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1. I Shit You Not

The sun shined harshly on his face while he slept. He raised his hands above his eyes and turned to the other side of the bed. A second later, his alarm clock went off and all he could do was groan into his pillow. He lazily dragged himself out of his king sized bed and walked into his bathroom.

Thirty minutes and about forty something seconds later, he got out of shower, now vibrate with his watery jet black hair and his bright blue eyes any man would die for and any woman would love to be looked upon. His cloths had already been spread out for him by his butler, Fredrick. He turned on one of his rap music and started getting ready. He finally got himself dressed in a black polo that gave a teasing view on how toned his body was and it's collar popped up. His blue jean he wore hanged quite loose on his waist as its length fell gracefully on his trainers.

He came out of his room with his police sun-glasses on his head while he giggled his keys in his right hand. Breakfast was already served but he didn't stay too long because he grabbed a toast from the plate and a few instruction with Fredrick before leaving his pent house. He gave Billy the door man that looked a little younger than him, a fifty dollar bill like he always did every morning. His custom made Zagato was pulled up in front of him, he gave the boy that drove the car another fifty dollar bill with a smirk as always, got into his car and drove off.

In about fifteen minutes, he got to his destination and his car was taken away to be parked at his usual spot. He walked into the 'Greg and Thompson Agency' the way he always did…with an unperturbed confidence and charm. When he got to an office, he didn't wait like the others that were sitting around. He took off his glasses, winked at the secretary, who seductively winked back without a pause and let himself into the main office.

"Nate! It's a pleasure to grace us with your presence!" A good looking man with dirty blond hair and green eyes around his age said while stretching out behind his desk.

"Nice to see you too Marc," Nathan replied sarcastically as he made himself comfortable on one of the sofas. "I got your message…what can I do you for?"

"Dude that is not the way to speak with your publicist," he replied and watched Nathan roll his eyes at him. "Okay it's about the assignment I gave you,"

Nathan raised an eye brow with an amusement ached all over his face. "You have got to be shitting me,"

"I shit you not, my friend,"

"Dude I'm not in high school or college anymore! I told you…I don't need a personal assistant. Fredrick is enough as it is,"

"Nathan, Fredrick is your butler and not your personal assistant!" Marc said seriously. "A personal assistant is one that reminds you of your messed up schedules when you are too hanged over to remember…" Nathan opened his mouth to say something but Marc carried on like he wasn't doing anything. "He is someone that remembers phone numbers you don't need but you are going to want sometime in the future…he is the one…"

"Why on earth would you think I need a 'he' as a personal assistant?" Nathan asked all of a sudden with an annoyance in the tone of his voice.

Marc sighed airily. "Nathan with all due respect…I think we can all come to a conclusion that states that 'Nathan Scott is a Professional Man-Whore'"


"If it makes you feel better, it's not a bad thing…I'm one myself but let's keep that between us," Nathan rolled his eyes with his infamous smirk. "We can't risk giving you a female personal assistant…it's like keeping a sheep in a lion's cage with the Lion always hungry…if you know what I mean,"

"Listen I told you I can handle my schedules…"

"No you can't and you and I know that," Marc said that meant the there were no more room for any argument. "The interview will start tomorrow and you better bring your multi-million dollar ass in here before 10…and I mean in the morning not late,"

Nathan put his glasses back on and got up. "Yes Mr Riley," he said deadpanned before leaving the office.

And that was Nathan Scott, Basketball extraordinaire, five times MVP to the NBA, three time Player of the Year Award Winner of the WSA World Sport Award, Sport illustrated called him Sports man of the year, he won an award at the ESPN's ESPY Awards for Best Male Athlete and had anything he wanted with a single snap of a finger. He was also famous for his partying and womanizing ways which he wasn't too keen on changing anytime soon. His half- brother Lucas Scott was also famous but not with the help of sports, rather he became famous with his literary gift with over ten best-seller books and novels. That was all people saw on the outside

But never got to see the inside of Nathan and Lucas Scott, the twenty-seven year olds and he loved it that way. There were so many things he wouldn't and couldn't let people know about him and his family. The only people he confided in were Lucas and his mother, Deb Scott. He barely spoke to his father, Dan Scott, who made his and Lucas's life a living hell until he got drafted to the NBA and Lucas got his first Best-Seller. Life had been good since then or that's what he tries to tell himself but he would never let anyone know that.

He was happy…he had to be happy or else everything he had worked for would be in vain. He knew what he suffered to prove himself to his father that he could make it without his brutal help that caused pain. He has to be happy for his mother because he knew what she went through being with the man she calls her husband. He had to be happy for Lucas.

These were the reason he didn't need a personal assistant. He didn't need anyone that close to him and that was what Marc was trying to do. Fredrick had been with him for three years and just knew a little about the man he worked for. He knew he had a hectic schedule and he knew it was hard to keep up but it was even harder to let people in. he had done everything on his own and of course with the help from his family that consisted of Lucas, Deb, Karen Roe, who happened to be Lucas's mother and his Uncle Keith, the Scott that was disowned because he was stereotyped as a failure and he didn't give a shit. He loved them and would do anything for them.

But now he didn't have a choice. Tomorrow he was going pick an assistant…no…a personal assistant with Marc and pray that it wouldn't turn out to be a disaster.