Keyo: A few notes for those that will read them. This is an original tale of Digimon composed by myself along with a friend of mine Metal Raven which as been in the works for at least a year, or six years if you go back to the RP where this all began.

The concept of Digimon and all trademarked characters are property of Bandai and this has been created purely for entertainment.

All original Digimon and Characters appearing in this story are 'fan copyrighted' by Ravin, and myself and are not to be used by other authors without permission.

Please enjoy.


Chapter 1: Prologue!

At least we know there will be a story!


The curtains were drawn and the lights were off, the room illuminated only by the computer screen's backlight. The kit was impressive, not computer genius impressive, but far above average. The desktop background displayed a piece of fan art the user had found, Angewoman with her arms spread wide, bathed in light with loose feathers falling around her. If the lights were on, it would have been possible to see various posters and works of fan-art of a similar vein, plushies piled on the bed, and even a hat embossed with a Calumon patch.

Tanya Mills took a deep breath. She wanted to savour this moment.

Sweeping her unkempt brown hair from her bespectacled face, she pulled the duct-tape from the card-board package, proceeding to pry it open and, with great reverence, lifted the plastic box out, gently removing it from the plastic sheath, she pried it open and removed the disc, slotting it into her computer tower and watching as the desktop displayed its findings.

Do you wish to install 'Digimon Online'?


"Yes." She whispered as she clicked the icon. "God yes."

Giggling like a younger variety of school girl, Tanya spun in her wheely office chair and flicked on her desk lamp before propping her feet up on the desk and drawing out the manual. Gently leafing through the pages, she took in the artwork and graphics, before settling in on how to hook up the necessary hardware, before moving onto the basic controls.

She'd been waiting for this day for months now. Saving up for the game, trying to find it, having to order it online, having to wait for it to be delivered, and now it was hers. And nothing, nothing, was going to keep her from spending the rest of her day loading up and playing it.

"Tanny! I need you to take the rubbish out!"

Groaning, Tanya dropped her feet back to the floor.

"Yes mum!" She called, placing both box and manual down on her desk and exiting her room.

"And while you're at it, could you go and get me some eggs?"

"Aw but Mum…"

As Mrs Mills persuaded her daughter that the trip would cost her only a few minutes, the store being right next to the apartment building, and that her game would still be here when she got back, the download bar continued to fill, transferring the game's information to the hard drive. For a brief moment, the screen flickered with static, and then, was gone.

At 16, Tanya Mills may seem a bit old to have a bit of an undying passion when it came to all things Digimon, but she couldn't really help it. She liked the art, enjoyed the stories, and loved the monsters! 6 years ago, Digimon Online first appeared in stores, created by Pandai, a small, failing software company, yet this game pulled them from the red and has made them millions, generating 5 seasons worth of an anime, mini-games, and, of course, merchandise. And it is only now, thanks to gaining a part-time job at Joe's Convenience store, that Tanya was able to pay the online fees and finally become a player.

"Dinner will be in two hours!" Her mother told her as the teenager nodded absently, returning to her room and sitting back in front of the screen.

Download Complete.



Once more clicking 'y', Tanya's grin broadened as the screen turned black for a moment, before coming up with the game's start screen. As the character creation screen loaded up, she let out another childish squeal and giggles.


"How is the excavation progressing?" A cultured voice enquired.

"We have located the artefact in question and one of our operatives has almost finished with hacking through the defences. However, obtaining the artefact without alerting the Moderators is going to be difficult." A slightly aged, calculating voice.

"Do not worry." The cultured voice returned. "I'm sure they will find a way."


"Welcome to File Island!" A cheery airhostess type voice said, attached to a cheery airhostess type body. "Please, step this way." And with a very airhostess like movement, she indicated a large metallic door.

Stepping through, Tanya found the Air Hostess theme carried on with a large lobby that was reminiscent of an airport lounge, people and Digimon bustled around, new comers had bemused looks upon their faces, sharing her wide eyed approach, while more experienced players seemed to smile with nostalgia at them, before proceeding to wherever they were going.

