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-Ten-Faced Paladin

KSM: The Advent

By Ten-Faced Paladin

Chapter 1: It's All in the Cards.

Tokyo was usually a nice city that was very well ordered and usually peaceful to a degree. True, there were exceptions, but for the most part it was a very peaceful city. Well, today was not one of those days. Today was a day where panic and mayhem were the order of the day. The cause of this mayhem was currently making its way down the streets, crushing anything in front of it under its sheer weight.

The monster was bulky and it was obvious that it had a lot of muscle. Its skin was a dark blue and it had straps wrapped around its arms and chest. Its face was somewhat skeletal with a dark blue visor over its face. It was also wearing black leather pants that were held up by an ornate belt. Every so often it would let off an echoing screech that would cause anyone who was around to clutch their ears in pain. This creature was a Beast Spirit.

Beast Spirits were ancient beings who had done battle 10, 000 years ago to see which species would have the right to populate the earth and the losers would be sealed for all eternity. In the end, it was humanity who had won and brought the age of humanity to the earth. Fast forward to now, and it seems that the Beast Spirits have been released again after an archeological dig discovered where the Beast Spirits had been sealed and accidentally had them released. Now they were free to go to town whichever way they wanted. This one in particular wanted to cause havoc.

The Beast Spirit kept walking until a motorist, who hadn't been paying attention saw it straight ahead and slammed the brakes. The car stopped just inches from hitting the Beast Spirit. It just stared at the motorist and the car for a brief second before it suddenly jumped into the air without warning. The motorist cried out in fear before he abandoned his car and made a run for it; a wise move on his part because the Beast Spirit came flying back down on top of the car. There was a huge crunch as the Beast Spirit crushed the car under its own sheer weight. Apparently satisfied with the cars destruction, the Beast Spirit got up and began walking again.

When it did manage to get out of the wreckage, the Beast Spirit noticed that there were two humans some distance away that weren't running. They weren't even cowering or doing anything remotely connected to fear. They were just standing there staring at the Beast Spirit. Confused, the Beast Spirit peered closer to see who these two were.

The person on the left was a boy. He wore a pair of black pants and a blue Chinese shirt that was worn underneath a black jacket. A white scarf was wrapped around his neck and goggles were seen on his head. His hair was auburn and was tied in a braid that reached down his back to his waist. His eyes were a noticeable shade of green.

The person on the right was a girl. Her eyes were a storm blue color and she had black hair that reached down her back and was tied back with a black bow ribbon. Her bangs were still sticking out. She wore a black leather jacket worn over a red shirt. She also had jeans on with combat boots. She also wore a black choker and black fingerless gloves.

The boy was holding a cell-phone and was looking at it before turning his attention back to the Beast Spirit again.

"It's the Whale Beast Spirit, onee-chan," the boy spoke as he put the phone away before pulling out a hexagonal belt buckle that was silver and blue.

"Sure," the girl nodded as she pulled out a hexagonal belt buckle that was silver and red. "Let's just seal this thing. Out lunch hour's going to end soon and I haven't been able to eat yet."

"Hai, Onee-chan," the boy nodded.

Both teens brought the buckles to their waists and a belt came out of them and wrapped around their waists. The boy pulled out a card with a spade and the letter 'A' on it accompanied by the image of a blue dragon. The girl pulled out a similar card that had a heart and a red phoenix on it. Both of them slipped the card into their buckles before looking at the now confused Beast Spirit.

"Henshin!" the both called out loudly.

Both buckles snapped open to reveal a spade in the boy's buckle and a heart in the girl's buckle. Both buckles launched rectangular fields of energy. One of them held an image of a dragon while the other held the image of a phoenix. Both teens ran towards the fields and didn't hesitate to step through them. When they both emerged from the fields, they had changed.


The boy was now donned in a silver and blue suit of armor that was worn over a blue bodysuit. The torso armor was blue with a silver front as were the shoulder pads. He also had gold bracelets on his silver gauntlets and metal adorned on his knee high boots. His helmet had a silver faceplate and green eyes with a single horn. On his chest was the symbol of the spade with a dragon inside of it.


The girl's armor was significantly different from her brother's. The chest armor was black with a red heart on the centre of the chest with a phoenix inside of it. Her bodysuit was red with black gauntlets and boots that had red armor plating on them. Her helmet had a silver mouth guard and a red visor. A pair of long, curved, silver 'horns' also adorned the top of her head. The visor of the helmet was also shaped like a heart.

The silver and blue warrior drew his sword and pointed it at the Whale Beast Spirit, "I am the hero destined to use his blade to slash a path to the future! The dragon of the storm fated to wield the Dragon Fang! The legendary Knight of Seiryu! I am Draco! Kenzan!"

The other warrior nodded as she stepped forward holding a bow which had blades on it, "You can just call me Mimic. No need for a fancy speech for me."

