A poem for the pain that Bella felt when

Edward left her in "New Moon"

Waves of pain

are pulling me down

My knees hit the floor,

I fall to the ground

I hold my heart in,

with my fingers, all ten

I'm sinking

and I don't resurface again

Its been months since goodbye

Since he tore me apart

Left me gasping in pain

With no life and no heart

Another month passed

And the pain melts away

I'm left with a numbness

Thats here every day

I've found if I'm stupid

His voice comes so clear

And although it is angry

It's thank god so near

Its becomes an addiction

The sound of his voice

I was thrown off a cliff

By my love, not my choice

And as I am sinking

I call out his name

It's the story of Edward

And dear Bella's pain