. Yes… I was going to fall asleep… my eyes… are getting… heavy…

"Come on, let's get you home. You got your first day of kindergarten tomorrow." I hear my daddy say before everything becomes silent and I drift off into a dream.


"Here Ko-chan, mommy made your bento for you!" Mommy happily handed me a small boxed lunch wrapped in a pink cloth with red hearts. Mommy looked really happy with the cute look I gave her. I was really happy that mommy made this for me, I loved her cooking. I don't know what daddy was talking about when he said that mommy was a terrible cook. I actually noticed while I was fixing my green dress that mommy is dressed in her yellow sundress. It made her look really pretty, I'm glad to have such a pretty mommy. Daddy looked pretty too in his black suit, it looked like he was going to a wedding.

But that wasn't exactly what was on my mind. I was actually thinking of how my first day of kindergarten would me. I wanted to go and play with other kids and have fun learning! I'm REALLY excited and I can hardly contain myself.

"Hurry hurry hurry! We'll be late!" I yell at my daddy and pulled on his pant leg.

"Okay okay, don't worry, we won't be late." Daddy patted my head lightly and looked at mommy. I didn't let go of his pant leg though, I just squeezed it tighter. "Do you think Ayu will mind if I brought something other than taiyaki?" I notice that he's holding a bag that smells like tofu.

"I don't think you'll have to worry about the taiyaki. Nayuki, Mai, Sayuri, Kaori, and Shiori, they'll probably bring taiyaki like always." Mommy shook her head. "I wonder why they think she eats nothing but taiyaki."

"I don't know why, but you're right. They DID bring nothing but taiyaki last time." Mommy and daddy were talking for sooo long and sooo much! I just want to go to school! I tugged harder at daddy's pant leg and got his attention again. "Oh sorry! Let's go!" Finally…

After daddy and mommy finally drove me to the kindergarten I felt so happy and excited about this. I saw so many kids dressed in so many different clothes, I knew they had to change because my daddy told me this school had uniforms. I sure hope they look good. Mommy and daddy held my hands as we walked up to the front gate where a pretty woman was greeting everyone as they passed by. I think she might be my sensei.

"Yuuichi-kun? Makato-san?" the woman said to my mommy and daddy. Her short brown hair blew in the wind and I could see her sparkling red eyes as she looked at my parents. All 3 of us walked up to her.

"Good to see you Ayu." Daddy said and handed her the tofu smelling bag.

"You're looking well Ayu." Mommy added in.

"Thank you. Sure is great too see you 2 again. And of course you Ko-chan, I haven't seen you since you were 3." She smiled down at me. For some reason I did feel like I've seen her before, but 2 years was a long time ago. I'm a lot older now and she just doesn't come in mind. But I couldn't help but smile at her as she made me feel happy just being with her. She looked back at my mom and dad. "The others should arrive shortly for our little reunion. Shall I show you around the kindergarten?"

"Yes please." Daddy said and the 3 of us followed Ayu-sensei into the building. We walked behind some loud children and I wanted to go with them, but mommy and daddy held my hands still, I didn't want to struggle with them so I just waited. "So how's it been working here Ayu?"

"It has it's ups and downs. But I really enjoy being around these children."

"I know how you feel?" Mommy looked down at me happily. I noticed that the children ran into a open room ahead of us. As we passed by we stopped in front of it. There were a lot of kids in there the same age as me. So many kids… there must be 30! They all looked like they were having fun though, playing with each other and their parents.

"Looks like this is your class Ko-chan. You can go and play in there until I come back from speaking to your mommy and daddy. Okay Ko-chan?"

"Mmph!" I nodded and ran into the room joyfully full of energy. There were so many things to do here, so many kids to play with. But… I felt afraid and nervous; I haven't been around so many people before. And most of these kids were acting rough with each other when I got up close. It didn't seem like anyone wanted to play with me either… no one even seemed to want to invite me to play.

That's when I saw her. A girl stood leaning against a wall all alone. She must've felt the same way I did; she sure did look like it too. I walked near her and she looked right at me with lavender coloured eyes. I came up and leaned right beside her on the wall. I couldn't really see her face because of her cardinal coloured hair. But she looked at me and moved away her bangs herself.

"Hi, my name is Kohana Aizawa." She was silent and blinked. "Do you want to play with me?" I held out my hand to her. She was nervous and slowly brought her hand to mine.


"What's your name?"


"Mishio?" I think that was the name on the tombstone…

"Mishio Amano…"

"Okay Mishio-chan! Let's play!" That name WAS the name on that tombstone, but that wasn't important to me. Right now I just wanted to be friends with this girl and hopefully she'd think of me as a friend.

And deep down in my heart… for some reason… I felt that my friendship with Mishio-chan… would last forever.

The End

Zero Eiyuu: Really hope you enjoyed this story and all. I really enjoyed writing it and it was truly fun. This is the way things should've been for Yuuichi and Makoto. If only I was part of KEY eh? Oh well.

Just to let you know the name 'Kohana' means Little Flower, or something like that, I dunno. I really tried to think of a good name for Makoto's and Yuuichi's daughter. Meh, I like the name, heck, I'd name my kid that if she was a girl! It's cute! Haha.

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