The Whale Beast Spirit didn't seem impressed. It just snorted and let off another screech before it charged at the two Knights. Draco and Mimic didn't need a better signal than that and then they started their own charge at the Beast Spirit. The Beast Spirit swung its meaty arms at them both in hopes of beheading them. Mimic and Draco merely rolled underneath. Draco swiftly turned around and lashed out with his sword. Sparks flew from the impact across the Beast Spirits tough hide. Went it went to attack them again, it slipped on a sheet of ice conjured up by Mimic.

"Have a nice trip? See you next fall!" she joked before the girl drew a card from a holster attached to her belt and slashed it through a device attached to her weapon. Her card depicted a hawk blowing a tornado.

"TORNADO!" the device called as the image from the card appeared above her and was absorbed into her weapon. Mimic merely stood straight and took aim at the Beast Spirit as Draco forced it back.

"Otouto-chan! Move!" she shouted.

Draco immediately stopped his assault and leapt to the side. The Beast Spirit looked at Mimic for a split second before she unleashed an assault of ice and fire arrows that she conjured. The arrows traveled in a cyclonic motion. The Beast Spirit grunted as blasts of fire or burst of ice made impact against it at a high velocity thanks to the card she had used. Draco made his way behind the Beast Spirit and spread out a series of panels that came from the hilt of his sword. He gripped one of the cards that he had, it had an image of a lizard with a bladed tail, and he drew it before closing the panels again. Gripping it, he slashed it through a scanner on his blade.

"SLASH!" the weapon called as an image of the card appeared above Draco before it was absorbed into his body. Energy began to run through the blade of his sword before he began his charge at the spirit,

"My turn, onee-chan!" Draco called.

Mimic immediately halted her barrage and the Whale Beast Spirit turned around when it heard Draco's voice. It really didn't have time to react before Draco landed an electrified slash across its torso. The Whale Beast Spirit screeched in pain before it was hurled to the ground by the force of the blow. It also writhed in agony from the electric voltage racing through its body. Draco stood straight as he reached to his sword and drew a card from it. This one was blank.

"In the name of the dragon, I declare you sealed!" Draco exclaimed before he threw the card at the Beast Spirit.

The card flew through the air and attached itself to the Beast Spirit's chest by the corner. The creature then began to glow green while the card began to spin. The Beast Spirit was then sucked into the card like it was being pulled in by a vacuum. When it was gone, the card flew back to Draco's outstretched hand. He took a moment to take a look at it.

"Category 5 of Diamonds: Drop Whale," he said to Mimic, who was walking towards him.

"Darn," Mimic sighed as she shook her head. "This one's one of Pluto's then."

"RIGHT!" a new voice shouted.

Draco and Mimic turned around to see who had spoke. They both landed their gaze on a new figure that wore a suit of armor not unlike theirs.

His name was Pluto. He was a knight like Mimic and Draco who fought against Beast Spirits. He was also the one who had chosen Draco and Mimic to be Knights in the first place. The only thing was that while he knew who they were, they didn't know who he was. It was a little annoying sometimes when they wanted to talk to him.

His armor also had its own little theme like Draco and Mimic's did. White armor was on his body while black stripes adorned his chestplate and back. He had diamond shaped shoulder pads which pointed upwards. He also had a diamond symbol on his belt and on his chest. His bodysuit was black with white metal plating on his boots and gauntlets. His helmet was white with black extensions from the eyes to emulate tiger ears. His eyepieces were white while even more tiger stripes covered the sides of his face and the back of his helmet. Right now he was leaning on a lamppost with his arms folded.

"And just where the hell were you?!" Mimic shrieked as she stormed up to the Knight of Byakko.

"Hello to you too, Kat," Pluto sighed before he turned to Draco. "Leo."

"Konnichawa, Pluto-san," Draco bowed before he held out the Drop Whale card. "This is yours, I believe."

"Thanks," Pluto smiled under his helmet as he took it.

"Ahem!" Mimic growled as she put her hands on her hips. "I repeat, where were you?"

"Well," Pluto replied as he stood up. "I was going to send the two of you a message when the Beast Spirit suddenly popped up. I decided that it would be the perfect chance to tell you face to face. The reason I didn't help was that it seemed you two had this in the bag. Looks like I was right."

"Rrrr," Mimic growled in annoyance.

"What's the message, Pluto-san?" Draco asked politely.

"New orders from HQ," Pluto replied, catching the two Knights' attention. "We've begun to hear reports of strange monsters in other districts of Tokyo. They want you guys to investigate."

"Is it Beast Spirits?" asked Mimic.

"Don't know," Pluto shrugged. "That's why we're sending you guys ASAP. If it is you'll have to seal them. If it isn't then you have to find out just what it is."

"So where are they?" asked Draco.

"The Nerima district and the Juuban district," Pluto answered.

"Nerima?!" gasped Mimic.

"Juuban?!" Draco cried.

"Oh good," Pluto snickered. "You know about them?"

"Of course I know about Nerima," Mimic snorted. "Who hasn't? All the rumors about martial artists that go berserk out there and causr all that property damage. Sounds like my kind of place when I feel like sharpening my skills."

