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If I did, his name would be "Wasabi"



All lies.

All of it.

Tell them you're lying!

It's some sick joke, right?

Tsunade, tell everybody your kidding!

Come on Kakashi! It's a lie!

Don't turn away! Look at me!

It's a lie!

It has to be a lie!

Why him?

Of all people! Why him?

No, tell them you're lying!

Why is he here? Right now, here?

Tsunade stop him!

I can here someone screaming! Is…is it me?

It's me!

He's touching me!

Oh my Kami, why is he touching me?

No! Stop! GO back!

I'm not yours!


I can taste blood in my mouth.

Is it…it's blood, I'm biting him.

His hands….so cold.

Tsunade! Stop him!

Please! Don't take me away from Konoha!

Please! It's not too late


He's pressing my pressure point!

I'm falling into darkness.


Go back!

I don't want you!

It's all a fucking lie!


Sakura shot out of bed with a shudder. Her skin damp with sweat glowed in the dying embers of the fire that previously resided in the fireplace. She glanced around, green eyes darting wildly in the darkness. Then she sighed and collapsed on the bed.

Her hand flopped against something hard and she turned her head to gaze at it. It was a journal.

Slowly, she brought it to her face and read the first and only entry in the journal.

July 6th

'My name is Sakura Haruno. I was once a Konoha nin, apprentice to the Hokage Tsunade. Now, I am an Otogakure medic. I am 15 years old. And I am betrothed to the devil named Orochimaru.'