Day 249

Found some old carapace armour for the priest. Priestess. Whatever.

Got sent to go and paint the dreads. We are taking Dread Waylum, Dread Jarq and Dread Oothgad.

Stuck an 'I love chaos' sticker on the Priestess's back. She looked a bit annoyed when she found out.

Got told off by the captain.

Day 250

Been informed that we will be boarding the ship in two-ish days.

Went down to the marksmans range to practice with the sniper rifle.

Got told that I am pretty much perfect with that weapon now and that I should use a different weapon for a while.

Tried the Astarte signature weapon. The Bolter. Far be it to question our noble fore father's choice of weapons but the Bolter is a great big heap of ass and recoil.

I hate Bolters. They are noisy, inaccurate, and loud and they smell wrong. There is a quiet dignity in the sniper rifle. But I will say this for the bolter; it is a massive improvement on the plasma rifle. At least bolters don't blow up when you are holding them.

Day 251

Not a good start to the day. I got out of bed and missed the floor.

Actually getting better with the bolter. Still do not like it.

Went to dinner. It was Liver and Onions. Some one had replaced the salt with arsenic again.

Decided to go into the library. Found a book on the forge world we will be visiting. Its called Uthkog. It says that the air is un-breathable; the planet was never terra-formed. Main exports: pre-fab ship parts for the most part.

Found a picture. Sort of a grey ball of rock with brown clouds.

Day 252

Captain Tudno of the 7th beat twelve colours of crap out of Brother Gordan this morning for asking the priestess if he could 'donate some of his own gene-seed'.

Went to see the Dreads. They are all playing cards. Strappel has had his arm repainted and he is looking shifty and slightly guilty. Quite an achievement considering he has no face.

They are all playing cards and reciting tales of past victories against the Greenskins.

Playing a very hard game of 'threes and fours'.

I won two games in a row. Damn I'm good today.

Day 253

Had a hearty breakfast of Black Soup (pigs blood and vinegar).

Ship arrived. The Sharp Blade is in the Lokien Space Docks having maintenance and repairs done. The ship we are getting a ride on is what looks very much like a Luna class cruiser. You hardly see these any more. Most of them have been converted into Armogeddon class cruisers. It is painted red and has a cog stamped on it and some weird mechanicus writing.

Asked Cog-Brother Kwith what the writing said. It's the ships name. We are flying in a ship called 'Sack of Hammers'.

You can always tell a cog-head ship. The food is always syntho-food. Not touching it.

Told that we will be arriving at Uthkog in about three days warp permitting.

Day 254

Dread Waylum was smart enough to bring a scrabble board. Decided to join in with their game of scrabble. They were happy to let me. You need four for a decent game of scrabble.

Got into an argument about weather planet names should count. Decided against it. There is a world somewhere called anything. I once found one on a star map called 'Another Bloody Rock'

Decided not to allow deamon names after Oothgad summoned the Deamon Prince Xevkazyk by accident. He materialized on top of the scrabble board. Thankfully for us he materialized in a room with three Dreads all armed with Las-Cannons. Quickest banishment ever.

Day 255

Decided to do nothing with the rest of my brothers. It was fun for a while but we decided to stop. We have a lot of time to kill and we do not want to use up all the fun in nothing all at once.

Sarge told us that just before we left we received word that two companies of the Knights Sanguine will be helping. If we had known that before I got on the ship I may have considered camping out in the forest until the ship had left. Those people are freaky.

Found the ship library. It's entirely full of user manuals.

Tried some of the syntho-food. It has validated my inherent mistrust and hatred of it.

Day 256

Went back to the Dreads. Playing cards.

Dreads have moved on to Chaos Worshiper jokes now:

What does a Chaos Worshiper have in common with a slinky?
They are both fun to watch after you push them down the stairs.

How many Chaos Worshipers does it take to conquer Terra?

It is hard to say because despite 13 attempts they have yet to manage it.

How many gears does a Chaos Worshipers Baneblade have?

2. Stop and reverse.

What is the first thing you learn upon joining the Bloodpact army?

How to say 'I Surrender' in High Gothic.

