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Scroll of Laquexia

Chapter 6

Queen Grandma

Terry wasn't one who particularly liked surprises. It was known to just about anyone who came in contact with her that she hated them with a burning passion of a thousand white suns.

So of course knowing this she was very annoyed when she was woken up in the middle of the night by a servant because of her little brother. You didn't just wake her up at 3 AM and expect to live. However when she learned the reason of her awakening she couldn't fault him for it. Which made her increasingly annoyed as she couldn't throw her rage at him. If she had suddenly found out exactly who her mate was and where they were she probably would have booked it to. But was it to much to ask for a little forewarning?

She had to spend a countless number of hours traveling through the backwaters of Scotland to get to a school full of a bunch of snot nosed kids in every corner. Not to mention on top of all this she finds out Salik's mate is Harry Flipping Potter, so yeah maybe she had been a little annoyed.

However she had dealt with it in a very mature way, no one had fallen yet to her rage, she had only let her powers out once at the students, which okay that was pretty fun, but she felt like she was the only mature and responsible adult here so she had to watch Salik and Leon and hope they didn't make fools of themselves.

But Damn if this guy wasn't pushing her to the limit!

"I hope you know that where I come from stalking is severely frowned upon," she forced out annoyed. The greasy hook nosed man who looked like a stereotypical vampire from muggle movies sneered at her.

"So sorry if I fear for the students safety with Laquexian's in the castle," his retort was quick but overly used. Terry knew that most of society frowned at Laquexians as not being normal. They weren't exactly magical creatures in the sense but they were also not wizards or witches.

"Do you actually need something?" she simply asked not stopping her brisk pace as her skirt snapped around her. They must look quite silly walking together. Him with his black clothing and pale skin and her with her outlandish orange hair and bright colored outfits.

His sneer became more pronounced but stated his reply, "The Headmaster requests that you all speak with him in his office."

Terry smirked at him, "I'm sorry but I think I will have to deny that request for us. You see the only reason we are here is for Salik's mate, Dumbledore will just have to deal with it." She was prepared to leave then happy to get away from this annoyance but he kept talking.

"It involves Potter," he said practically spitting the name. "Your companions along with Potter have already been informed and are heading there as we speak."

Terry was curious what could have convinced Salik to meet with Dumbledore, so she put up with the annoyance and headed to the others office. The greasy haired guy vanished from her sight which she was more then happy with.

She was a little surprised to see the Potter kid waiting outside the Gargoyle entrance looking annoyed. She stifled a giggle when she realized no one gave him the password to get in.

"Why don't you randomly start naming candy?" she suggested and was amused to see him pop up lightly.

"Okay this is just getting stupid, every one of you guys take sadistic pleasure out of scaring me!" he accused. She was taken a back with his brusque attitude but she chuckled at his annoyed face.

"Sorry it's practically second nature for Laquexians, we are taught to step lightly as to decrease sound, it helps with hunting and such. By the By my names Terrilinell Tallin, but just call me Terry." She said in a chipper voice.

He gave her a grin, "Oh so your Terry, Leon mentioned you once, my names Harry Potter it's nice to meet you."

She pouted lightly, "Only once? The nerve of the man I ought to give him a piece of my mind!" Really she thought she had left a more lasting impression, this was cause for some serious annoying after this meeting.

"As to your question I refuse to stand here naming candy when I know Dumbledore some how is watching and laughing at me. You wouldn't happen to know the password would you?" he questioned and she was overloaded with the huge emerald puppy eyes he suddenly bestode to her. She was over come with the most childish urge she had had since she was nine.

She squealed.

Fucking squealed!

"You're so cute!" she shouted grabbing him and hugging him like an overly large teddy bear. What the hell was wrong with her? She never acted like this!

She let him go and he immediately scooted away nervously giving her a weird look. Oops, better apologize before Salik kills her for damaging his mate.

"Sorry I tend to act on my urges to much," she said sheepishly.

