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Trials of Error

Prologue: Tragedy

I remember that day as if it were yesterday…

A combined fleet from Tarak and Mejale, lead by the Nirvana, were undergoing an operation to end the Harvest by striking the enemy on their home front. I was a major proponent in carrying out this operation. What a damn fool I was. After months of searching, we didn't find the location of Earth, the origin of the Harvest, as we were cut off by a large fleet, much bigger than the last one we fought. That was the beginning of a tragic event that still haunts me today…

We gave as good as we got, with the battle raging on for the better part of three hours. When the odds were in our favor, the Earthers pulled a trick out of their bag. A very nasty trick, the bastards. It was this that turned our advantage into just the opposite. Out of nowhere, half of the fleet vanished in a conflagration of thermonuclear fire. This shocked us, allowing them to press their advantage, what ensued was a battle like no other. Getting over their losses, the Tarak and Mejalean fleets fought back with a ferocity that surpassed even the fleet from Melanos, the one that Seran was on. That gave us hope, although that didn't last long.

We fought them to a stalemate, with neither force gaining the upper hand for several minutes. I was instrumental in the countercharge, helping fight off the Vandread copies as well as several Nirvana-clones. We held them at bay for several minutes, until something happened that changed my life as well as a few others. It's kinda hard to explain, but the Paksis had some kind of reaction to a new weapon of theirs. Before we knew it, the Nirvana was being pulled into what could be called some kind of wormhole, along with all of its Dread pilots.

Due to our position, Meia and I were not pulled into the large expanse. As soon as the thing appeared, it vanished taking the Nirvana, and the entire crew with it. Dita, as well as Jura were dragged in as well. I'll never forget the agonizing screams of Dita as she called out my name as she desperately tried to fight herself free. It proved to be a useless effort, as since her craft was much smaller, as well as easier to suck in. I remember calling out to her, and attempted to try to get to her. Before I could do so, the wormhole collapsed, taking away most of the comrades and friends I came to know and respect. It took the person I loved.

After the Nirvana's disappearance, the Earth fleet also was gone, vanished from this section of space. It left us stunned and unable to comprehend what just happened. Until the grim reality us. They were gone, nowhere to be found. Not the entire crew from the Nirvana vanished, as we managed, with the help of the allied fleet, to locate a few Dread pilots who were wounded in the earlier stages of the battle. Among them was Barnette, who was disabled and knocked unconscious after a run-in with a Vandread Meia clone. The other pilots from the Nirvana all died from wounds a few hours later.

We were left to pick up the pieces, trying to figure out just what the hell happened. Many considered it a victory. Neither Meia nor I considered it that. After we managed to complete repairs and see to the survivors, we limped home. Even though we were severely mauled, what awaited us at home was a celebration, even though not one of us felt like doing any celebrating, now or ever. I was unable to get over the loss.

A few months later, we petitioned for a small fleet to search for the Nirvana and any survivors. That search went on for five months, and we were unable to locate even a trace. Then the order came, we were to come home, as the higher-ups considered the Nirvana 'lost', and its entire crew missing, presumed dead. We refused to believe it, even arguing for more time, but in the end we had to give up the search. Not long after, the nations of Tarak and Mejale formed an alliance, and we were to be part of it. That was three years ago…

We still believe that our friends and loved ones are out there, somewhere…


This is a relatively new idea for a story that I'm thinking of writing. Let me know what you think. If I get enough positive responses I'll continue the story. Oh, and I'm putting A Renewed War on temporary hold, so I can revise and/or rewrite a few chapters, as well as putting in more time for The Perfect Weapon.