Who We Are Epilogue

Don was standing by the window, looking out in to the backyard, carefully watching Charlie's beaming face as he talked with his family.

Beside him stood his whole team, which consisted of Megan, David and Colby, whom he had told the day after Charlie and his real parents had been reunited.

"I've never seen him so happy." Colby said after a few minutes.

"Yeah. Charlie's like a whole different person." David agreed.

Outside, Charlie had been smiling non stop for a full ten minutes as he enjoyed his parents company. In fact, he was having such a good time that he didn't even know that he was being watched.

"It's been a week now. I mean…we've all asked him what he was going to do…but he's always just walked away. But now…I think he's answered the question for us." Don said, never glancing at his team.

"Don, you don't know that for sure. Charlie's having a good time with his parents, its true, but he's been a member of your family his whole life…that has got to count for something." Megan said.

"But he's so…!" Don began, motioning towards Charlie.

"Happy? Wouldn't you be too, if that was you?" Megan asked.

That made Don stop and think for a moment before he nodded his head and said, "Well…yeah."

Megan gave a small smile before she turned and watched Charlie and his parents head back inside.

When they all had reentered the house and had sauntered back in to the living room, Charlie sat down in a corner chair as he looked down at the ground, giving the matter before him some serious thought.

While he had been outside, his parents had asked him to come live with them and enter in to the family business, while he continued teaching at CalSci, and consulting for the FBI.

Charlie knew how devastated Alan and Don would be if he just packed his bags and just pushed them aside, since he had been a part of them for so long, and truth be told, Charlie wasn't all that sure that he was ready to "leave the coop" as some might put it.

Finally, biting back a small sniffle, Charlie raised his head and looked at everyone that was in the room.

"I want you all to know that the decision that was put before me, was a very hard one and that I didn't make it lightly."

At that, everyone nodded, waiting for Charlie to press on.

Sighing, Charlie said, "First off, Don…I'd like to thank you for bringing my parents back in to my life….it's really meant a lot to me."

In response, Don gave a small half smile before he lowered his head a little.

Then Charlie turned to face his parents, fixing them with a knowing gaze, "Mom, dad. I know that my moving in with you is something important, and it's something I want too, but I'm not ready. This house is where I grew up, and here's where I want to stay, but I want you to know that I'll be changing my last name to Michaels."

After Charlie finished, Alex and Shasta nodded their heads, excepting his decision in the matter.

"And, I do want to enter in to the 'family' business, but I still want to consult and teach." Charlie said.

Smiling a little, Alex replied, "I think we can fit that in."

With the decisions having been made, Charlie stood back up and went up the stairs. He was doing his best to minimize his limp, and he was succeeding with that.

Behind him was Don, walking up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, Charlie turned to face Don,

Seeing the worry hidden in his features, Charlie finally understood what was bothering him.

"Don, none of this is going to change anything between us. I may not be an Eppes, Don, but I want you to know that you are my brother…and you are always going to be my brother." Charlie said with a smile.

Hearing that, Don finally walked up the last step and stood facing his brother. In that instant, he embraced Charlie in a brotherly hug, to which Charlie was a little surprised, because Don rarely showed emotion.

"Thanks buddy." Don whispered, before he released Charlie and headed back downstairs.

Charlie watched him go and thought, 'We are always going to be brothers Don, and nothing is ever going to change that.'