In case anyone wants to know, the title of this chapter is a joke off of the All That Remains song "This Calling"
The next chapter will once again be serious, I swear
P.S. Never tell a pregnant woman she's having mood swings. Just a friendly word of advice my Health teacher gave my class

A Father
Chapter XII: Month Five, This Running

"Yaaaa!" Naruto screamed. He was running through his house, until he tripped down the stairs. He lay on the ground, scattered. He shut his eyes as a massive figure approached him, it's arms released
"NARUTO!" The pink-haired wonder grabbed Naruto's shirt collar and brought him to her face, "You said WHAT about me?!"
" . . . You look pretty?" Naruto tried to cover, a drop of sweat going down his cheek. He gave a fake smile. Sakura caused him to stand up and gave him a cold, hard stare into his blue eyes
"Smart." And she released her grip, causing Naruto to drop back to the ground, hitting his head against the wall. She walked away. The shinobi scrambled to his feet and dashed into the opposite room of Sakura

After only a few moments passed, Naruto was finally relaxed again. Sakura was a bit mad, he could say for himself. He stooed up, took a deep breath. He approached the door to his room, and a scream burst through his house
"NARUTO! Come here, please!"
Naruto whimpered. He slowly made his away across the house, and sang to himself
And I hear, her calling. Now I wished she seemed so far at all . . .

"May I help you?" Naruto whispered, hiding from behind the corner. Sakura was sitting there, smiling with a bowl in her hands
"What the hell are you so scared for?" She tilted her head in a confused manor, "Just come here. I made something I want you to taste!"

"Okay . . ." Naruto felt he was outside of the "Red zone". He approached Sakura and grabbed a spoon, taking a taste of the contents of the bowl, "Pretty good."
" . . . Pretty good?" Sakura whispered, "PRETTY GOOD?!" She blew up in Naruto's face; causing him to reenter the Red Zone, "I spent all my time on this and you just think PRETTY GOOD?! What the hell is wrong with you?!"

"B-but, I thought it was great, I just didn't know how to put it!" Naruto excused
"Oh, really?" sakura placed her hands on her hips
"Geez, Sakura! You know, you really did have a sudden mood change . . ." Naruto actidentally let out. He stared into Sakura's face as she twitched

"You claiming I have mood swings?" Sakura spoke
"Eerr," Naruto looked away
"Aaww, it's so nice to know you're watching me." Sakura suddenly threw her arms around Naruto from behind, "But, still," She gave him a quick, serene kiss on the cheek, "But . . ."

Naruto was then smacked across the room by a huge slap across the face

"You should know what never to tell a pregnant woman!"