Harry chuckled lightly giving a shrug, "Ah its okay, besides Mrs. Weasley is the only one I should feel endangered with if she gives a hug. At least you're not as formal as your brother."

She smirked, "Oh I like you already, not many will say anything about my brother in fear he'll go bat shit on them. Blood Pops."

He gave her a weird look until the gargoyle started to move up and away from the two. They both started to move up the stairs.

"Do you have any idea why we're here?" Terry asked.

Harry gave the stairs an annoyed look, "No, the old guy tends to not tell anyone what's going on. Salik seems to have an idea though if Leon's pissed off attitude has anything to go by."

Terry tucked that information away and nodded as they arrive to the door. She straightened and put her arms behind her back sighing, "I hate politics."

"Ditto," he replied opening the door. She was momentarily blinded by how bright the room was and took in all the moving pictures. Salik and Leon were already there, it seemed they were the last ones to arrive.

"So what the hell are we here for? I just had some crazy vampire wannabe stalk me for multiple hallways and I am not in the mood for bullshit," she said not waiting for Dumbledore to start.

"Yes I am also wanting to know why we were pulled here for such a clear cut problem," Salik said his purple eyes focused coolly on the other.

"Princess Tallin we are here to discuss the living arrangements for Mr. Potter. It seems that you all want him to come finish his education on Azkaban and live there as soon as possible," Dumbledore said.

Terry nodded lightly while Harry looked surprised, "Excuse me?"

Terry felt sympathy for the other when she noticed how confused he was, "You need to come to Azkaban so we can get you prepared for all your duties not to mention so you can learn our customs and policies. On top of that Azkaban is your soon to be home wouldn't you wish to see it?"

Harry nodded in understanding, "What's the problem then?"

"Dumbledore," Leon practically growled but stopped at the look from Salik.

"As I was explaining Mr. Potter cannot leave the premises because he is a large target for Voldemort, and he must be here for his schooling in Wizardry so that he may graduate." He explained.

"And as I said we can provide both at Azkaban," Salik said smoothly still not stopping his cold eyes.

"Mr. Potter has a life here Prince Tallin, he can't just drop it to live at some new home," Dumbledore still protested.

"I think he would be the one to decide that Dumbledore not you," Salik replied. They both turned to look at said boy who blinked back at them.

Harry hummed thoughtfully before replying, "How about a compromise?"

They all looked at him incredulously but he just plowed on, "On the weekends I go to Azkaban so I can learn everything you wish to teach me as well as afternoons after classes. The rest of the days are spent at Hogwarts so I can continue my school work. While at Hogwarts you three can stay here or just one of you so that we may have tutoring lessons. On the holidays I will stay at Azkaban as well."

Terry was slightly impressed he had been able to think all that up so quickly but remained impassive. It was actually a very good deal, although Salik still looked unhappy.

"What about emergencies when we need you or special meetings and celebrations?" he asked.

"Then I will be allowed to leave immediately without delay, isn't that right Headmaster Dumbledore?" Harry asked his green eyes boring into the others. Dumbledore looked put out but nodded in agreement.

Harry suddenly turned happy, "Good then that means we have nothing left to discuss." He got up to leave and Terry noticed how Salik automatically made his way to stand next to him sending a glare to everyone else in the room.

They made their way downstairs and Harry looked to be heading back to wherever he had come from. Terry however had other ideas.

"Hey Harry!" she called sidling up beside him, Salik looked at her annoyed but she ignored him.

"What's up Terry?" he asked.

"Want to go have lunch together? Politics make me hungry!" she said excitedly.

Harry gave a grin, "Sure want me to show you the way to the kitchens?"

Salik decided to pipe in then, "How about I accompany you?" he asked giving Terry a look.

Terry waived him away and joined arms with Harry, "Aren't you supposed to be getting the preparations for Harry's stay at Azkaban ready though?"

