A typical Zutara/ Zuko paired with OC.

Katara/Mary sue is captured by Zuko after fighting each other. Zuko wins cause he is l33t or just happened to angst and pissed off enough that morning.

Clothes from Katara/Mary sue are either ripped to shreds or get lost somehow. Really all we want is some boobage. Zuko manages to hog tie them and fling them over his shoulder, without Katara/Mary sue making noise just in case Aang or family hear them and they get uber flamed by Zuko.

Katara/Mary sue get taken back to ship and dumped in a cell for a few hours to bemoan their fate or actually realise they fancy the guy who just abducted them. Minding the fact that any normal person would be screaming by now, they remain super calm and figure out a plan.

Lovely kind old Uncle Iroh just happens to come past, and has a cup of tea with Katara/Mary su because they are a pretty young woman. Zuko comes in, looks pissed. Iroh tells Katara/Mary Sue Zuko's life story just to make Katara/Mary Sue feel sowwie for poor little Zuko. He only wants daddy's love.

After a wonderful mind boggling game of pishu that only has a single lotus tile, Katara/ Mary Sue are allowed a nicer room and get to wander about the ship as they see fit. Despite the fact they are surrounded by their natural bending element, the gifted water bender refuses to move. I'm sure escaping is much worse than getting trapped on board with angsty little prince and drinking tea til you burst.

Somehow, Katara/Mary Sue is forced to share Zuko's bedroom, but Zuko seems just dandy with that once Uncle has said there was no choice. (his recent shop bargains had to go somewhere, and the empty cell was the only place he could find) Katara/Mary Sue refuse to sleep on floor so they share the bed, and SOMEHOW end up spooning each other or having a lovely cuddle.

Katara/Mary Sue have no spare clothes so they get the wear Zuko's. Yay, they smell good. Never mind that girls have certain needs at a time of the month, but that's why red is such a great colour. AND red happens to be a much better colour against the dark chocolate tones and the deep cerulean orbs deep as the deepest part of the sea, and all the watery goodness that is Katara/Mary Sue.

Aang and Sokka have all but disappeared, or having conveniently agreed before hand that they would go if anyone was left behind. Sokke complains about not getting anything to eat and Aang is just being the optimist and saying that Katara has been collecting water for the past three days and will be back soon. Never mind mastering the 4 elements, that can wait.

Mary Sue has to rely on her beauty and wits to get out of this sticky situation, omg! Gurl Power!!!111!!

By Chapter Two, Katara/Mary Sue and Zuko are trying ever so hard not to love each other but their feelings betray them. They have a romantic kiss as Iroh watches, finally happy that Zuko has a beautiful young everything bender to make him feel better. Of course Iroh was never really needed to help guide his newpew, all was needed with Mary Sue with a tragic past to set him straight. Now he'll hurt little Aang and will now join them to teach them firebendering.

The end…or is it? The typical way to end a fanfiction, as if all possible plot twists have occured and we can somehow have a sequel.

May you now go out and write your own fanfiction. Don't blame me for flaming, or I'll just flame you back, and spam the entire internet with flames of teh uber doom.