"You shouldn't fight needlessly, onee-chan," Draco chided gently before he turned to Pluto. "A lot of the guys in my class always go on about those warriors of Love and Justice called the Sailor Senshi. They always have pictures of them and stuff. I admire their courage for fighting against monsters but I'm not exactly sure why they wear those outfits."

Mimic sweatdropped inside her helmet. She had heard about the Senshi too and while she respected them for fighting like they do, she couldn't help but wonder what possessed them to wear fukus like that. The sweatdrop had come from the fact that when the boys in her school drooled at the sight of them, her brother barely batted an eye. Her brother just didn't seem to be interested in any girl and if a Sailor Senshi couldn't catch his attention while the other boys drooled for them, she began to wonder just what would.

"Question of all time," Pluto sighed. "Anyway, there's also something you should know too. It seems that a group of fighters calling themselves Celestial Knights have appeared and are helping the Senshi fight these monsters. There are five of them now but that could change sooner or later. Just thought to keep you up to date."

"Okay," Mimic nodded. "So who's going where?"

"HQ is sending me to Juuban," Pluto replied. "You two are going to be placed in Nerima."

"Huh?" Draco pondered while he scratched his chin. "Wouldn't it be smarter to just send onee-chan and I to separate places. There are two of us."

"A good point," Pluto nodded. "But you two work better as a team and I'm more effective alone more often than not. Besides, you are pretty much the only one who can keep your sister's temper from going nuclear."

"Hey!" Mimic frowned behind her helmet. "I'm not that bad."

Pluto just glanced at her before continuing, "You two had better investigate when you're done with school. The last report was a horde of the things showing up but one of those Celestial Knights blew them all away. Things are calm for the moment but it may not stay that way for long."

"We'll go after school then," Draco nodded.

"Good," Pluto replied. "I'll try to meet up with you guys if I find anything."

With that, Pluto walked away from the two Knights and around the corner of a building. A moment later he could be seen roaring away on a motorcycle. Mimic just shook her head before she closed her belt and extracted her card. The phoenix field passed over her and changed her back to normal. Draco did the same with his card and the dragon field did the same to him.

"That guy annoys me sometimes," Kat sighed as she got some stiffness out of her arm.

"He's still our superior, onee-chan," Leo reminded her. "We wouldn't be Knights if it weren't for him."

"Sometimes I wonder if it was a good idea," Kat grumbled. "So, when should we head out there?"

"We just agreed to go after school, onee-chan," Leo replied as he looked at his watch. "But I think we'd better get back there fast. The lunch hour is going to end pretty soon."

"Can't we just skip?" Kat asked, trying to use the puppy eyes.

"Okaasan said this; an education is invaluable in today's world and cannot be substituted," Draco said seriously. "You forgot your homework again, didn't you?"

"I fell asleep," Kat muttered, trying to defend her actions.


The day wore on for the twins before they were finally allowed to leave school for the day. Kat got a talking to from the teacher for forgetting her homework again. His words were still ringing in her ears when she and her brother boarded the first train out to the Nerima district. They would have taken their motorcycles but the price for fuel was something that they would rather avoid for the moment. The ride to Nerima was somewhat uneventful but it was a little surprising to see that no one got off the train besides them when the station was called.

"Seems like a nice place," Leo said.

"Looks can be deceiving, otouto-chan," his sister told him. "This place is like the centre of weirdness in Japan."

"I believe you are merely exaggerating, onee-chan."

She shrugged in response. "Maybe, but if this ends up becoming just a wild goose chase, I would want to take a crack at one of those martial artists."

Leo quietly rolled his eyes. His sister really did like to fight. When she was offered the chance to become the Knight of Suzaku she just leapt for it. Leo couldn't quite remember how his reaction went but Kat told him that he had fainted. It was a normal reaction for him. Leo was someone who didn't like to fight (he detested violence) and there he was being offered a chance to fight monsters. It took him a while to get used to it, but Leo knew that he had a duty to protect people from the Beast Spirits.

Deciding to begin their search, the twins started walking through the streets to see what they could find. Nothing seemed out of place really. People went about their daily lives with whatever events that they had during their time. There were a few odd things here and there, though. Kat thought she saw a little old man in black hopping across rooftops with a sack on his back but when she blinked he was gone. She decided to stay on her guard if some of the rumors about a perverted gnome were true. When they were passing the local high school, Furinkan, the twins heard someone spouting in some kind of Shakespearian language.

"Reminds me a little of you, otouto-chan," Kat smirked.

"At least I don't quote my philosophy all the time like that fool," Leo frowned, feeling a little upset that his sister compared his speech to whoever was spouting off nonsense on the school grounds.

Unknown to them, Tatewaki Kuno sneezed in the middle of his speech on how he shall free his true loves from the 'villainous sorcerer' Ranma Saotome.

