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51. …Just You and Me (Epilogue)

Haley James-Scott could feel the sun wink through the crack from the window curtain and knew it was already six am. She didn't need the alarm clock to wake because it was Saturday and she was sleeping in. Those thoughts send pure pleasure through her body, so she smiled into her pillow and sunk further into the bed, drawing the duvet with her.

She and the girls have been working so hard to ensure the new jewellery brand from the fashion line goes off without a hitch. Meaning, she had not had a decent sleep in months. She had spent three weekends working like no man's business and Nathan had been away for just as long. She missed him but this was fine; finally being able to sleep through the morning without any interruptions. She didn't get too far into her dreams though, due to the whispers coming outside her bedroom door but she refused to open her eyes.

The whispers were getting closer and very hard to ignore. She heard a giggle when she groaned and felt someone climb atop her bed. She bid her time and when she knew it was time to strike, she did. She wiped the duvet aside and grabbed the intruder before an escape was possible. The intruder yelped and giggled as Haley tickled her victim.


Haley paused to see a pair of excited brown eyes staring up at her and she couldn't help herself from smiling.

"Lydia Bob Scott," Haley drawled and her four year old daughter giggled excitedly. Haley watched as Lydia tried to wriggle herself free from her hold. "What did mummy say about sneaking into her room, hum?"

Haley felt her heart skip a beat when Lydia smirked. It reminded her so much of Nathan. "I forgot," Lydia said.

Haley gasped. "You what?!" Haley tickled her again, sending both of them into fits of giggles. "Surrender!" She ordered.

The problem was, Lydia was a James and a Scott, which only went on to imply that having a stubborn streak was inevitable. So Lydia yelled, "Never!" and wiggled herself free from Haley grasped.

They wrestled for a good five minutes before Haley conceded defeat and watched her daughter jump up and down in excitement for her victory. She stopped abruptly when Haley made to leave her bed.

"Mummy…NO!" Lydia said as she tugged on Haley's arm, causing her to flop back on the bed. Haley saw the mischievous look on her daughter's face. The one that always told her Lydia had done something.

Haley arched an eyebrow. "Lydia…what did you do?"

She squeaked and waved her arms. "Nothing!" She raised her two fingers. "Scouts honour…" Then she made her puppy eyes that always turned Haley to mush. "I just want to spend more time with you, Mum…you're always busy,"

Haley felt a wave of guilt go through her entire body. "Oh Sweetie…" She brushed her hand gently on Lydia's cheek and then tucked a strand of sandy-blond hair behind her daughter's ear. "I'm sorry about that. But I meant what I said…we'll have absolute fun today. I just want to go use the bathroom…" She watched as Lydia gave out a huge sigh that seemed like relief and paused. She saw the look on Lydia face again and knew that her child was up to something. "…I should probably go down to the kitchen first…"

"…NO!" Lydia yelped and ran to the bedroom door. She locked the door with the key and then barricaded it with her tiny body, and both arms spread at each side. "You can't go to the kitchen,"

Haley was entirely speechless by the whole situation because Lydia looked serious. She brushed her fingers through her hair and she looked at Lydia with amusement. "…and why shouldn't I go to the kitchen?"

Lydia frowned. "…I can't tell you that. It's a surprise," Then she gasped and slapped her hand over her mouth.

"What surprise?"

Lydia shook her head, looking very disappointed with herself. "I've said too much already," She said.

"Did your brother put you up to this?" Haley saw surprise flicker through her daughter's eyes. "Lydia, you had better tell what you and Jaime are up to, right now!"

"It's nothing serious," Lydia said, looking like she was close to her breaking point. "It's a surprise for your birthday," She gasped again.

Haley was wide eyed. "My birthday?"

Lydia slumped on the door with her head down. "It was supposed to be a surprise and I ruined it,"

They heard a knock on the other side of the door and they both shook. Haley watched as Lydia unlocked the door and pulled it open. Haley couldn't get a clear view of who was on the other side but she heard Lydia tell someone in a deadpan tone "She knows,"


The door was pushed open and Haley felt her heart beat a million times faster. Jamie, still dressed in his pyjamas, was carrying a tray full of everything she loved for breakfast; mac and cheese with a glass of Mango juice. Her eyes brimmed with tears when she saw Nathan was also there, standing behind Jaime. They were a picture; Nathan with his head full of jet black hair, Jaime with his sandy-blond hair, both with matching cobalt blue eyes.

"I told you to do one simple thing and you ruined it," Jamie whispered furiously with a glare at Lydia.

She glared right back. "I didn't stand a chance! I tried my best!" She turned around to Haley. "Tell him Mum…Tell him!"

Haley smiled widely at the three of them at the door. "She really did try, Jamie,"

Jamie walked carefully to the bed with the tray while Nathan and Lydia, who was now in his arms, followed behind.

He placed the tray on the bed and grinned. "Happy Birthday, Ma…"

"Happy Birthday, Mum!"

