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Summary: Dumbledore has been hiding something else from Harry. But this time its about to bite him in the ass. Especially when the Prince of the Dementors comes a nocking. What did Dumbledore do now? Wait a second, Harry's the princes mate?! Pairings will be OCHP and there will be Slash.

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Scroll of Laquexia

By: Bored-Is-My-Favorite-Word

In a dark castle on the Island of Azkaban sat a lone figure that was poring over the contents of a scroll. The entire place was cold looking and if not for the slight rustle the person made while moving you would not have noticed. If it was cold it didn't seem to notice as it read on in the scroll seemingly as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. Its long slender fingers traced the page before it finished. It carefully rolled up the scroll and started to tap it before giving a slight smirk.

"Well, well," the man seemingly purred as it looked at the scroll his deep silky voice echoing in the room. "This is an interesting development," he whispered with seeming nonchalance. He looked up and his deep violet eyes seemed to glow as they narrowed in annoyance.

"Somebody has got a lot of explaining to do," he whispered his voice taking a sharp edge to it as he looked down at the scroll again tucking it in a hidden pocket.

He exited the room and strode down the hallway the moonlight shining through the large windows lining it. He stepped into another room and summoned a servant who was human looking and dressed in some uniform. He bowed to him and the man motioned him to rise.

"Gather my guard and sister. We are going on a little trip and will also need some packing done," he stated and the servant bowed before questioning him.

"Where shall I tell them you are going? You know how the lady feels about being awakened at this hour." He stated and waited for a response. The other seemed to pause obviously thinking before a predatory smirk appeared on his face.

"Hogwarts, we're going to Hogwarts."

Somewhere in Scotland a black haired boy shivered pulling the covers closer to him. A feeling of change settled in his stomach as he tossed in his sleep. Something was going to happen, and he didn't know if it was going to be good or bad.

Harry sighed as he headed to lunch giving an annoyed look to his two friends who were bickering about something or other. He was seriously considering just sticking them in a broom closet and throwing away the key.

He got a thoughtful look on his face; in fact he bet he could recruit all of Gryffindor to help him. They were also starting to get seriously annoyed with those two.

They sat down for lunch and he made contact with Ginny who rolled her eyes at their antics and they shared an exasperated look.

"You know I'm about ready to just lock them in a class room and be done with it," Ginny said and Harry smirked.

"Great minds think alike, but I think a closet would work better for this occasion. There would be two possible out comes from this. One, they would snog each other senseless. Or two, they could beat the other to death with the brooms," he said. Ginny started giggling drawing the attention of Hermione.

"What's so funny?" she questioned and Ginny stopped giggling.

"We were contemplating where babies come from," Harry said with a completely strait face. Hermione's face went red to the roots of her hair and Ginny started to laugh even harder.

"He's kidding Hermione," she stated to the stuttering witch. Harry crossed his arms pouting and sulking.

"Aw Ginny you take all the fun out of torturing my fellow students," he whined grumbling at her. Ginny patted his head in mock sympathy.

"Well somebody had to, so I just decided I would be a martyr and take it upon myself." She replied in a woe is me voice.

Harry opened his mouth to reply, but suddenly noticed how all his friends froze up suddenly and the atmosphere around the hall became tense. Dumbledore stood up out of his chair ordering everyone back to their common rooms.

He stood up to follow the prefects along with everyone else slightly confused.

"What's going on?" he hissed to the others who looked at him as if he had grown two heads.

"Cant you feel it?" asked Hermione rubbing her arms. Harry gave her a blank look and she elaborated. "It feels just like the Dementors from third year, but a little different."

"If it was a dementor, don't you think I would have felt it?" he asked slightly frustrated. What were they talking about? He didn't feel any different, what were they feeling? No wait that's not right. He did feel different, but not in the way his friends described as feeling. He felt almost, he frowned inwardly, excited? But what about, what was happening? He let himself focus once again on Hermione who was looking even more intrigued.

"Well everyone else can feel it that's for sure," she said pointing at the shivering students and the confused and fearful younger years who had never seen or felt a dementor before.