Salik narrowed his eyes at Terry who was giving him a smirk before gritting his teeth, "Yes…"

"Of course you are! Then me and Harry will go have lunch while you and Leon see to that!" She said excitedly before pulling the bewildered Harry away.

"Uh bye Salik! Bye Leon!" he called to the others giving a smile. Salik gave a half hearted grin.

"My mate and my sister in the same room alone," he said before giving a slight groan, "Oh this is going to be bad!"

"So Harry what all do you know about Azkaban?" she asked as they headed to the kitchen.

"Just the basics really, I know you guys have good political standings with other magical creatures and the shadow cats that guard it. I don't really know anything else and Salik and I haven't had the time to really get to know each other yet."

They arrived at a portrait of fruit and she looked around confused. He turned to her with a gleam in his eyes, "I gotta warn you the staff is really excitable."

She huffed crossing her arms, "I can handle anything you wizards can dish out."

He chuckled, "Well don't say I didn't warn you." He tickled the fruit and they entered.

Immediately they were attacked by small, chattering, smushed potatoes with legs.

"What the hell…?" she whispered. They were all crowding the two offering tons of food and stuff.

"Harry Potter sir! Dobby is glad to sees you!" shouted one voice. Harry grinned at one of the potatoes.

"Hello Dobby, it's good to see all of you to, I was wondering if me and my friend could possible eat down here? If it's not too much trouble of course," he quickly added. All the elves scrambled to find them somewhere to sit while assuring them it was no trouble. Once having left them in peace to make their food Terry turned wide black eyes to the other.

"House Elves, creatures who live to serve and are happy to do it. Some purebloods have it in their heads to treat them like slaves though," Harry said darkly before smirking. "Word of warning don't piss off the house elves they got more power then they seem."

Terry nodded slightly looking quite frankly disturbed, "Right, give me regular servants any day." She muttered.

Harry just grinned, "They can be pretty over bearing but they are loveable, and the best damn chefs ever."

Terry nodded a grin finally taking her face, "Well house elf's aside I did have an alternative reason for taking you down here."

Harry propped his chin on a hand, "Technically I brought you down here, but please continue."

Terry shrugged flapping her hand, "Details. Anywho it was in my head I should probably interrogate you since no one else seems to be able to do it. Oh thank you!" she said sweetly to the house elf bringing their food. The poor thing blushed under both the ladies and Harry Potter's thanks and quickly fled.

Harry nodded seriously, "Well I must say you have done a smashing job at it so far, I hardly noticed I was being interrogated."

"Thank you!" she beamed at him, "I gotta say it's refreshing to interrogate someone with a sense of humor, usually people will start freaking out by now. But that is beside the point, now what I would like to know is what you think about Salik?"

Harry chewed thoughtfully for a second dropping the good natured mask, "Truthfully? I can't say much about him I have only spoken to him a couple of times, he seems like a good guy though. Intelligent, sharp witted, and I admit I love his eyes," he said truthfully. Terry smirked, oh that was going to make Salik blush to high heavens. People usually thought his eyes were scary, but I guess since his magic was the same color as Salik's eyes he would automatically love that characteristic of him.

Terry nodded for him to go on when he stopped. He shrugged, "I guess I just don't know him enough yet, we need to spend some more alone time together and I need to learn more of Laquexia's customs."

"Hm," Terry said looking thoughtful before asking him her next question. "What is your standings on magical creatures, besides House Elves?" she tacked on making him snicker slightly.

There was no hesitation in his answer though, "I don't have a problem with magical creatures unless their trying to kill me, in which case I don't particularly care for that person. A very close friend of mine is a werewolf and I've never had a problem with him before."

Harry then leaned forward, "Now I've got a question for you, what is Laquexia's view on the war with Voldemort, as well as just the dementors?"

Terry winced, 'damn has to go strait for the hard questions.'