"Happy Birthday, Hales,"

Her throat was already clogged up with tears. "Oh come here you two!" She spread her arms wide and Jamie and Lydia rushed into them. She was so overwhelmed by it all, that, she held on to them for just a little longer. She looked up at Nathan, who mouthed 'I love you' to her and made her realise she would never stop being in love with him.

"Happy Birthday, Haley," Haley looked away from Nathan to see Diana at the door with Freddy.

She chuckled as she pulled away from the kids. "I can't believe I forgot,"

"Happy Birthday, Haley…" They both said.

"Thank you…" She was so touched by the gesture that her eyes brimmed with tears again. "I can't believe I forgot,"

"You've been working too hard," Nathan said as he sat on the bed. He smirked with a smug look on his face. "What would you ever do without me?"

Haley rolled her eyes at him with a smile. It's been fourteen years and he hadn't changed at all.

Lydia tugged on his shirt. "I did something too, Daddy…"

"…you did something alright," Jaime sneered. "You screwed up!"

"I did not!" Lydia all but yelped.

"Okay!" Nathan said loudly with a clap. He turned to his children. "You guys will go down with Freddy and Diana, okay?"

Lydia pouted. "…but I want to stay with Mum,"

Nathan pouted back at his daughter. "Me too. Now shuuu…"

"Dad…come-on!" Jamie whined as Nathan pushed them gently through the door. He saw the look Diana and Freddy were giving him. It was one of disappointment, and so it was a good thing he didn't care. He shut the door and turned around to see the amused look on his wife's face.

She shook her head. "You're incorrigible," she carried the tray from the bed and placed it on the table by the window.

He took off his shoes and said to her, "Get back in the bed,"

"My…my Mr Scott," Haley said in a southern drawl. "Aren't we subtle?"

He just grinned and pulled his shirt over his head. He had never been happier to be home with his family, since being away for over thirty days. He had missed out on so much and he was grateful that his retirement was in a few months' time but for now, he'd just get into bed with his wife and savour the moment.

So he kicked his pants to the side and was now completely left with nothing but his black boxers. They looked at each other and were all giddy with excitement.

"How long do you think we have?" Nathan asked as he walked to the bed and flipped the duvet over.

She shrugged. "Ten to twenty…tops,"

"…get in!"

She did. She went right under the covers with him and almost exploded from the joy of it all. They had been apart for over a month, and he was here…really here. They lay side by side, facing each other… just an inch part, their noses almost touching and it was absolute bliss.

She ran her fingers through his face, like she was trying to familiarize herself with how it felt to touch him. There wasn't any need though, because she knew, before she brushed the back of her hands gently through his cheek, his blue eyes would twitch; something she found adorable. Or when she trailed her fingers softly along his lip, his warm body would shudder with want.

Nathan moved to bite her finger but she was quicker than he expected. He stifled her giggles with a kiss that soon turned so sensuous…leaving them completely them breathless.

Still facing each other, he whispered softly, "I have to make something clear," His lips brushing hers ever so lightly. "I will most certainly have my way with you,"

She chuckled softly. "…like minds," she brushed her nose softly against his. "I was just thinking the same thing,"

They kissed lightly…

"…but this feels so much better," He kissed her softly again. Then he pulled her closer and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. As he stared at her for what felt like hours, he felt something as soft as silk grasp his heart.

He remembered fourteen years ago when he first saw her in Marc's office. Did fate know he'd be here with her…like this? He could not imagine a second without her. It was unthinkable…simply impossible. The day they got married was one of the happiest days of his life and then two years later they had Jaime. He couldn't even remember what his life had been like before he met her.

"I love you, Haley James," He whispered. He wanted to say more but it was too much, he was all chocked up with so much emotion, his throat clogged up with tears. So instead he took a deep breath and said, "I love you…so much,"

Haley felt her unshed tears burn her eyes as she brushed her hand gentle through his cheek. "I love you too, Nathan Scott,"

She wondered why she had been so scared of this; to be with Nathan this way. Lord knows she loved him…so much, it literally took her breath away.

Fourteen years. It's been fourteen years and she was still with Nathan Scott. Before him, she never knew, couldn't have seen it…couldn't have imagined what fate had in store for her. She kissed the inside of his hand and then kissed him on the lips. "I missed you…so much," she whispered.

"I missed you too," He said.

She looked at him with hope in her eyes. "We did good, didn't we?"

Nathan eyes swarm with warmth as he nodded with a soft smile. He brushed his thumb softly on her lips and said, "Do you hear that?"

She shook her head in confusion. "I can't hear anything,"

"Exactly," Nathan said with a soft chuckle. "It's just you and me,"

"You and I," Haley corrected, out of habit.

But Nathan shook his head. "You and me sounds better…" and pulled her on top his body, then kissed her before she could argue.

She pulled up a little and smirked "Fine," she said. "It's just you and me,"


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