"Oh, son of a..." Can this day go any worse? Dean tried to get his gun, but Sam's weight prevented him from reaching back to get it. He had put it in the back of his pants before getting Sam. "Hey, Tiff, any chance you'd like to not attack us?"

"How'd you get loose?" She didn't seem particularly concerned. She was carrying a rather suspicious looking bag, with the tip of a knife sticking out. She took a step forward, hand outstretched, "Go back down, before I blast you there."

"Uh...sure, Kerry, you good?" They started backing down the steps, dragging Sam with them. About halfway down, however, he groaned and moved slightly.

"Oh crap! He's gonna start again!" Kerry was half hysterical, probably because she was the smallest of the three of them.

But Sam didn't make another move or sound. As they laid him down, he groaned again but didn't move.

The witch followed them slowly, keeping an eye and hand trained on Dean. But as they stood up, Dean saw she was curious more than anything.

"What did you mean, 'He's gonna start again'? What's wrong with him?"

"You mean besides the fact you knocked him god knows where with your spell? Concerned that your sacrifice might die before you can put the kibosh on him?" Dean's anger flared unexpectedly, mostly because she was curious in that scientific can-I-experiement-on-you kind of way.

She took a step towards Sam.

"Oh no you don't!" Dean pulled out his gun and pointed it straight at the witch's chest, somewhat wary of the witch. His head still throbbed from the last time he pulled a gun on her.

"Silly boy, you couldn't get me with that before!"

"Excuse me for not having any of your hocus-pocus, you freak!"

She turned towards him, away from Sam. Now she was getting angry, "A freak?"

"Yeah bitch! I called you a freak!" Dean looked at Kerry, whose face was completely dumbfounded. Dean motioned with his head, and realizing what he was doing, she nodded and began moving behind Tiffany.

"Do you have a death wish, boy? Or do you enjoy pain?" She half grinned, an interested gleam in her eyes.

"Oh, I don't do old people, sorry. Up there with Necrophilia."

Kerry was directly behind the witch now, raising her shoe to bash it into their captor's head.

"Kerry dear, you don't want to do that." Tiffany hadn't taken her eyes off Dean during the entire exchange. Now, she whirled and sent a spell, flinging Kerry into the opposite wall. Kerry slid down, but Dean was relieved to see that she was still conscious.

"YOU THINK ME TO BE THAT STUPID?" Now Tiffany was pissed. Gunshots split the air as Dean fired his gun. But the witch didn't go down. No, in the silence following, there were two metallic clings as the bullets hit the ground.


She had shielded the bullets, throwing up a wall of protection just before they hit her.

"I told you boy! Bullets won't work!" She started advancing on Dean, moving her hands in a complex gesture. He had no choice but to back into the wall.

A white-hot pain suddenly erupted in Dean's chest. He doubled over, struggling to breathe. His lungs felt as if they were on fire. With every torturous exhale, he was sure that he would spout fire. He was on the brink of passing out, oxygen couldn't reach his lungs, though he took deep breaths.

"How does it feel, having embers in your lungs? Every inhale sends more oxygen down to the flames, feeding it all the more." Tiffany explained this all very casually, "You must learn, you can't defeat me."

"Oh, I think you'll find we can."

There was a flash of blade. The witch's look of anger became one of shock, in the split second before her head tumbled to the ground and her body fell over.

Sam stood behind her, his knife in hand. He looked both exhausted and relaxed, with a tinge of pain.

"Sam! Hey, man, you're among the living! Dammit, don't scare me like that!" Dean stood up, all pain gone, and walked over to Sam, "How are ya?"

"Got a killer headache, but I'm cool." Sam looked around, "What happened?"

"Uh...do you remember anything from when you were out? Cause man, you had me freaked! You were yellin' and movin' all over the place."

"Oh. Yeah. It hurt..." Sam was avoiding Dean's curious look.

"Well, what did you see?"

"I don't know, let me sort it out."

