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It's already past nine in the morning when Roy entered the office and surprised that paperwork were nowhere to be found around his desk. He didn't find his lieutenant either. 'Where's my very beautiful subordinate?' He thought. He curiously asked his other subordinates where Riza was.

"Does anyone of you know where the lieutenant is?" He questioned his subordinates as he sat on his chair. Everyone looked at each other, then to him.

"I haven't seen her since I entered the office." Fuery replied first.

"Me, too." Everyone remarked.

"Maybe she's late." Havoc said.

After a few minutes, Riza arrived at the office. Everyone stared at her.

"You're late." Roy murmured.

'You're late, too.' Everyone, except Riza, had the same thought.

"I'm very sorry for being late, sir." She apologized as she sat on her desk and put her things down. Everyone wondered why the lieutenant was late, but nobody dared to ask.

The rest of the hours were spent on paperwork until they realized it was already lunch break. Riza and Maria went together to eat. It was Riza who started the conversation.

"Uhm, Maria, how long have you been keeping your hair short?" Riza asked.

"I think since I graduated from the Military Academy. Why?" Maria replied with a question.

"You know, I'm planning to cut my hair exactly just like that." She answered which made a big impact to Maria and to the other soldiers who heard her shocking statement.

"What?! You want that beautiful long blonde hair to be cut?!" Everybody yelled to her in unison. She was surprised that everyone heard her though her voice wasn't that loud.

"Please lieutenant, allow your hair to grow longer!" A soldier pleaded.

"Lieutenant, please don't cut your hair!" Another soldier said.

"Please lieutenant... We don't want the most beautiful girl to have a short hair!" Another soldier begged.

"The lieutenant having a shorter hair?! I can't imagine that! NOOOOOOO!!!" Another officer cried as he crazily ran away.

Recovering from her shock, she stood and fired a warning shot that made all the boys dumbfounded.

"Silence!" She angrily shouted. "Will you guys mind your own businesses?! My hair has nothing to do with your lives!"

"But lieutenant-" Fuery started but was cut off by Riza.

"I said silence! Pretend you didn't hear anything from me!" She commanded. Everyone continued eating their lunch with fear of being shot.

"So... going back to the topic." She started again. "I really want this hair to be cut off." Everyone glanced at her again but instantly looked away and continued eating when they realized the gun was still on her hand. "Do you know any hair cutter here at Central?" Riza asked.

"Well, I do know someone from a salon. But are you really sure about this?" She asked. Riza then nodded without hesitation. "But why?" Maria asked.

"Well, I always spend a lot of time just to fix this damn hair. I waste almost 15 minutes everyday just to comb it. And just this morning, I was late because my favorite clip cannot hold it up anymore, so I dispersed my time looking for a better hair clip." Riza explained before finishing her meal. "Besides, having a shorter hair makes my head feel lighter." She added.

Maria sighed. "Okay. I'll tell him to get you a good hair cut."

Maes went in the office first after lunch break. As usual, he found his superior signing those papers that were due on that day.

"You heard the news?" Maes asked.

"What news?" Roy asked, bewildered as he stopped signing the papers.

"Riza's going to have her old hair length soon." Maes blunted which made Roy fell from his chair.

"What?! You mean like that hair length when we were in Isbhal? No way!" He objected as he stood from the floor.

"Everyone's talking about that. She said it was a big burden to her." He clarified.

"I won't let that to happen." Roy murmured as he continued signing his papers.


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