What is the difference between a piece of toast and a Chaos Worshiper?

You can make soldiers out of the piece of toast.

How do you get a Chaos Worshiper to get down from a tree?

Cut the rope.

Discovered that the dreads all have the ultimate poker face. Going to find something else to do.

Went to the kitchens/mess hall. Brother Jared has got an assortment of different sized pans on the table in front of him and is holding a couple of wooden spoons and looking speculatively at the pans.

After a few false starts he managed to play 'The Bells of St Gorge' perfectly.

Day 257

As always the navigator has erred on the optimistic side. It's going to be, hopefully, another day before we arrive.

Went down to the vehicle storage bay and wrote on the front of all the APC's '!srennis ey ,tnepeR'

Started singing the 'Speckled Frog' song in the kitchens/mess hall with the rest of my squad. Much to the surprise of the priestess.

Brother Keeren of the 1st got punished for getting smashed out of his head on anti-freeze. As punishment he had to listen to the priestess recite the Litany of Tedium.

Day 258

Spent morning tying bootlaces together.

No one found out it was me. Damn I'm good.

Jumped back to Real Space.

There are no orky ships in the area. They came on a hulk. They left the hulk. The hulk left them.

There are a lot of orks on the surface. And I have seen ork WAAAGH!!s before and even by those standards this one seems a bit excessive.

Started to shuttle down in the Stormbirds. Yes we, possibly unique in the Chapters, still have Stormbirds. We never throw anything away that is useful. No even if it predates the Istavaan Dropsite Massacre.

Day 259

It's bloody awful down here. Even we, with our three lungs, can barely breath this smog soup. Never taking the osmotic gill off.

Priestess has gone a funny pale colour from the smell. She has a full gas mask built into the carapace armour so she should be fine.

Going to see the Big Cog Head or what ever title it is forge worlders give their leaders.

The Priestess has been annoying Captain Zakaris. Captain Zakaris got a clip athwart the ear from CM Frost for making the comment 'If I throw a stick, will you go away?' I think that CM Frost thinks that if we get a good report the Inquisition will quit bothering us quite so much.

The architecture is pretty much what you would expect form a forge world. Ugly.

Met the Big Cog Head (Lord Technis), got shown a big map with the positions of the major ork hordes, Skiterii legions, key facilities but not the locations of the Knights Sanguine.

If I remember the Knights Sanguine they make excessive use of tellepoters. They jump in, butcher and then jump out before the blood has finished dripping off the ceiling. Favoured weapon: Pre-heresy style power-claws.

Day 260

The Orks are getting too close to a big fusion generator. The second company has been told we must defend it. The other companies are going on other missions. The Stormbirds are going to give us a lift and are then going to be used to drop bombs on orks.

Hey, this is my lucky day. I just found a copy of the Index Astarte lodged behind my seat. It lists ever Chapter in the Imperium and gives a brief description of them.

I just found us. It does not say much. The words 'primitive philosophy', 'deviant', 'overly belligerent' and 'anti-authoritarian' appear with depressing frequency.

Someone has been ripping pages out of this book the entire 11th and 2nd chapters are missing.

Day 261

I have just discovered an interesting philosophical question; why do feet smell and noses run? I shall have to give this some thought.

We have arrived at the generator building. It's huge. And square. That's about all you can say for it really. Going to the roof and taking up position. So are the rest of the scout squads. The Cog Heads at least built this big grey brick defendable. The only way to get any sort of heavy force up to it is this extremely big, wide and exposed road.

Everyone else is taking up positions in the buildings next door or in some of the extremely high up windows of this building.

Day 262

No sign of Greenskins yet. Maybe they could not read the signs and got lost.

This is either them now or someone sneezed on my targeting scope.

They are still coming. I barely have to aim.

They look to have let Brother Victor out with the power claws again. He is easy to spot. He's the one in the middle of the ork horde running around and screaming.

Oh gods, they brought the Squigoths.

Day 263

Think that was all of them.

Only two real injuries to speak of; Brother Antony got a bolt to the gut and Brother Zander got his right leg ripped off by a "Killa Kan". He is having it re-attached as I write this.

Stormbirds came to pick us up.