Feeling a little hungry now, the twins decided to find someplace to eat. The locals seemed to agree that two places were the best in town. A place called the Nekohanten (Cat Café) and a place called Ucchan's. This brought the twins into somewhat of a conflict.

"I want to see this 'Cat Café', onee-chan," Leo argued. "I love Chinese food and I want to see if it's any good."

"I know you do," Kat frowned. "But I was told that the okonomiyaki in that other place, Ucchan's, is to die for and I don't want to miss out on this."

"Onee-chan!" Leo whined, trying the cute way to make his sister cave.

"Oh, don't try that on me," Kat frowned. "You know it won't work."

Leo didn't reply. He just continued on the look that said 'I'm so cute you'll take me to the place I want to go.' Granted, he was a little old for the technique to be effective for a boy but he could always rely on it to affect his sister. Kat held her ground but she knew that it was only a matter of time before she caved. She couldn't really refuse her little brother. With this in mind, she decided to try a compromise.

"Okay, how about this?" she began. "You can go to your little Cat Cafe while I head out to Ucchan's. We can do a search while heading there and we meet back at Furinkan after we're finished. Deal?"

"Hai, onee-chan!" Leo grinned. "Daisuki!"

Kat just rolled her eyes as she and her brother parted ways. Leo could just be so naive at times. It was one of the things that Kat guessed that she loved about him. Taking a glance back to her brother, Kat continued on her way towards her destination.


There was a ringing bell noise as Leo stepped inside the Cat Cafe. He looked around and noted that it was a nice enough place in appearance. The real test would come when he ordered something. Finding an empty spot, Leo sat down and merely waited. He didn't have to wait long until a pretty girl with long purple hair and buns on her head came to him with a menu.

"Welcome, customer!" she smiled brightly. "Shampoo be waitress today! Want to order now?"

Draco idly noticed her broken Japanese as she handed him the menu. He really didn't think much of it as he ordered. Shampoo took back the menu and practically bounced back to the kitchen to tell the cooks. Leo had seen her go and saw that almost every male in the room watching her go. He knew that she was cute, but Leo wasn't quite interested so his natural naive side made him question why they watched her go.

While he was waiting, Leo started to feel the hairs on the back of his neck start to rise. He had learned to trust this sensation ever since he started collecting the Beast Spirits. Quickly reaching underneath his jacket, he pulled out his bokken and managed to get it up in time to see a weighted chain wrap around it. Following the length of the chain, Leo could see it vanish into the sleeve of a Chinese boy with long white robes on. He had long black hair and a pair of glasses on the top of his head. Judging from the glasses, Leo could guess that the boy was myopic. SEVERELY myopic.

"Saotome!" the boy bellowed. "Today is the day I will defeat you and release Shampoo from your clutches!"

"Nani?" Leo gaped, now very confused. Did the boy mistake him for someone else?

"Don't play dumb with me, Saotome!" the boy growled. "We may both be Knights but that does not mean that I will not stop trying to free my love!"

Leo's attention was now very much trained on the myopic boy. He had mentioned something about Knights and from what Pluto had told them, they were active in this area as much as they were in Juuban.

'Could this guy be one of those Knights that Pluto-san told us about?'Leo idly wondered to himself

Before the myopic boy could continue his rant or attack, the waitress came seemingly out off nowhere and bopped the boy on the head. It didn't look like much, but looks could be deceiving since the boy was put into the ground.

"Aiyah!" the girl frowned angrily. "Stupid Mousse! That not Airen! That Customer! Put on glasses!"

"Huh?" the boy frowned as he slipped his thick glasses over his eyes. He then blinked as he finally saw Leo, clearly. "Oops."

"You never learn, boy," a wizened voice groaned from the kitchen.

Leo turned his gaze to the source of the voice and was rather surprised to see a small old lady hopping towards them on a knarled looking walking stick. She looked rather ancient but Leo could tell that she was no stranger when it came to martial arts.

'What kind of skills must she have to be able to balance like that?' Leo wondered in awe.

"My apologies, sir," the old woman bowed. "Mousse here mistook you for someone else. It seems he has still yet to learn to keep his glasses over his eyes."

The Chinese boy now known as Mousse simply scratched the back of his head. "Sorry."

"Don't worry about it. This is the most exciting thing that has happened to me all day," Leo smiled. 'Well, besides the Whale Beast Spirit."

"You know," the old woman spoke. "It was quite impressive to see you catch the boy's chain like that. Just what is you name?"

"Ryuki Leonard Narukawa," Leo bowed respectfully. "I prefer to be called Leo, though."

"A pleasure to meet you, Leo," the woman smiled. "My name is Cologne. This is my great-granddaughter Shampoo."

"Nihao!" Shampoo smiled with a wave.

'Shampoo, Mousse, and Cologne,' Leo mused. 'Must be Chinese names we can't pronounce properly or something.'

"I'd like to apologize for Mousse's behavior," Cologne spoke. "So how about we give you your order on the house?"

"Oh!" Leo gasped. "Oh, I couldn't ask for that! Your business-!"

