Believing Things


For most of the time he blended into the background, and he liked that. All through Hogwarts he'd been another face in the crowd, most people probably wouldn't have noticed him at all. He had just been another Slytherin, he barely rated a mention. It was much the same now to an extent, Draco took all the attention, he loved it, and it suited him just fine.

Right now, there was some of the girls from the office, sitting right near him in the cafeteria. He might as well not have been there.

"There is definitely something there."

"I don't know, all I see with them is them bickering."

"It's only tension of the sexual variety, can't you see they've resolved it?"

"Do you think they have? They seem to be fighting less these days."

"And it's different, there's no viciousness, there's a spark, but it's not what it was."

"Maybe," she said, getting up. "I'll just have to see it to believe it."

Me too, Blaise thought to himself as they left.


Blaise then joined the rest of his workmates in their new favourite sport, watching Draco and Hermione. Whenever they were together they did behave differently, but it was only a small difference. The main sign was that they smiled a little more, it was more noticeable with Draco, he did keep it to a minimum, but he was definitely happier.

They didn't try and be alone at work either, if they were in the room alone together, the door was always wide open, and they weren't anywhere near each other. That in itself made him wonder, Draco had always been someone who liked being close to people, he was always standing right near you when he spoke to you. It didn't matter if you were friend or foe, he liked being close, and to not be like that with Hermione was rather odd.

He wasn't sure if it was him being careful, any closer and he'd touch her, or maybe he just didn't want to be near her. Blaise was leaning towards the first option.


Everything he saw made him almost believe it, everything pointed to it. He just needed proof, something that couldn't be explained away. So he became sneakier, if they were going to be somewhere, he got there first, and hid. He was behind large pot plants, behind doors, he'd almost gone under a table one day. It was all for naught though. If they did come in together, they gave nothing away.

After nearly a week, he was just about to give up and admit defeat. If they were together, they were. If they weren't, they weren't. He was done trying to figure them out, they were better at hiding it than he was at discovering it.

Maybe he should have given up sooner. He'd been nearly down to the exit of the Ministry, when he realised he'd forgotten the report he had to go over. When he returned to the office, he saw a light being turned out, with one remaining. He walked closer to it, and saw it being turned off as well. It was Hermione exiting her office. In the dim light, he saw Draco walk over, and take her bag from her. With his arm around her, they walked together to the elevator, as the door shut in front of them, he got his proof.

One small kiss, not flashy, not over the top, just one simple kiss between the two of them.


The next morning he was brushing his teeth, when he heard the tapping on the window. Spitting in the sink, he went and let the owl in. Draco's owl.

You owe me.

The bastard was right.


The End.