Escaping Love

"So where exactly are you taking me?" I asked as I sat tied to a chair.

"We're taking you to Port Royal." The sailor replied in an exasperated tone.

"But why?" I asked, trying as hard as I could to annoy the brute.

"Because, as I have explained three times before, you are a pirate. You have been captured, and you are going to be executed before the Governor of Port Royal." I sailor grimaced, and I had to hide my laugh.

"Governors aren't considered Royal, am I correct?" I asked.

"No. Governors aren't Royal." He spat.

"So why exactly is it called Port Royal? I mean I understand the port part, considering its right beside the sea, and it has an extremely large port, which is incidentally on the left side of the city. You know just like the left side of a ship and ships need ports. Well, I guess I could be on the right side of the city, or the starboard, depending on which way you look at the town. But it's not royal in the least, therefore I find it very poorly named. Not well thought out at all."

"Look, I didn't name the city, I'm just taking you there. Would you just shut-up?" He turned his back to me. My plan was going perfectly.

"That's not very nice." I said, hiding my smile with a deep frown. "I just want someone to talk to. It's so lonely sitting here all day with no one to talk to. You're the first person that's come in here in a few days."

"That's because you've tried to escape numerous times and almost succeeded each of those times. The captain thinks you require constant watching. Unfortunately, I had to be the one to watch you." I hid my grimace. None of my previous escape plans had worked, but I was sure this one would. I was going to annoy my guards until they left the room. During my last escape attempt, I had loosened the window on the side of the ship, and they had yet to notice it. I had a small dagger hidden where I could cut the ropes, and climb through the window. I knew I'd have to wait until we were just close enough to shore that I wouldn't drown, but I knew that land could be seen on the horizon, and that it was only a matter of an hour before I'd be carrying out my plan.

"Well, you're not much fun to talk to. Haven't you ever heard of people skills?" I asked. He groaned.

"I can't take you anymore! I'm going to stand out there." He said pointing to the door. "Because you are driving me mad. You're daft, and dim. Don't try anything. Not that you could with all of those ropes around you." He stepped outside onto the deck of the ship and shut the door behind him with a loud bang. I didn't even dare to breathe until I heard the familiar click of a lock being pushed into place.

"Part one complete and a success. Part two: Port Royal here I come! Oh, I love the power of manipulation!" I said to myself cutting the ropes from my bind.