"That's kind of a tricky question, we've been more of a neutral party since last joining the war with Grindewald. Although we suck away people's happiness we do not like to meddle with wizarding affairs, which this time around looks like we might have to considering the circumstances. However we don't agree with Voldemort and his way of doing things neither do we agree with Dumbledore and his Light only parade. The dementors of course want to go to Voldemort as he promises souls to them which we cannot always give. The only times they get souls are when the Ministry sentences a person to the Kiss, and in those cases we have people present to make sure this privilege is not abused. However we do have some rogue dementors, controlled by others who abuse their power as you well know." She said pointedly and Harry shivered in remembrance to all the times he was almost kissed.

"That reminds me, why doesn't your power hurt me? When a dementor is near I'm usually the one to get practically plowed over from it," he said curiously.

Terry grinned, "Dementors are child's play to Laquexians power, we can control our power, how much to use, and who to use it on. All we had to do was to think about not harming Salik's mate and zip!" she snapped her finger, "No bad nightmares for a Mr. Harry Potter."

They continued their conversation on a lighter note with Terry telling Harry more and more about Laquexia and the people who live there.

"The people will be so happy to learn Salik has found his mate, we will have to return soon to announce it before the Council who help the reigning monarch rule. For now Salik is still a Prince as he has not yet reached the age to be coronated on to the thrown, so our Grandfather is leading the country for now. He will probably be pretty pissed off when he learns that we left in the dead of night." She said nonchalantly.

Harry perked up when he heard the Grandfather bit, "You have a Grandfather?"

She nodded, "Grandmother to, they have been ruling since my parents died, he says he can't wait to place Salik on the throne, says he's getting to old for it. I think Grandpa will like you just fine, you only have to worry about Grandma."

Harry looked worried, "Why?"

She paused thinking of a word, "Well she's really… eccentric, she's an elf actually, not like these house elves although I will have fun telling her about them."

Harry's eyes widened, "You mean like from Lord of the Rings?"

Terry's eyes popped open and she choked on her food. Once it was down she started to laugh hysterically while Harry looked at her confused.

"What?" He asked cluelessly.

Scene Break

"And just what young Sir's were you thinking gallivanting off at god knows what hour of the night?!" Said the pissed off voice of Lera Tallin as she bore down on Salik and Leon right when they entered their rooms. At about 6 foot she towered over those in the room, long white hair like Salik's and crystal blue eyes dressed in casual wear of a flowy long skirt and red over robe that went to the floors along with a silver circlet on top of her head with a dangling purple citrine.

Leon raised an eyebrow in amusement at her while Salik gave a smug smirk, it wasn't everyday you wound up his grandmother so much and it was nice considering all the tricks she constantly played on the palace occupants.

"I found interesting reading material and wanted to investigate its meaning," Salik said before feeling the smell of papers being shoved under his nose and looked down to see they were arrangements for Harry to be moved simi-permanently to the castle.

"Beautiful, now what does any of that have to do with Harry Potter?" she hissed her eyes turning colder, "Don't mock me child or I will have you doing sparring matches with me personally for weeks to come."

Realizing how serious she was he invited her to sit down on the couch before snapping his fingers. A house elf came bowing when he saw Salik with a squeak.

"What can's Tack do for Lord Tallin sir?" it squeaked out. Lera was staring at the little creature bemused but held her tongue.

"Could you find Harry and my sister and tell them they are needed in my rooms?" he asked politely. It squeaked it's reply before popping away soundlessly.

"What are you playing at Salik? You do realize that boy has a prophecy to do, what are you meddling about in his life for?" she said never one to pitter patter around the subject when it was just family.

"And it's nice to see you to Grandma, enjoying your little sneaking into the castle?" he asked politely. She sighed leaning back into her chair tiredly, Leon stood behind Salik protectively.

"I apologize Salik for my behavior, but I have been traveling non stop since we found out where you three had gone to, your Grandfather is furious, the castle is in a tussle and the council is questioning your ability to rule if you gallivant off in the middle of the night. You better have a damn good reason for all of this or so help me…" she trailed off.