"Oh don't worry, sonny-boy," Cologne cackled. "We actually do quite well so we can afford to give out a free meal every now and then."

"If you insist," Leo smiled before bowing. "Domo arigatou, Cologne-obaa-sama."

Cologne blinked at the reference. Normally kids these days weren't that polite or respectful towards her. Her son-in-law was one such example. It was rather refreshing to experience it from someone besides her granddaughter or that nice Tendo girl.

"My, my," she smiled. "So polite and respectful."

"My Okaasan always taught me to be polite and respect my elders," Leo explained.

"A wise woman indeed," Cologne nodded before gesturing to his seat. "Please sit. Your order will be out in a minute."

Leo bowed in thanks again before taking his seat. Shampoo soon came out and Leo quickly dug in after saying, "Itadakimasu." He was not disappointed when he tasted the food. It was really something else! Leo didn't think he could cook it much better even if he tried. He eagerly ate it up and finished. Satisfied, he said, "Gochisou sama deshita," and then he said his goodbyes to Cologne and Shampoo before leaving. Cologne watched him go with a keen interest in her eyes.

The Narukawa boy was quite odd to her. His skills suggested that he was somewhere above average in his martial arts skills but more of a demonstration would be needed if she wanted to see where. Another thing that caught her interest was his ki. It seemed mixed for some reason. Half of it seemed normal enough. The other half was the strange part. It seemed to be like a storm that was waiting to be released. Judging by it, Cologne could tell that it wasn't his naturally but with the way the two were mixing then that would change eventually. Perhaps a little studying would be in order. Who knows? Perhaps she could somehow get Leo into the tribe if he proved strong enough.


Elsewhere, Kat had sat herself down at Ucchan's and was currently enjoying her meal. She had to be honest, when she had been told about the place she didn't know what to expect. When she had dug into her okonomiyaki though, she had begun to experience a level of cooking that she recognized easily. Granted, it wasn't as good as her brother's, but it was pretty close! While she was eating, she heard people mentioning someone named Saotome. A lot of it was geared towards how he was the best fighter in the district, which quickly caught Kat's attention. If Saotome was as good as she heard, then she would just have to track him down and challenge him to a match. Maybe when the mission was over, of course

"I haven't seen you around here, sugar," the cook spoke up. "Are you new around town?"

Kat looked up to the chef who had been talking to her. She had been a hard sight to miss when Kat walked inside. Of course, seeing someone wearing a strap across their chest filled with spatulas accompanied with a very big one on their back would draw a couple of stares. Not to mention the incredibly cute waitress that had an Adam's Apple. Since no one else seemed to notice these oddities, or cared, Kat decided not to make a scene and just get something to eat.

"No," Kat replied while shaking her head. "I'm just going to be here for the afternoon. I'm looking for something."

"Uh-huh," the chef nodded with a suspicious frown. "You wouldn't be looking for Ranma Saotome would you?"

Everyone in the room suddenly froze in their tracks. Their eyes had suddenly become glued to the two young women. They knew very well of Ranma's reputation with women and they also knew what kind of destruction that could result between some of those women in question. The only one who didn't seem to catch onto this was Kat herself and she called her brother oblivious.

"Nope," Kat denied. "Frankly I only heard of him when I stepped inside. If he's as good as they say he is then I might challenge him if I get the chance."

"Oh, okay," the chef sighed in relief. "For a minute there I thought you might be another fiancée."

"Huh?!" Kat gaped, almost choking on her food. "What do you mean another fiancée?!"

The chef was about to begin explaining what she was talking about when the doorway slammed open. Everyone looked to see who it was and Kat was slightly surprised to see a slightly winded Leo standing in the doorway. Kat blinked at him before he started speaking again.

"Onee-chan!" he gasped as he stepped inside. "I think I found something!"

"What do you mean Otouto-chan?" Kat asked, as Leo walked closer.

"Is that your brother, sugar?" the chef asked. "He's kinda cute."

"Well, he's a bit oblivious when it comes to girls, however. Do you mind leaving us for a bit, um…what's your name anyway?"

"It's Ukyo," the chef answered, "And sure. Maybe we can talk some more later, sugar."

"Yeah, maybe," was Kat's reply as the chef, Ukyo, returned to the grill She regarded her brother and said, "Go on."

"Well, I was eating at that Cat Cafe place," Leo explained. "It's good food I have to admit, anyway, I was eating when this guy named Mousse came out of nowhere and attacked me-"

"WHAT?!" Kat shrieked as she stood up. "He attacked you?! No one attacks my Otouto-chan! Where is he?! I'll-"

"Onee-chan!" Leo hissed. "Calm down! He thought I was someone else and we resolved it peacefully. Could you sit down now? You're making a scene."

Kat took a deep breath and sat back down in her seat. Leo took a seat next to her and took a moment to check around him. There were no other people sitting near them and the chef was off tending to other customers.

"When that guy Mousse attacked me he called me Saotome and actually said that the two of them were Knights!" Leo whispered to his sister.

