Concerning Hobbits, Radioactive Goo, and TMX Elmo

Chapter 1: Make me a Sammich...with Toast!

Kim and Erica were hanging around the kitchen on a rainy summer's day. Their parents weren't home, so they had nobody to bother but each other. Erica was searching through the drawers trying to find some toast, but all she could find was bread.

"Where's the toast?" Erica demanded.

"In the drawer," Kim replied.

"But I've already checked there!" Erica whined.

"Check again!"

Erica set the bread down on the counter and wiggled her hand around in the drawer a little bit, but still nothing showed up. Kim sighed and turned back to her book, The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.

"Help me look for it!" whined Erica.

"It's on the counter!"

Erica laughed maniacally.

"That's not toast, stupid, that's bread!"

Kim slapped her hand to her forehead. Erica was eleven, and therefore, didn't know anything.

"First, you're supposed to put the bread in the toaster, okay? Next, you pop down the white thingy on the side and wait for it to cook." said Kim.

"Well that's a bunch of B.S! I'm gonna go make some popcorn!"

Erica grabbed a bag of extra butter microwave popcorn and opened the microwave door. her eyes opened wide in surprise as she looked inside.

"Kim?" Erica asked in a freaked out voice.

"What is it Eca?"

"We've got a sitiation,"

"Situation," corrected Kim.


Kim sighed and closed her book. She stomped over to see what the problem was and as she looked inside her mouth dropped open too.

"What is it?" asked Kim.

"It looks like radioactive goo."

"It looks like your brain!"

As a matter of fact, it did look like Erica's brain. It was pink, squishy, and the size of a stunted turnip. Erica gaped at it.

"So that's what happened to it after the 4th of July party. That was one nasty firework…"

As Erica reached in to poke it, Kim slapped her hand away.

"OW!" Erica cried.

"Don't touch it!"

"But I want to poke it!"

"But you can't poke it!"

"Why do you care?"

Kim looked a little embarrassed for a second. Erica smiled shrewdly.

"I know why it's important to you." Erica said cleverly.

Kim looked confused. "Why?"

"It's your boyfriend!"

Kim slapped her forehead again. Erica danced around in delight at this bit of juicy gossip.

'How did she get so stupid?' thought Kim. The truth was that Kim didn't know what it was, she just knew that she didn't want Erica touching it.

She sighed. "Yes, Erica, it is my boyfriend. We're getting pretty serious now, which is why he doesn't want anybody but me to touch him."

Erica picked up Kim's book off of the table.

"What if the book touches him?"

"Erica, No!"

But it was too late. Erica bounded for the microwave and jammed the book into the pink lump. Kim rounded on Erica.

"Erica! What the hell is wrong with y-"

Erica gasped, "Kim! You made a swear-"

Erica was cut off by a loud bubbling noise coming from the microwave. They both turned to look at it. The lump had doubled in size and turned green, and was glowing for some reason. Erica and Kim both squinted as the lump got brighter and brighter, until it was so bright that nothing else was visible. Suddenly the light vanished; and Kim and Erica were nowhere to be found.