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I Have Faith In You

Chapter 1

He kept coming in dreams.

Every night, when she finally fell asleep, she could see him. In no particular circumstances. Just his face, his silhouette, so vivid that she almost always woke up horrified. Soon, she was going to get married, and the face she was seeing in her dreams was decidedly not the face of her future husband.

One night, looking at the starless sky, she realized that the road she has taken leads her nowhere and makes unhappy not only her, but other people around her as well. Whatever it takes she must confront her feelings, the dreams that may (although they do not have to) be illusory, with the reality. This is the only way to find peace, the only way to stop dreaming about something that hardly even ever existed.

She opened her armoire, but could not decide on what she should take, so she just put on her shoes, took some money, grabbed a light coat, and left clandestinely.

She did not remember how exactly she arrived on Tortuga.

It scared her, finding herself suddenly in that strange town, without a plan, with some hope, but with no conviction.

She decided, at random, to walk into one of the noisy taverns.

The room was very dark and humid. She slowly made her way between the tables, looking around, uncertain and terrified. It was a wonder that she had actually come here at all. People looked at her with suspicion. It was probably because of the frantically bright, yellow dress that she wore. She should have worn something else, something darker, but she had been in a hurry, half-conscious, and on the verge of not going, so that it escaped her to think about such details as the color of a dress.

She got almost to the other side of the large, noisy room without finding what she was looking for, when she saw a man, who sat silently in the corner by a little, lonely table, and was staring listlessly into an empty glass.

She could hear her heart beating furiously, as she moved closer, feeling an irrational mixture of piercing fear and overpowering joy.

"One more!", said the man all of a sudden, without looking up, probably just sensing somebody's presence, and mistaking her for a waitress.

She smiled subconsciously at the sound of his voice. She has not heard it for over three months that had passed since they had come back from the world's end. They had come back, and parted, quite sensibly. But it was only a week that she had needed to realize how senseless were all her attempts to forget him. How impossible it was to live without him. It almost hurt her, being unable to see his face, to listen to his voice, to feel...

"Or two more...", he said in a low voice.

She silently sat next to him and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

He almost jumped, which apparently meant that he was not all that drunk. Moving away from her, he shouted "no!" with some strange kind of panic in his voice. He still did not actually see her, because he had his hat lowered in such a way that it nigh completely covered his eyes. And then, very quietly, as if he was talking to himself, he said something that astonished her as much as it pleased her. Very sullenly, he whispered:

"Ye're not my Lizzie", and attempted to drink from the empty glass.

"Well", Elizabeth finally decided to speak up, "While Lizzie is certainly something that I may consider to be my proper name, I do not know much about the curious my before it."

The empty glass hit the table, but not until hit it the floor it broke with a loud sound, which however, conveniently enough, did not attract any attention.

Captain Jack Sparrow slowly took off his hat, and looked at Elizabeth expressionlessly. She smiled faintly, and blushed, suddenly feeling an overwhelming awkwardness of this situation.

"Elizabeth", he whispered at last, moving closer to her, perhaps even too close, for she could feel his breath on her face, and for some reason it was making her dizzy.

His dark eyes glimmered, as he looked at her mesmerizingly. And, quite unexpectedly, she noticed his hand gently caressing her face, and that fairly innocent gesture gave her shivers. It was as if everything around stopped and she did not question her presence in this place anymore. It was perfectly right, absolutely unavoidable to be here, with him, right now; always.

"I-I was looking for you, Jack", she stammered, but it was well-nigh impossible to speak, when he was so close.

"It's really you", he stated with this particular wicked smile of his, that she missed only too much.

"Yes", she managed to say, before he silenced her by putting his finger across her lips.

It suddenly crossed her mind what she had done. She had left everything behind, she had left without saying a word, only because he kept coming in dreams...

She began to feel guilty, because of her father, because of Will... Will. She drew back from Jack a little. Was it a betrayal? Even if she did not love him anymore?

"What's wrong, luv?" Jack was looking at her intently.

"I don't know. I don't even know how I got here. And I don't know if I should be here at all", she stared at the floor, afraid for some reason to look at Jack.

"Aye. Ye're absolutely right", said Jack, smiling.

"Beg pardon?" Elizabeth glanced at him astonished. After all, she had hoped that he would disagree with her at that point passionately

"Ye should not be here, Miss Swann", he said looking around the room.

Jack took Elizabeth by the hand, and helped her to stand up.

"But quite fortunately, I happened to know where ye should be."

They left the place quickly. The night was dark and cool, but it appeared to Elizabeth that there was something nearly transcendental in walking with Jack by her side, in holding his hand, as if casually, as if it was something absolutely natural.

They walked in silence. She could feel how strongly he was squeezing her hand in his, as if he was afraid that she may runaway or disappear from his life as it had happened before too many times.

She could hear the ocean and feel the fresh wind, that could only come from the sea. The wind with the scent of a promise, of happiness, of freedom, and life.

"Jack, I... I wanted to tell you... I... I think... No. I am certain that..."

It seemed so obvious now, and she wanted to tell him the truth, she wanted to tell him that he had kept coming in dreams, and that she lov...

"Jack?", she asked quietly, suddenly realizing that he has not been listening. "Jack?"

He looked confused and astonished, and stared forward with a certain disbelief in his eyes.

"Is anything wrong, Jack?", asked Elizabeth, trying to read an answer from his face.

"Aye. Yes", he admitted. "I guess something is very wrong. Or rather isn't."

"What do you mean?"

He turned to face her, and said very slowly, seriously, and without much conviction in his voice:

"The ship isn't here. The Black Pearl. She's...disappeared."