A/N: Finally the insanity is over. I'm sure I could have stretched this out longer, but it was really taxing the edge of funny already. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 5

House was hidden behind the door of exam room one, crouching down as best as a man with a bum leg can. Jimmy was in the clinic growling at one of he nurses. Foreman, Chase and Cameron had scattered and hidden themselves in the clinic and lobby.

Suddenly, the clinic doors crashed open and the Chairman of the Board appeared. He was a very large, very bald, very mean looking black man. Jimmy watching him pass the nurse's station and head for exam room one. The Chairman entered the exam room and House quickly slammed the door closed. Rather stupidly, House had closed the door from the wrong side and was now trapped with the Chairman.

"Yikes!" House shouted. He wrenched the door open and rushed into the hall, where he collided with Foreman.

"Oh, no!" Foreman cried, falling to his knees. "My glasses!"

House, chased by the Chairman, hobbled as quickly as possible in and out of the different exam rooms, carefully avoiding Foreman, who was now searching the floor with his hands for his glasses.

When House opened the door to exam room four, he was greeted with the site of Chase and Cameron making out rather sweatily. Both House and the Chairman paused to watch for a minute before the feeling of eyes on them caused Chase and Cameron to stop. House looked disappointed, but as the Chairman shook his head to wipe out the images of the two doctors (as most Hameron shippers will be doing), House, Chase and Cameron bolted.

Meanwhile, Jimmy had finally gathered up the courage to peek out from beneath a potted plant when he was spotted by the cattiest of all the clinic nurses, Nurse Katie! Scrambling to get his legs underneath him, Jimmy took off running for the safety of the shadow of House's cane.

"Finally, my glasses," Foreman said, settling them on his nose just in time to see Jimmy hurtling toward him. "Jimmy, no!" Foreman shouted, but he was too late. Jimmy crashed into Foreman and the two tumbled down the hall. Chase and Cameron, crossing the hall, were caught up in the collision. When House saw the jumble of arms and legs in front of him, he stepped to the side and stuck out his cane. The Chairman lumbered down the hall and House hooked his leg with his cane. The Chairman collapsed into the pile, and in the confusion Jimmy ended up straddling the Chairman's chest.

The gang stood assembled in the lobby of the hospital, as the real members of the board instructed security to remove 'The Chairman' from the premises.

"Hold on a minute," House called out, stopping the security guards.

"Time to see who the real Chairman is," Chase said. "Dr. Cuddy!" he shouted triumphantly.

"Yes?" Dr. Cuddy said from behind Chase. Chase looked crestfallen, while Cameron shook her head.

"Like, geez Chase," House whined. House reached forward and pulled of the Chairman's mask to reveal …

"Evil Nurse Brenda!" the crowd gasped.

"Oh Brenda, but why?" Cuddy asked.

"I wanted to eliminate the younger, more attractive nurses (Jimmy cried) and schedule all my shifts to work with Dr. House (House retched)," Brenda wailed. "And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for …"

"You meddling docs," House finished for her. "Yeah, yeah, heard it. Who's hungry?"

And everybody laughed.

Closing theme song (Sing along, you know the tune!)

Jimmy, Jimmy-Doo

Where are you?

You've got some work to do now

Jimmy, Jimmy-Doo

I need some help from you now

Come on, Jimmy-Doo

I see you, pretending not to quiver

You're not fooling me,

I can see, you don't just care about my liver

You know I've got a mystery to solve

So Jimmy-Doo get ready to react, Don't hold back

And Jimmy-Doo if you come through

Maybe I won't steal your Jimmy-Snack

Jimmy, Jimmy-Doo

Here are you

You're ready and you're willin'

I can count on you, Jimmy-Doo, although I act the villain