Kat blinked for a moment before she began grinning like a maniac. This was just too perfect for her. Her mission did happen to involve these Celestial Knights and hearing that one of them was probably this Saotome guy was just perfect. Now all she had to do was convince him to go against her while she was Mimic and he was in his Knight form. She hated the fact that some guys didn't want to fight her because she was a girl but they quickly changed their tunes after she got through with them.

Leo was not liking the grin on his sister's face. He easily recognized it from several incidents before. She was getting a wicked thought in her head about fighting someone. He just hoped that she wasn't going to try and fight one of the Celestial Knights. Who was he kidding? She was probably counting on fighting one of the Celestial Knights. With Pluto out on Juuban doing his investigation, it would be up to Leo to make sure his sister didn't bite off more than she could chew.

"That's a good start, otouto-chan," Kat smiled. "Why don't you order something and then we can go ask that Mousse guy about what he said."

"Hai, onee-chan," Leo smiled embarrassedly. "Running all the way here made me kind of hungry again."

Unfortunately, he never got a chance to order something from the chef when screams erupted from outside. The twins were both quick to react as they both headed outside, Kat fortunately had paid in advance so she wasn't going to have problems with local authorities.

The twins stepped outside to see what they assumed to be a Beast Spirit, even if it didn't look like the ones they had encountered before. It looked more or less like a humanoid lion of some sort. Its entire body was covered in gray armor that was spiked on the shoulders, knees, and feet. It also wore spiked bracelets on its wrists. The feet seemed to have two joints which made the feet look like an animal's. Its head was also covered with gray armor but its white mane was flowing freely. Spikes also ran down its back and poked through the length of hair. Its eyes were a sick green as it roared loudly causing whoever was left behind to run for their lives.

"Two Beast Spirits in one day?" Kat wondered. "That's odd. Why didn't our phones pick it up?"

"I'm not sure that it is a Beast Spirit, onee-chan," Leo spoke in slight concern.

The twins didn't have more time to talk when the lion creature took notice of them and roared loudly at them. Used to this kind of behavior from freaky creatures, the twins drew their Advent Buckles from their pockets and their Category Ace cards. When the belts wrapped around their waists, they slipped the cards into them.

"Henshin!" both twins called as the buckles opened to reveal their symbols.



The rectangular fields depicting the phoenix and the dragon appeared before the twins. The lion creature seemed surprised at the sight as the twins raced through the fields and were donned in their armor. Mimic hefted her bow over her shoulder and felt a little excitement in the upcoming fight. Draco stepped forward and drew his sword before pointing it at the lion creature.

"I still say it isn't a Beast Spirit," Draco insisted.

"We can argue about that later, otouto-chan," Mimic sighed. "Let's just take this thing down and see what happens."

"Hai!" Draco nodded.

Both Knights then turned to face the lion creature and they charged forward with their weapons at the ready. The lion monster let loose another roar before in charged at thee two of them. It unleashed its first attack by trying to clothesline them with its bulky arms. The twins easily ducked under it before they slashed it across the back with their weapons. Sparks flew from the creature before it managed to turn around to face them again. By that time, Draco had already drawn a card and brought it to his blade.

"TACKLE!" the sword announced before the image of an armored boar appeared above Draco and was absorbed into his body. Draco then dashed forward and slammed his body into the lion monster. It roared in pain as it was sent back several feet and crashed to the ground.

Mimic wasn't one to stay left out of a fight. So she grabbed the scanner that was at the back of her belt and slid it into place on her bow. Quickly drawing a card from her holster, she put it above the scanner before sliding it through.

"CHOP!" the scanner announced as the image of the card appeared above Mimic. It was quickly absorbed into her body before she turned her gaze to the struggling monster. It was still dazed from Draco's assault. Running forward, Mimic made a flying leap before she planted a devastating chop onto the middle of the monsters head. It roared in agony, holding its head as it stumbled back from the twins.

"Together?" Draco asked as he stepped beside his sister.

"Together," Mimic nodded before the two of them targeted the monster again.

Draco began collecting electrical energy while Mimic prepared a flaming blast. Both attacks were aimed straight at the monster as it finally managed to overcome its pain for the moment. The monster looked at its two opponents and if there were any witnesses besides the two Advent Knights who were too busy concentrating their attacks, they would have sworn that they saw the monster gulp in fear.

"RAIJIN!" Draco called as he unleashed a powerful bolt of electricity. Mimic wordlessly fired a streaming blast of fire that was aimed at the monster.

The monster roared in agony as the attacks hit it dead on. Sparks and small explosions erupted from its armor as it continued to cry out in pain. Draco and Mimic just watched in readiness should it try to attack them again. Luckily this wasn't needed as they watched the creature fall onto its back. The slight rising of its chest was the only real sign that it was still alive.

"There," Mimic smirked underneath her helmet. "That wasn't so hard and we nab another Beast Spirit."

