He was wrong. I knew he was wrong- but that hadn't stopped me from agreeing with a slight shrug. The way I see it, it would be a shame to waste such an opportunity for manipulation. Mind you, the fact that he was open to the idea of sleeping around intrigued me- this wasn't good ol' virtuous Potter. I was slightly disappointed upon realizing this- how could I make him worthless, if he was as good as there on his own? The boy was practically a whore, for Merlin's sake! These thoughts all berated me while I sat, large coffee cup in hand, across from my sister, Liz.

While Theo, Pansy, Millicent and Peter Levin, a boy a year beneath me, sat comfortably, Liz seemed apprehensive of her surroundings, jumping at every sound. Being cooped up with Gryffindors will do that to you.

" Merlin, relax, will you?" I practically hissed at her. " They're not going to bite. " Although, if circumstance permits, Peter might I mused, watching him try to catch my sister's eye.

" And cut that out, Levin, I don't think she's interested. " Pansy snickered as Peter leaned back and gave my sister and I a smile.

" It wasn't her eye I was trying to catch, Zabini. " He said lazily, reaching out for a grape on the table behind him. I turned away, knowing full and well that I wouldn't want to watch what he was about to do with that grape. The things that boy can do with his mouth could make even the most dedicated of homophobes question their sexuality, even if only for a moment.

" We're Slytherins, not Dementors " Pansy said upon catching Liz eyeing Goyle nervously.

" Sometimes I wonder how you've managed to survive being his sister when you've got such a thin skin." Pansy shook her head, much like a mother might when she was displeased by her child.

Alright, confession time: I'm usually pretty nice to my sister. Mind you, I more then make up for it by being the bane of my older brother's existence.

At this, she shrugged. " I'm much worse then you'd think."

" I'm sure you are " Goyle said patronizingly. I must admit, I would have said the vary same.

" I'll believe it when I see it. " Theo challenged. Pansy, Goyle, Peter and I groaned in unison- I had somehow known that tonight would manage to turn itself into another pathetic game of truth or dare. It's not as though I minded, though- anything was better then lingering on the thought of Harry's soft lips, his perfect frame, his impossibly bright emerald eyes- and other things along those lines, only slightly less G-rated.

Liz's eyes flashed at the challenge. For the first time ever, I believe she actually- oh dear god, I hope that it wasn't just a trick of the light- smirked. Mind you, it was nothing smug, nothing patronizing- just south of confident, if I'm not mistaken. I must say, I was quite touched.

She was a Zabini after all!

" And just what would you have to see to believe it? " She asked.

" I donno. Surprise me." I must admit, I don't particularly like the way Theo is eyeing up my sister, and I let him know with a warning look. Peter Levin is one thing, but Theodore Nott was quite another. Peter was a flirt, and a pretty good fuck as well, but he was otherwise harmless. He didn't force you into anything. Theo, on the other hand, would do whatever it took to get laid- that much I knew. He might even go as far as committing a rape, which I didn't know for sure but didn't doubt.

" How about you seduce Potter?" Pansy said with a giggle. Even I let out a chuckle at that- the thought of my baby sister ( because that's what she was, and would always be in my eyes) trying to seduce anyone was laughable, but Harry bloody Potter- that was next to impossible. The boy was almost on as many wanted lists as Levin was- he had the majority of the Female and Male population panting after him. He was second only to Peter. I myself was running a close third, and I wasn't planning on letting anyone step in on my territory. Third place was bad enough, and I was only there because Draco had left school long ago.

" Done" Peter said with a smirk.

"I think she was talking about me" Liz said, rolling her eyes. The blond simply shrugged in reply.

" You're such a whore, Peter" I said lightly, smiling despite my harsh words.

" Correction: I'm a slut." Peter replied. " Whores charge for their services. Mine are free." He grinned cheekily. As Theo and Pansy burst out laughing, I couldn't help wondering why Pansy had chosen Potter, of all people, to mention. For a fraction of a second, she caught my eye, but it was so fast that I might've imagined it.

" I don't think Peter's the only slut around here." Pansy giggled. " unless Potter is suddenly charging for his services. "

The others laughed at this, but I couldn't join in. My throat was tight and my mouth dry. Had she seen us? Worse yet, would she tell? If Malfoy found out about what had happened in the Owlery, chances were he'd break things off for good. Screwing Peter was one thing ( he'd seemed quite amused by that, actually) but shagging Potter would be quite another. Even snogging him had been deemed taboo.

Pansy glanced at her watch and sighed. " Well, I just must dash up to the Owelry. There's soooooo much I need to tell Drakie!" she said in a hushed tone, careful not to be over heard by any outside of our group.

How can that be? I thought I was the only one still in contact with Draco. I was nearly positive, but I had to be sureā€¦

" Fancy some company, Panse?"

" I was hoping you'd come. We've a lot to talk about, Blaise. "