'I'll find that out one day.' Tanya thought as she watched a rather short cowboy styled player and a rather large dinosaur Digimon vanish through a set of doors.

She was actually amazed at the number and types of Digimon filling the lobby, as well as the players, many of who were dressed in rather fantastic and outlandish garbs. She herself was in a rather white tee-shirt sporting the digital hazard emblem, a mid length black skirt and black sandals, a small backpack sat on her shoulders for any items she acquired. The very basic 'n00b' gear, but eventually Tanya wanted something far more dynamic! She was just so…plain in her real life; here she wanted to be stunning. She had given her character long silvery hair and purple eyes, a moderate bust, and a fine figure and had done away with her glasses. Here she wasn't dull, dreary, geeky Tanya Mills, here she was Dainya! And it was time for her to meet her partner.

"Please insert your digivice now." The Air Hostess told her.

Back at her desk, Tanya lifted the visor for a moment. This was another feature that had given the game such great popularity, the Visor system not only allowed the player a full first person view of their gaming experience, but also had a mechanism built in to read the users expressions and emulate them on screen, and some claimed all of the avatar's actions were far too real and natural. Theories ranged from an intricate pulse reading system with extensive research and programming to generate a wide variety of avatar motions, to mind reading. And while one day the truth would become very important to Tanya, right now she was only concerned with plugging the round device into the USB port before sliding the visor back down again.

"Digivice connected. We will now upload your partner."

The avatar seemed to mimic the tense and gleeful appearance of Tanya. When putting together her avatar, there had been a sort of personality quiz to decide her partner, with questions ranging from the odd, like 'Do you prefer night or day?' to the slightly sensible 'If you found a wallet in the street what would you do?' and one she was sure was a sure was a joke, just made up of 0s and 1s. She was sure it had said something like 'can you read binary?' and had simply clicked the shortest answer, guessing that it meant 'no'.

There was suddenly a flash of light before her, which became a soft glow, which began to take shape. When the light vanished, a furry Digimon floated in the air, curled up, before gently lowering to the ground and opening up. It resembled a sort of bi-pedal grey wolf, with long claws adorning it's hands and feet and a pair of belts crossing it's chest, partially hidden by a collar of outstanding white fur, curves in the body suggested a female disposition. Then, her ears twitched and green eyes opened.

"Mrrraaaah!" It seemed to yawn? "Hello."

A panel in the corner of Dainya's vision appeared, displaying a smaller image of the Digimon, along with some vital statistics.

Name: Lupmon

Level: Rookie

Type: Data

Attacks: Primal Claw, Howl Buster.

Dainya. beamed.

"Hello. Lupmon."


Metal Raven: Wow, we finally got this thing started! With all our other ideas (two different Yugioh stories, a sentai Evangelion, even some beginning ideas for a Pokemon story, not to mention our really good original ideas that we're saving for when we find an artist to do webcomics), you wouldn't think we could get something done, ya know?

Lupmon was my idea, and Keyo's naming genius. I'm big fan of wolves, almost as much as ravens, and as cool as Garurumon is, I wanted something more to do with the mystical feeling of the wolf, the pictures of them beneath the moon, etc., and less to do with a big quadruped tank with wings. Lupmon will have her heavy-hitting moments, but she's more about looking awesome when she does it.

Keyo:And so we have the prologue type chapter. The story proper kicks off with Chapter 2. It's my goal to try and get a chapter up each week. To such extent, I've created a 4 chapter break for myself to make sure I have something to post.

So here we have an intro to our heroine. The next chapter will contain what could be considered the hero of the story as we actually receive some plot.

As I said earlier, this all really dates back to an RP in the Megatokyo forums about six years ago, where, incidentally, Raven and I first met. With the amount we've talked about it I'm going to have my work cut out for me writing it all up.

Until next time!

Keyo & Raven.