Salik smirked at her, "Don't worry I have a good reason Grandma, maybe you should read this first to get a better idea." He ruffled through all the papers before finding one that was opened up and holding it up to show her. At the top it stated Scroll of Laquexiaand underneath it was subtitled The Official Treaty Against Grindewald.

Her eyes surveyed the top and she silently took it and started to read. She was still reading when the passageway opened and Terry entered followed closely by Harry.

"I hope you had a good reason for interrupting…" she stopped herself when she noticed the blue eyes focused on her twinkling. She smirked at Terry a smirk uncanny in resemblance to Salik's.

"Terrilinell what have I told you about being nice to your brother?" she asked her smirk growing when Terry's face twisted up at the use of her full name. She turned her gaze to the boy at her side taking him in. He was very beautiful, but his eyes are what drew her in and she let loose a breath when she recognized them, or more specifically the color. She switched her eye sight so she could see aura's and was almost blinded by the intensity of his magic. It completely engulfed his aura so she couldn't see it having to focus on the flame like purple magic.

Harry said something, "Could you please stop that, it tickles." She nodded blinking it away so she was focused on the green eyes once again. She stood from her seat and glided across the room to stand in front of him. The room practically held its breath as she inspected him.

"Your magic is almost suffocating child," she said finally to him thinking he might get annoyed with her remark.

He just shrugged at her surprising her, "I know, but I don't know anyone who can teach me control, who are you?" he asked curiously tilting his head.

She smirked tweaking his nose, "Aw you're so cute, I might just have to steal you from dear Salik for myself. I am these brats grandmother Queen Lera Tallin of Laquexia, if you want to add all the pomp."

Harry grinned, "Harry Potter, and from the way Salik is steaming you might have to go through him if you try to 'steal' me."

She flicked her hand dismissively, "Salik is still a century behind ever catching up with me."

"Yeah but in the mean time I can still make your daily life hell," Salik paraded coming to stand next to Harry. "Such as telling the Council who really spiked the punch at Councilman Charnie's birthday party."

"You're no fun, just like your grandfather and your father. It must be something about the Tallin line but they all seem to attract the fun crazy people as mates," she said with a grin.

"I get the strangest feeling that was a compliment," Harry muttered while Terry snorted.

"Believe me their rare."

"Ah well besides the fact you found your mate, which I have to say congratulations, what else do I need to know?"

It was a long while before she knew of everything that happened and she seemed torn between tearing Dumbledore apart or beaming in pride at the Teens in front of her.

"Not even King and your already bashing Political figures, however you must return home with me by the end of the week. Harry I have sorted out your schedule. During the week you come to Azkaban on Monday's, Wednesday's, and Thursday's where we will be giving you lessons and showing you around the Island. You will return in time for dinner giving you time to finish your Homework. On the weekends you will spend them at Azkaban for more practical lessons." She finished quickly.

Harry looked shaken, "Well this will be an exciting few weeks at least. When is my first visit?" Salik sent calming feelings to the other making him relax slightly and flash him a smile.

"When we first return," Salik replied, "This weekend so you can get acquainted with the castle and its occupants." He was silently praying his Grandfather didn't come storming to Hogwarts by then, he would be a lot less subtle then his Grandmother.

Harry nodded slightly memorizing it all, "Is that everything?" They all looked at each other considering before nodding. Harry grinned and plopped down on the couch pulling Salik with him in an undignified heep.

He looked to Lera with an evil grin, "It is with my experience that grandparents always have embarrassing stories to be told about grandchildren."

Salik looked horrified as Lera's grin spread wider, "You are evil!"

"But I'm so good at it," Harry pointed out before leaning against the other, "Besides I already know some, I especially like the one about you racing through the castle al natural because you didn't want a bath."

Salik blushed.

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