Inspired by a reviewer in one of my other fics.

The Easy Job

By Dark Ice Dragon


His job was easy. Ridiculously so.

All he had to do was find wandering souls (or even better, being sent straight to them so he didn't even have to search) and guide them to heaven or hell.

To repeat: easy.

There was the crying, denials they weren't dead (right, that was why you could see him and what, did they expect him to believe them and then go, 'Oh, sorry, my mistake. You can go back into your body now.'? It was amusing to see some of them trying to enter their bodies again and ending up going through the floor), running away but that was never hard to handle.

And then, there was Amity Park. The exception, naturally.

He'd tried with Amity Park, he really had. Not enough that it still became a tourist area for 'ghost sightings' though. Not that anyone was able to see most of the ghosts but Amity Park still had its reputation of being the most haunted city.

And the ghosts there! They were at each end of the spectrum they were. They either came docilely without a word or attacked him whenever he came close to them. Not that he could die, obviously – but they still tried, obviously. He wondered if they attacked him because they didn't want to leave being in the land of the living or if they just didn't recognise him as the Grim Reaper with his black cloak, scythe and being a skeleton and all.

Maybe it was something in the water. Probably. Nothing fatal anyway, he knew.

And then that blasted Ghost Portal was opened.

Every time he 'guided' an unruly ghost after it had been opened (meaning, kicking and screaming) it got sucked away from him at the last moment to the 'ghost zone' (he snorted. As if that heap of wild energy could possibly compare to the place where people really went when they died). It was annoying because he didn't know why it happened. Why were the ghosts forcibly drawn to the 'ghost zone' once they got a certain distance away? And then they would pop up sooner or later (because the portal was open, yet again. Didn't the mortals who had created the portal know how to close doors? And to keep them closed?) and caused more havoc than what they had been doing before they had been 'guided'. But it only happened in Amity Park at least. And only with the badly behaved ghosts which was even better.

He was beginning to be at the end of his tether with it always happening. He just couldn't do his job properly there.

He then sensed a new ghost… coming from Amity Park. Different, somehow (which was why he took more notice of it), but when was that never the case when it was concerning Amity Park? Closer inspection of the ghost stunned him.

'What the-? Oh that. Is. It! I give up! I'm never going to Amity Park again!' he ranted to no-one. What the hell was he supposed to do with a half-ghost half-mortal?

This was meant to be a one-hundred word drabble but it didn't work out as such. As you can see.

: ) Writing sarcastic characters are my favourite. Due to this, I'm sure I've chucked a few things out the window with canon and 'historical myth' if you can call it that for humours sake.

If there are any mistakes, please tell me.