"Onee-chan, I still say it isn't a Beast Spirit," Draco spoke up while looking to his sister. "It doesn't look anything like the ones we fought before. They looked like flesh and blood creatures. This creature looks almost like a robot in a way."

"Well then," Mimic sighed as she drew a sealing card. "Let's test that theory shall we?"

With a flick of her wrist, Mimic tossed the sealing card at the creature that was lying in front of them. The card spun through the air and came to a rest on top of the creature's chest and was sticking up by its corner. This was when things deviated from the norm. Instead of the card and creature turning green and the creature getting sucked into the card, the opposite happened. The card turned a gold color and was absorbed by the creature! As the card was pulled in, the gold light spread through the creature's body. The twins were struck speechless at the moment, neither knowing how to react. This hadn't happened before! When the gold light faded, the lion monster stirred for a moment before it stood up again. Next it did something most surprising. It began to talk!

"Ahh," it sighed in a deep male voice. "Now that was most refreshing! I suppose I'll have to thank you two for that."

"You can talk," Draco said, still recovering from his shock.

"Hey!" Mimic shouted, her senses returning. "Just how did you do that!? Beast Spirits are supposed to be sealed into the cards! Not munch them like snacks!"

"Well then there's your problem, kitten," the lion creature snickered. "I, Leogwar, am not one of these 'Beast Spirits,' as you call them. I am a Star Beast."

"'Star Beast'?" asked Draco.

"Hmmm, yes," Leogwar purred. "We Star Beasts are physical manifestations of the very stars that hang above you every night. Sadly now is not the time for a lesson like that. I'll just have to destroy you two and continue on with my mission. Maybe I'll secure those wonderful cards of yours for my masters. They would be ever so useful."

"Kuso!" Mimic cursed under her breath as she and her brother got ready to fight again.

Before any fighting could begin however, the two sides were interrupted by someone shouting, "HEY! Just who the heck are you?!"

Mimic and Draco turned to see someone in a suit of armor, but it was unlike theirs. His armor was based on a horse. Judging by how his armor was built and the rapier on his hip, he was one of the Celestial Knights that Pluto had told them about.

"Just passing through," Draco said as he regarded the Celestial Knight. "I am Advent Knight Draco and this is my sister, Advent Knight Mimic."

"Well, you and your sis should step aside and let a real Knight handle this," the Celestial Knight spoke confidently.

'A real Knight?' Mimic fumed in her mind. Just what were her brother and herself? Chopped liver?

"Hey, you know who we are so who are you!?" Mimic demanded.

"Knight of the Moon," the Celestial Knight spoke, "Lunar."

Mimic was about to shout at him some more when Leogwar apparently got impatient and roared yet again. The Advent Knights turned to face him and were surprised to see that he was almost upon them. He was fast for someone who was encased in armor that was as thick as it was. Mimic raised her bow and prepared to slash at him but when she did, Leogwar just jumped right at her and continued running at Lunar.

"Uh...what just happened?" Mimic asked as she turned her confused gaze towards the Star Beast and Celestial Knight.

"I don't think Leogwar sees us as a threat, onee-chan," Draco replied.

"What?!" Mimic hissed. How dare that Star Beast just disregard her! She had been fighting Beast Spirits for Kami-sama knows how long now and this Star Beast thing just ignores her?!

Lunar prepared himself for the fight as he drew his rapier on the lion Star Beast. Leogwar began taking swipes at Lunar with his claws but the Moon Knight just either dodged the assaults or blocked with his sword. He tried his own counterattacks but his weapon of choice was proving to be too small for the job.

"Heh," Mimic smirked. "I guess mister 'I'm-a-real-knight' can't handle a real weapon!"

"I don't know, onee-chan," Draco frowned as he watched the fight.

Lunar got some distance between himself and Leogwar before he put his sword back. Reaching to his belt buckle, he drew what seemed to be a card. This caught the interest of both twins. Apparently they weren't the only warriors who used cards. Lunar just gripped his sword and the hilt popped open to reveal a chamber. Placing the card inside, he closed the chamber.

"Sword Vent!" was heard by both twins before they saw something falling from the sky. Lunar looked straight up at it and grabbed it like it had been floating in mid-air. The twins' eyes widened when they saw that Lunar was now holding a lance with a furry hilt.

"Just where the hell did that thing come from?!" Mimic demanded, even though she knew she probably wouldn't get an answer.

"The heavens seem to be in favor with this one," Draco whispered in awe.

With his new weapon in hand, Lunar charged at Leogwar again. The lion Star Beast didn't seem to care as it charged again. He swiped at Lunar, hoping to remove his head, but the Celestial Knight was proving to be too fast even with the added weight of his new weapon. After Leogwar made another swipe, Lunar began his counterattack. He lashed out at the feline and sparks erupted from where he struck. This time, Leogwar felt it as he bellowed in agony. He stumbled backwards as Lunar pressed his assault. Slash after slash resulted in more sparks coming from the losing Star Beast. Soon it seemed that his armor was going to wear down soon. Lunar drew back his lance and with a powerful thrust, he sent Leogwar into the side of a building with enough force to crack the brick wall.

