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Sam was walking through the most beautiful garden he'd ever seen. No, not beautiful, peaceful. Yeah, that was it. Every plant, flower and tree was brimming with life; everything lit with an inner light, no death. Demons did not exist, time was not a concern, but best of all, there was no pain, no sense of loss. Sam felt completely calm for the first time in over a year.

But as he turned a corner, he noticed he wasn't alone. A girl was sitting on a bench. She was pretty, in a simple way. She had long blonde hair, currently hiding her face and showering in a cascade.

"Hey," Sam said.

"Hey Sam," She looked up, and as she did, he noticed she had the most gorgeous blue eyes, the kind he could swim in. "Do you like my garden?"

"Who are you? How do you know my name?" He wasn't worried, just curious as to how she knew.

"Hmm, silly! I'm in your head!" She laughed and it felt like cool water running down his back.

"But I've never met you before." Sam was confused, where was this place? "What's your name?"

"It depends on who you ask," the girl gave an aura of happiness, intelligence, and tranquility, "some people call me 'freak' or 'weirdo' while others call me 'b'." she shrugged "But on my birth certificate, it says 'Kerry'. You can call me whatever you like." She said it matter-of-factly, unperturbed by the names people were calling her. Sam ignored it since she didn't care, besides, he was more interested in where they were.

"OK Kerry, where are we? Is this place real? Why are you in my head?" He began to feel nervous, an alien feeling in this garden.

"Oh Sam, don't worry! This place is ours and ours alone!" But even with her bright smile and glittering eyes, she looked away quickly.

"But you didn't answer my questions..."

"Sam, please, don't get agitated! You'll only make it worse!" And, in fact, as Sam's worry increased, several flowers lost their petals and trees were beginning to turn. "No, no, no...NO!" Kerry began to hug herself.

"Kerry, what's wrong?" Sam's worry, far from dropping, intensified as she began to change too. "What's happening?"

Even as he rushed forward to console her, Kerry's skin began to turn into a deep grey. She kept repeating "no, no no..." with her head in her hands. Her luscious locks began to fall out in great clumps. "Don't look at ME!" Kerry tried to fend Sam off in humiliation, but even as she flung out her hand, the skin covering it fell to the ground with a SPLAT!

"KERRY! Wha-?" Sam could only watch as the once beautiful girl decomposed before his eyes. "What do I do to fix this?"

She moaned, though out of disgust at him or in pain, he could not tell. He tried in vain to grip her. The skin on her shoulders came off in his hands, and as he looked on in horror, her muscles began to slough off. No longer able to hold herself up, she began to fall off her bench. Sam grabbed for her again, but in his hands was nothing like the beautiful girl she was.

"...Sam..." Kerry was struggling for breath, as her lungs began to pop and shrivel, "Sam, help me! help me...Please!"

"But what can I do?"

The only thing that answered him was the popping of those deep blue eyes and before he realized it, Sam was holding bones.

"KERRY!" Sam Winchester awoke with a start, calling out her name and drenched in sweat.

In the next bed, Dean Winchester jolted awake, looking around all corners of the room, looking for unknown attackers through his half awake eyes.

"Sam?...What?" Now he looked halfway between anger and concern. "You havin' one o' those freaky-a visions again? Hopefully one involving Playboy bunnies?"

"Huh?...No, don't think so..." Sam was still trying to piece it together himself. He knew there was peace, a garden, and a beautiful girl. "It was a dream...there was this girl..."

"Oh, Sammy's gettin' laid in his dreams!" He was playing it cool, but Dean always knew Sam's dreams were no kegger. "With that chick, Kerry? The one you were callin' to?"

"Yeah. We were in a garden, then it got weird..."

"She's kinky?" Dean asked hopefully, though he knew that had nothing to do with the dream.

"No, Dean, shut up, I got a headache."

"Alright, so it was weird how?...Damn, it's five, no more sleep for me..."

Looking at his watch, Sam also figured that it was time to get dressed. Besides, he wasn't getting anymore sleep today. Not with the pictures of her in his head.

"So how was it weird? c'mon Sam, make with the sharin' "

Sam sighed. "She died"

"Well okay, that's not weird, at least for the stars of your head show."

"No, it was different, different than the visions."

"A new car different, or a new body different?"

"Neither, I can't really explain it," Sam paused, as if ready to jump off the high dive, "I felt peaceful in the beginning, calm, not like the visions."

"C'mon feelings boy, you can tell me about it over some Java." Dean shrugged on his favorite leather jacket and got out the keys to his '67 Impala.

Following him out the door, Sam pondered for a moment. "Well, I was walking though a garden-" Dean snorted. "Oh, shut up! Anyway, I was walking, and this girl was sitting on a bench. She knew my name, and said the garden was hers."

Dean lost it, and opening the car door, fell into his seat laughing his head off. "You're a dirty-minded boy, you know that Sammy?"

"DEAN! C'mon, I'm serious here, Kerry could be in danger!" He sat down in the car, long limbs folding into the interior

"Alright, alright, continue, don't get your panties in a bunch..."

"Right, so, I asked her how she knew me, and she said that it was my head that we were in. I asked her where we were, really, but she avoided the question. I know, it sounds like a normal dream, but then it changed. I started getting worried, then all the plants died."

They pulled into a diner parking lot, parked, and got out.

"So? Plants dying may mean evil, but in dreams that doesn't really matter. I dream 'bout Demon stuff all the time."

"No, then she started to rot! Like nothing we've seen so far! First Kerry's skin went grey, then it shed right off her! Next went her hair, then her muscles just fell off!"

"Would it be too un-manly for me to say 'ew'?" Dean cringed, "It's like that shape-shifter, huh?"

"Nah, this was like dry rot...but anyway, that wasn't the worst of it. Even though her muscles were gone, she could still speak. She said, 'Sam, help me please!' 'Course, I didn't know what to do, so I asked, but she was barely alive. Then her eyes exploded..."

"DUDE!" Dean looked down at his plate of eggs, "Man, now I can't eat..."

"Yeah, well, I saw them...what do you think it means?"

"I don't know, but with your HD visions there, it could be anything, could be nothin'..."

"Yeah, I guess...hey, what do you mean, you dream about Demons?"

"Nuthin', just forget I said it" Dean dug into his food, repressing the exploding eyeballs.

"C'mon Dean. Do you have nightmares?"

"NO!" He looked away, " I dream that I hunt stuff and kill the SOBs."

"Fine, whatever...let's just eat."