They arrived at the Portrait and gave the password before crawling in. It seemed the entire tower was in the common room, with some older students trying to calm down the younger ones. They all found a spot near the back and they chatted, but Harry excused himself heading to the dorms to focus on the feeling he was getting from the presence that had arrived at Hogwarts. He probed at the feeling for a while trying to get the workings of it. It almost seemed like a connection of sorts. He finally touched it with his mind and was surprised when he got a touch back. He let the startled feeling run down the connection and got a slight tingling feeling back which he guessed was amusement. His curiosity only grew, but he decided to leave it for now. He didn't know what it was and if it was dangerous so he left it.

Of course we all know things can't just go simple for Harry. He tried to ignore it, but it kept nagging at him. He tried to distract himself with finishing his homework. That didn't seem to work either. He finally just decided to go to sleep.

Outside another person was heading towards the castle. On either side of him was, a woman and a man. The man to the left had black hair in a Mohawk with the rest of his head shaved. Each ear had three piercing's and he wore baggy cargo pants and a tight muscle shirt. His bright blue eyes stood in contrast to his African skin color. He walked like lion, deadly and graceful at the same time.

The girl in contrast had a slightly exotic look with her eyes that were deep black in color. Her skin was a creamy complexion with a petite stature and a small nose. Her hair fell in curly waves to her shoulder held up in a high pony tail. It was a contrast to her look in that it was a youthful orange color. Her clothes were a deep red shirt with a long black skirt that swirled as she walked. Her entire being seemed to radiate poise as she almost floated on the way towards the castle.

The last was the one in the middle who was probably the most eccentric looking of them all. He stood tall at a healthy 6'1 with olive skin tone and a body chiseled by the gods. He was clothed in dark midnight blue long sleeved shirt and baggy black pants. On top of his head nestled a crown of snow white locks that were a shaggy color and floated around his head. His eyes were two whirl pools of beautiful violets that seemed to glow behind his aristocratic white eyebrows. His face seemed to have a permanent smirk on that would bring Malfoy's to shame. He walked like a panther fluid, graceful, and predator like.

"Do you sense him?" asked the girl and the man gave a scowl.

"No they have to probe the connection first before I'm able to sense them. But he is here which is good as I don't want to run around on a wild goose chase. Is Dumbledore coming Leon?" he directed to the other man. Leon chuckled putting his hands behind his head.

"Of course he is, especially after you sent that blast of power out at the castle," he pointed out and the girl looked sheepish.

"Yes well he wasn't the only one doing it. It's so much fun to scare children," she said with a wistful look on her face.

The white haired one rolled his eyes at her, "Right we'll keep that in mind Terry."

Leon nodded his head, "Heads up, it's the Hogwarts Patrol," he stated. They looked to see Albus Dumbledore followed by some of the teachers coming towards them. Leon immediately tensed at the sight of the wands giving a low growl as he placed his hand on a dagger at his side.

"Don't worry Leon; they won't try anything…yet. Keep your eyes opened though." Instructed the man as he stared down the not so twinkling eyes of Dumbledore.

"What can I do for you fine gentleman and lady?" he asked with his fake cheerful voice.

The white haired youth let a smirk dance across his face and the teachers instantly tensed.

"Ah Headmaster Dumbledore, just the wizard I wanted to see. Let me introduce myself and my comrades. To my left is my sister Terrilinell, and to my right is my body guard Leon Kasseri." He introduced and Dumbledore nodded politely when the nasty hook nosed man interrupted.

"And who are you?" he sneered and he let a sneer come on his face as Leon growled at the man.

"Show some respect you insignificant fool," he hissed and the other just sneered more. Leon looked ready to body slam him when the other stalled him and he replied.

"My name is Salik Tallin, Prince of Laquexia, Heir to the Throne of Laquexia," He stated and some of the teachers looked confused while Dumbledore stiffened even more. Salik grinned at them and they felt themselves shiver over the predatory look he sent them.

"For those who don't know what that is I'll make this easy. In lamence terms I'm the Prince of the Dementors." He stated and gasps of shock came from the teachers. He focused his attention back on Dumbledore and smirked although his eyes took an icy glint and the temperature dropped at least ten degrees.

"And I've come for my mate."

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