"Sugoi," Draco admired the other Knight's sword skills, earning him a glare from his sister.

Leogwar was still on his feet as he tried to attack again. Lunar just lured him out into the middle of the street as he drew another card and slid it into his rapier.

"Final Vent!" the voice from before called. This time, it was accompanied by a loud neigh.

Looking to the distance, the twins could see an armored stallion racing towards the battle from behind Lunar. As it got closer, they could see the gold lines on it as well. The twins were both slightly spellbound by the beauty of the animal as they saw more and more of it. Lunar seemed to instinctively know how far away it was before he leapt into the air. He came back down just as the horse was below him and landed on its back. The two continued their charge towards the Star Beast with Lunar holding up his lance.

"Meteor Joust!" Lunar called before he and his horse increased their speed to a point where they looked like a white blur.

Leogwar was far too slow to get out of the way. He took the final attack straight on as he bellowed in pain. Then, he exploded right in front of the shocked twins' eyes. As the flames died down, they could see Lunar on his horse trotting through the flames. Behind them was a floating orb that seemed to be like a star that had fallen to earth. Quickly drawing yet another card, Lunar slid it into his rapier.

"Seal Vent!" the voice called before the horse reared back and neighed loudly. The glowing orb seemed drawn to the horse before it was absorbed into its body,

Lunar seemed satisfied as he patted the horse's neck before he slid off and back onto the ground. He turned around and finally noticed the two Advent Knights that had witnessed the entire battle.

"Oh, are you two still here?" he asked calmly. Mimic's eye twitched under her helmet. She didn't like this guy's attitude for some reason.

"Damn right we're still here!" Mimic shouted as she stomped over to Lunar. "We were doing just fine until you showed up and started showing off!"

"Oh, please," Lunar huffed. "You had no idea what you were up against."

"Wanna bet?!" Mimic growled as she stood faceplate to faceplate against Lunar.

Draco decided that this was not what was needed when one was facing a possible ally. Going against his survival instincts in cases where his sister seemed to be getting mad, he managed to push them away from each other.

"Now, now, onee-chan," Draco reasoned. "Lunar-san does have a point. We don't know that much about these Star Beast things."

"You should listen to your brother," Lunar agreed. "I could have just left you guys to get blasted by that thing. But just where did you guys get your armor anyway? I thought me and the other Knights were the only ones who had gear like that."

"We could ask the same of you, Horsie-boy!" Mimic growled as she pushed her brother out of the way.

"HORSIE-BOY!?" Lunar cried as he narrowed his gaze at Mimic. "I dare you to call me that again you, uncute tomboy!"

"WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!" Mimic shrieked, her anger threatening to go over the top.

Draco felt pretty close to panic right about now. He felt slightly agitated at how his sister's pride was getting them in trouble with the Celestial Knight. He knew this had to end before another fight broke out. Acting quickly, he grabbed his sister's hand before he started pulling her away from Lunar.

"Come on, onee-chan," Draco tried to reason with his sister. "The Star Beast is gone so there's no reason for us to be here. Pluto-san will want to hear about this too."

"Oi! Just a minute!" Mimic shouted before she turned her gaze back to Lunar. "Next time it will just be you and me! Let's see how tough you are then!"

"I don't fight girls!" Lunar replied. "Especially uncute tomboys like you!"

"ARRRGH!" Mimic cried as she hurled a fireball at Lunar, who easily sidestepped it.

"Onee-chan!" Draco chided as he caught her attention. "That wasn't nice! He may have said something mean but that doesn't give you the right to try and roast him!"

"After all the crap he put us through he deserves it," Mimic huffed as she turned to walk away. Draco just turned to Lunar and bowed in apology before running to catch up with his sister.

Lunar just watched them go and sighed in agitation. As if one uncute tomboy wasn't enough in his life. Now he had to deal with two and this one seemed to have powers like he did. Gripping the case in his belt, Lunar slipped it out. His body was enveloped in white light before he was revealed in his civilian identity of Ranma Saotome. Sighing deeply and rubbing the bridge of his nose, Ranma just turned to head home. As he was walking, a dragon design on his shirt started moving before a small dragon erupted from where it had appeared.

"Didn't I tell you to wait for me to get out of your shirt before you changed?" the small dragon huffed.

"Couldn't wait, Draco," Ranma sighed. "That last Star Beast was way too close to Ucchan's for comfort. She may have been the next target for all I know."

"True I guess," the small dragon agreed. "But did you have to get in an argument with those other knights?"

"Hey, that uncute tomboy started it!" Ranma frowned. "You know how I react to tomboys like her! Her brother doesn't seem so bad though."

"I guess," Draco shrugged. "Their power felt a little familiar but I can't recall for the life of me.

"Oh well," Ranma shrugged. "I just want to know who the heck those two are."

To Be Continued...

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