Author: Mirrordance

Title: For Every Evil 2

Summary: For every evil that rises, we are given ways to fight it. Legolas and his reclaimed, resurrected friends come together yet again to fight an all too-modern foe: bioterrorism.

Warnings: Before reading, please be note that-

(1) This installment of For Every Evil will be unabashedly, no-holds-barred modern. Yes, there will be expletives, but no more than what you'd hear on a regular basis in life. Yes, there will be just a huge amount of technological references and a lot of Starbucks jokes. I really hope I won't be getting any flames from anyone looking for a more canonical take on the story, because that was what FEE1 was for. The tone and objective of FEE2 is drastically different. I'd cite my afterword at the end of FEE 1 to illustrate the difference and the reasons why:

"Anyway, FOR EVERY EVIL 2, presently untitled, is going to be drastically modern. I look to For Every Evil 1 as a bit of a transition from the original LOTR to the modern AU. It's style, the parallelisms and themes, were all geared toward helping the reader make a comfortable shift from seeing beloved characters in older times to seeing them in modern day. Once that is established, I feel more comfortable going into second gear—a really modern piece with really modern themes."

Similarly, the tone and objective of FEE3 will be different from FEE1 and FEE2. The readers who know me best know that I have a thing for circular structures that will demand a 'return' to the beginning. The first LOTR trilogy I made featured this, and undoubtedly (as I am currently working on FEE3) this trilogy will have that same trait. But that note is going to be more important at a later time :)

(2) This installment of FEE will feature as its main characters: Legolas, Aragorn, Gimli, Haldir, Boromir, Elladan and Elrohir only. To all the hobbit fans, and those who were counting on Faramir, Eowyn and Eomer, I must apologize. The story just moved away from them. As I said before in my FEE1 notes, traditionally we expect many characters to be present, but I have to be economical:

"...the story is complex enough, without me having to 'force' characters into a fic just because I feel 'they have to be there' when I cannot yet think of a real purpose for them. As I said, if there's a gun in the first scene, there's a body in the next. Everyone has to have a place."

So, there. These are warnings I felt I had to make from the very start. I know some will be reading FEE2 to, say, look for the happy hobbit gang, and I'd hate to disappoint them if they found none. I sincerely hope that many will keep reading for the sake of the story, although I also understand the risks of losing part of my audience. Personally, I'm a character-driven reader and when I don't see who I like, I shy away from a story, which is why I just thought you should know, to avoid grief, haha:)

So, without further ado... For Every Evil 2 (that is, after the FEE1 recap!) :)

0: Where We Stand

A Brief Summary of For Every Evil 1

It was late in 2003 of the modern age when Elladan--the reputedly more level-headed son of Imladris-- lost his mind and heart for socialite Anatalia Craxi. Anatalia, an heiress to a multi-billion dollar media company, unearthed photographs of various incarnations of Legolas Greenleaf spanning from 1585 to 1940. Intrigued, she set out to investigate further so that she could write and publish a book about him.

In the meantime, the elf in question was living a fairly normal life in Los Angeles, California. Legolas Greenleaf was now known as Detective Leland Greene of the LAPD—skilled, intelligent, amicable bachelor with his modest salary a stark contrast to his affluent, indulgent, secret, elven lifestyle.

Elrohir and Elladan tracked Legolas down, and the three old friends reunited after centuries apart. Immortal elves in this time of quiet wistfully remembered past friends and past events, and what they've done in all their years of living amidst the changes of the world. For one thing, Legolas had acquired a taste for Starbucks. Elladan was in love with a divorcee. And Elrohir had cable TV installed in fair Imladris.

Things got complicated when they started running into present incarnations of old friends: Gandalf was an enigmatic street prophet, Aragorn shared the face and spirit of Adrian Aarons, a doctor in Los Angeles. Haldir, Gimli, Boromir, Faramir, Eowyn, Eomer, Frodo, Sam, Merry and the irrepressible Mr. Took also made returns.

However, as surely as old friends were reclaimed, old enemies were rediscovered also. Grima Wormtongue, in a desperate mission to save his future from repeating his pathetic past, became the ultimate, mad villain on a quest for power and control, unwilling to be anyone's servant any more. He searched frantically for the Ring of Power, firmly believing that if all the old heroes were back, there must be a Ring or some incarnation of it in the present also.

The tale took our heroes from America to Austria to England and Italy, finally coming to a rest after a wild encounter in Turkey and the Black Sea, and the realization that though the Ring of Power didn't exist in the twenty-first century, second chances at another kind of life certainly did.

Emerging weary but victorious, the New Fellowship set out to face their next big adventure: more of the future.

Legolas Greenleaf, in the guise of Leland Greene, returned to California to face the ire of his boss the station Captain, and the boundless curiosity of his partner Rafe Montes.

Aragorn continued the life of loveless Adrian Aarons as a doctor in L.A.

Gimli the ex-dwarf (a.k.a. Jimmy Goran, six plus plus feet tall, professional hacker) joined Haldir the ex-elf, as the rawest recruit of the International Criminal Police Organization.

Elladan, having already lost his heart to Anatalia Craxi, was also set to lose his ages-long bachelorhood and a fair share his sanity as she, along with her mother Giovanna, her irate father Marcelo, and their effeminate wedding planner take over his life.

Speaking of weddings, Fred/Faramir is honeymooning across Europe with his destined wife Eunice/Eowyn. His brother Brad Greer, having survived Boromir of Gondor's written fate of dying as a hero in the prime of his life, took up a new career with the Centers for Disease Control. It is through his eyes that their new adventure begins, out in the dry, dusted, intoxicatingly exotic streets of Eastern Africa.