We are now going to an ork horde that is on the march towards... something or other. I wasn't really listening.

For dinner was something out of a tube. It tasted unconvincingly of artificial beef.

I see what we are doing here. We are flying over them and jumping out of the plane and landing amongst them. Like a sedate Drop Pod insertion.

Not enough time to put Power Armour on. Thankfully. It makes my Black Carapace feel all funky, and not in a good way.

Day 264

Just had a power klaw dragged down my back. I am having stitches for it.

Brother Victor went missing in all the confusion and excitement. Hopefully we will find him before he damages anything expensive.

Getting back on the Stormbird and doing the exact same thing again.

Just about to jump out of the Stormbird and I have the tingly 'someone's screwing with the warp' feeling. Let us hope they have not got any Wyrd Boyz with them.

We were halfway through butchering the orks when the Knights Sanguine beamed down all armed with their favoured weapon. Apparently they took a swing at some of us by mistake. Sergeant-Major Wayzin got run through the chest with a sword (one sword was present in the entire battle and he gets stabbed with It by accident. what are the chances?) and is going to have to wait in the Stormbird until his first heart heals.

Captain Zakaris just took a swing at their captain and seriously dented his helmet.

They all beamed out.

Going back to headquarters for additional instructions.

Day 265

Decided to eat some of the synto-food. It's nice and minty.

Turns out I have just eaten three whole tubes of toothpaste.

Got back to headquarters. What looks like a high-ranking member of the Knights Sanguine is arguing with the Frosty Jack.

From what I can gather they are not happy that one of their captains is spitting his teeth out and we are not happy that one of our number had to have a bladed object pulled out of their chest.

Turns out after we are no longer needed here we are going to have to have a ceremonial duel.

Going to take out another horde on to the south. Water purification tanks need protecting.

Setting off in the Stormbird.

Day 266

Water purification tanks are in a massive building. Its huge and well built. As a result quite a lot of people are hiding in here.

This world is really doing my head in. My nose hates me. The entire planet reeks. Brother Bear, who has possibly the best sense of smell in the whole chapter, looks like he is about to either be sick or rip someone's head of.

The local Skiterii are manning the defences on the walls. Weapons are being handed out to the people. They are very accurate. Most of them have one cybernetic eye to show they are citizens of the machine god.

This must be one of those more puritan Forge Worlds. I have not seen a single servitor since we arrived.

The surrounding area must be deserted. Everyone is in here.

No sign of orks yet.

Day 267

The wind is bringing the scent of orks. It's not an improvement.

Can see them on the horizon.

Just got bombed. They built some aeroplanes. How the hell they fly at all is quite frankly beyond me. I have seen more aerodynamic potatoes. Even if they are painted red.

The skiterii with the big guns on the walls shot them down.

The horde is getting closer.

Just got close enough for me to pick off one of the big ones. That seems to work best with orks because then the other orks spend time having a fight over leadership.

They are still coming. From all sides. It's a green tide out there.

They acutely managed to hit the door with the artillery. It must have been luck because they are not acutely aiming.

There are orks flooding through the hole in the door into a courtyard full of civilians (everyone else is manning the walls). Brother Jared decided to show off his prowess with a bolter by jumping into the courtyard full of orks and panicking civilians, put the bolter on full automatic, hold down the trigger and score a kill shot with 80+ per cent of all the bolts. And not hit any of the humans, that's the important thing.

He nearly managed it. He hit what looked like a high-ranking Tech-priest in the right arm, severing it at the elbow. Thankfully it's a cybernetic so it's not that bad.

The sun is setting and still they come. Is this tide of horror never ending?

Thinning out now.

The stragglers are retreating.

Day 268

The company is being split in two. 50 of us stay with most of the skiterii and guard the water tanks. The other 50 go with a much smaller number of skiterii and escort the civilians to a more secure location.

Each sergeant is flipping a coin to see what their squad is doing.

Sarge got a tails. That means we are going for a walk with the locals.

And the planet still stinks. The stink is all pervading.

Set off. Being very aware of the potential for ambush. Last night we killed off all the stupid orks. The ones left now are the cunning ones.