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Riza was still gasping when Winry and Roy came over to her. "Thank you very much, Winry. If it wasn't for you, I must be dead right now."

"It's nothing, lieutenant. Ed told me that you want that hair of yours to be cut so I immediately searched for you." Winry explained. "I don't want your hair to be cut because we have something in common, you know." She said as her hand tossed her bangs.

"Still want to get rid of that hair?" Roy teased.

"Colonel, I apologize for disobeying your command. I should have listened to you." Riza said with a saddened face.

"No need to apologize, lieutenant. After all, you're safe now." He calmly said.

"Thank you, colonel." She slightly bowed her head so that he wouldn't notice her eyes that were suddenly filled with tears.

Fortunately, he noticed those tears. He smiled and slowly pulled her into a warm embrace. Luckily, she didn't refuse. They caught everyone's attention, but they didn't care.

"I'm very glad you're safe." He whispered as he gently caressed her hair. "You know you're a treasure, you and your beautiful hair."

"Why?" She asked as she sobbed.

"When was the last time you had that hair cut that you desired?" He purposely asked.

"I-Ishbal..." She whispered as she continued to cry.

"You don't want to bring back those memories, do you?" He wiped her tears with his hands. "Don't cry now. Everything's okay. You're safe. And I have something for you." He pulled away from her embrace and pulled a velvet box from his pocket. He opened it and showed her a very beautiful, luxurious diamond ring he bought from a jewelry shop earlier.

"I love you. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Riza, will you marry me?" He nervously asked.

She was shocked, but she instantly smiled and hugged him. "Of course I will. And I love you, too." She lightly pressed her lips on his. They both broke away from the embrace and Roy placed the ring on Riza's finger.

The next day Roy picked her up from her house and they walked to the office together. Surprisingly, Riza didn't wear any hair clip or any hair accessory. Her beautiful, long, blonde hair was fully exposed to the crowd, but she didn't feel embarrassed. They entered the office and everyone's there.

"Good morning!" Maes happily greeted while cleaning his small knives... knives...?

'Knives?' They both thought and ran away. They still haven't recovered yet from the traumatic experience yesterday.

"What's wrong with that couple?" Maes curiously asked. Everyone was looking at him, raising their eyebrows.

"That was close." Riza said as they both stood on the corridor.

"You're afraid of the knives, too?" Roy asked. Riza nodded.

Roy then noticed that they were alone in the corridor. "Riza, there's no one here but us." He said as he moved closer to her face. He was just inches away when...

"Good morning to both of you!" The Fuhrer greeted them. "Oh, did I disturb you?" He smiled.

They both saluted. "Good morning, your Excellency."

'I was so close but you are such an annoyance, Bradley.' Roy thought.

"Oh, by the way, because we're celebrating the abolishment of Fraternization law, the canteen will serve us steaks for lunch! Isn't that great, a soft meat for lunch that you can easily CUT because of its tenderness." Bradley delightfully said.

The word "cut" echoed in their minds and they swiftly ran outside the building.

"I think we should just eat our lunch outside." Roy said. "It's my treat."

"How about our dinner?" Riza asked.

"In a luxurious restaurant, if you wish." Roy assured. Riza smiled and kissed him on his cheek.


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