Hi again, folks ;p It's been some time. This is just a little very short, one-shot about Zack and Maddie.

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In My Dreams

I used to watch her everyday.

She came here everyday and stood behind the counter in her blue uniform. She sold candy, and lit up the lobby with her beautiful smile.

She always sold us candy, too. When we came and asked for it, using Cody's money, she always gave us some, even though our mom had told us we needed to cut down. She just told us not to tell her, and pretended that she didn't know where we got the candy.

Maddie was responsible in every way, and our mom trusted her. She was like the daughter she never had, and I believed that one day, I'd make my mom really proud and happy, by marrying Maddie.

I knew Maddie was the right girl for me. She was beautiful. She had voice like no other girl I had ever dated, and her brown chocolate coloured eyes were always warm and full of love. Her hair framed her face in soft curls, unless when she straightened it, and whenever she laughed, I couldn't help but join her.

She was a straight A student, except for that time when she almost failed P.E. Luckily enough, London changed that (at least she was good for something, eh?) and Maddie passed. After that she had perfect grades, and it had been like that a long time now.

My mom always told me to give up on Maddie. She told me that three years difference was a lot, that it was too much. She said that Maddie wanted to date guys her own age, and I let her. Because even though I loved her with all my heart, I just wanted to see her happy.

Cody always made fun of me. Whenever I did something stupid to express my love for Maddie, he would always laugh and tell me how pathetic I was. But I wasn't pathetic. I was in love.

Maddie would always laugh it off, when I asked her out. She never really took me seriously. She would either tell me to call her in 10 years, or pad me awkwardly on the top of my head. But I understood her. I was just a stupid kid, with a stupid crush.

Sometimes though, Maddie would show affections towards me, so I knew she cared more than she let on in the everyday life. At her prom, when she told me I was very special to her, and danced with me, I knew we'd always have something special. It made me feel good, to dance with her, when she looked that beautiful, and I knew our dance meant a lot to her too.

I just knew it.

But of course, the next day, when she showed up at work again, in her blue uniform, and her hair down like always, she sold me a candy bar, and acted like nothing was going on.

And then was when I realized.

Nothing was going on between me and Maddie. She was the girl of my dreams, she always would be. Some guys dream of marrying famous singers or actresses, but I dreamt of marrying Maddie.

And she dreamt of marrying someone else.

So that was how it was. And that was how it turned out to be. My sweet thang should forever stay in my head, along with all the plans and dreams I had for our future together.

But maybe that's okay too.

Because in my dreams, anything can happen.

Okay, so I don't even know why I wrote this, I wanted it to be longer, but it somehow turned out to be impossible to write longer, so here it is. I don't like it very much, but I thought to myself, that I might as well post it, when I've spent some time writing it. Please do tell me what you think about it, in a review though. Hugs, Stessa x3