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Seeing Things




She had barely glanced up from her papers when the cup was thrust in front of her, grabbing it to stop it's forward motion, all over her papers.

"Thanks," she said quietly, putting it out of the way.

"What you doing?" He asked.

"Just going over these before the meeting," she muttered, "what do you want."

"Just a chat," he said jovially, sitting on the corner of her desk, with his coffee in hand.

"I'm busy," she scowled, noticing that he wasn't leaving, and clearly wasn't planning to.

"Geez Granger, take a break, they are allowed you know," he said, taking her quill, and placing it out of her reach.

"Yes I do know, but this is important," she said, opening her drawer, and grabbing a new one, which he promptly took as well.

"So is this," he leaned over, whispering, "Barbara the secretary, Paul from Accounts, lunch room."

"But he's married!" She gasped, leaning closer, but pulling herself back when she noticed.

"She's engaged," he said, sipping his drink. "Nastiness abounds, especially when his wife showed up, and then the fiancée arrived. Just as Boss man was ripping them new ones."

"How did I miss this?" She muttered to herself, it wasn't the first time something like this happened, and she hadn't been aware. Locked away in her office did get the work done, but she was forever behind on the office politics.

"Well Granger, if you pulled your head out of the books every now and then, I'm sure you'd see much more than that," he laughed.

She narrowed her eyes at him, "I see plenty Malfoy."

"Like what?" He asked slowly.

"Like... your tie, really Draco, you didn't pay for that did you? It's awful," she finished, leaning back in her chair.

"It's called fashion Granger," he scoffed, smoothing over the tie, "just because you remain in the dark doesn't mean we all ignore it."

"Are you finished?" She asked, "I'd love to get back to my papers if you don't mind."

"I'll go... if you say yes."

"Not again Draco, I'm not going," she sighed, "It's an excuse for everyone to get drunk, lose what little inhibitions they have, and then regret it all the next day. Work parties are not my idea of fun."

"But that's why they are fun," he laughed, "Where else do we get blackmail material?"

"Another reason not to go."

"Come on, I went to that wedding as your "date", do this and we are even."

Sitting back in her chair, she smelt something off, he was too eager to get her to go to this party. Why? There was only one way to find out, "Fine," she said defeatedly, "Then we are even!"

"Absolutely," he smiled widely at her, hoping off her desk, "Pick you up at seven then."

She nodded, and waved him out of the office.


Draco stopped just down the hall from her office.

"Finite Incantaneum," a voice muttered, leaving Blaise standing right in front of him.

"Told you she would say yes," he laughed, holding his hand out, "Pay up buddy."

"Later," Blaise grumbled, "Doesn't mean she fancies you."

"Care to make another wager on that one?" He smirked, "Fifty galleons say she does."

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