Kerry joined them, massaging the points where her body hit the wall, "Urgh, I feel like I was hit by a semi."

The brothers exchanged a look that said, clearly, she's never been hit by a semi.

"What about you moving stuff, do you remember any of that?"


Dean interrupted, "We don't know if that was you Sammy." He threw Kerry a pointed look. "Look, let's just get out of here. Man, I hate witches..."

"Hey, umm...what should we do about the body?" Kerry asked, "We can't just leave it here, it'll smell and someone will find it."

"Yeah, we'd better burn it." Dean hunted around his jacket for the Zippo. "Do people really come here anyway?"

"I dunno, probably. It's just out of season right now."

"Wait, those amulets!" Sam interjected.


"Yeah, the necklaces. We don't know what'll set them off."

"Good point. Let's take 'em."

"What? Dean, no. Those things are unpredictable and dangerous."

"Exactly. We'll just make sure that we use 'em on the bad guys, not us."

"Oh. Great." Sam had too big of a headache to argue. Besides, he could always get rid of them later.

They removed the charms and Dean set the witch ablaze. They hurried up the stairs and locked the trapdoor with the newly added lock.

"Well, that sucked."

"Yeah, hey Kerry, do you need a lift?"

"Yeah, that would be awesome. Hey, what happened to my car?" She grew somewhat alarmed, "She didn't...?"

"No, your mom said the police had it towed back to your house." They got into the Impala, Kerry looking around appreciatively.

"What?!? The police drove it..." She paled, "Well, at least it's at home...Oh goody!"

The raised their eyebrows at her.

"Can't a girl say 'oh goody' about her car?"

"uh...sure" Dean pulled into her driveway, "Holy crap..."

"What?" She looked through the windshield, worry showing on her face, "What's wrong?"

"A GTX?"

"Oh, you like my car?" She asked slyly

"Oh goody..." Dean echoed her sentiment.

In her driveway was a '65 Plymouth Belvedere GTX, black soft top.

"Tell me that's a convertible..."

"Uh-huh!" Kerry seemed very proud of her car, especially to another muscle car owner.

"Kerry, you're gonna have to let him drive that." Sam had his head on the backrest, eyes closed.

"What? No! No one but me drives my baby!"

Sam laughed tiredly, "That doesn't sound familiar. Dean, I think you've met your match."

"Can I at least look under the hood?"

"As long as you don't touch anything!"

Dean grumbled, but hurried over to pop the hood, while Sam and Kerry exchanged emails.

"Look, I know this stuff has probably freaked you out for a lifetime, but I think we're a part of something."

"Yeah, I know, save me the speech. I can deal. But I'm needed here, so I can't help you further, sorry."

"Yeah, well email me if anything strange pops up."

"You too! I want to be informed! And I don't want to go hunting through your head for it either!" She grinned, "But I did enjoy being the girl of your dreams..."

Sam gave her a half grin, "Yeah, don't think you'd enjoy the other plot lines in my head."

She shrugged, "Maybe I'll stop by your la-la land and say hi. I'll run a review before I show up completely."

"I'd like that. Just be careful what you get."

"Kerry, that is one bitchin' car." Dean was done ogling, though by the grease he attempted to hide, he done more than look.

She raised an eyebrow, clearly not fooled, "Sure, I know. Have a good look?"

"Uh-huh. Alright, let's hit the road Sammy. See ya Kerr-Bear, stay away from tool sheds."

"Yeah, Dean, as long as you eat some turkey now and again." She winked.

"Uh, yeah. 'Bye"

"Bye Kerry. Sorry for getting you involved." Sam began to frown

"No, no, I was already there. Sam, you saved me, not anything else!" She looked up, feeling the same pit in her stomach. "None of this is our fault." She reached up and hugged him.

He hugged back, somewhat surprised at her affection.

"Bye Sam. Take care of yourself."

"Yeah, you too."

And the brothers hopped into the Impala, leaving the garden of Eden behind.

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