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KSM: The Advent

By Ten-Faced Paladin

Chapter 8: Icy Heat

Kat whistled as she skated along the empty road that led towards the Tendo compound. She had shopping bags in both hands from an errand she'd run for Kasumi and her brother. They needed ingredients for dinner and were running short on several items. No doubt the reason for the shortage of food was because of Akane's attempts at cooking. Of course, Akane could no longer blindly attack Ranma since Leo would be there to take care of the mallet and use a tazer move on her to knock her out. It took hours before she would eventually woke up but at least there was peace and quiet.

She hated Genma and Akane. One was a stupid and lazy lout while the other was a spoiled brat with a superiority complex. Seeing Kat and Leo possessing more skill and not being afraid to show it irked her. Well, just this morning, she made the mistake of challenging Kat and 'caught a cold' in the literal sense of the word.

However, Kat was feeling a sense of foreboding danger. She was secretly a Beast Spirit and human hybrid, which would explain her high sync rate with her Category Ace as well as her sharp and enhanced senses. She knew danger would be coming.

And she was right.


Kat leapt from her spot as soon as something smashed down. She landed and spun around to see that it was the purple-haired girl, Shampoo, with her usual maces and one of them had just made a deep crater.

Kat, not running away, shouted, "Hey, what's your damage!?"

"You obstacle! I see you with Airen! Now, you die!" Shampoo roared as she charged at the girl.

'She must've seen me with Horsie-Boy at the cooking contest!' Kat realized. 'I could take her down, but I need to get home!' "Hey, can I get a rain check on the whole battle to the death?" Kat requested and ducked under a swing. "I guess not!" She pushed herself backwards with her left foot before spinning around and then skating away from an enraged Amazon. "I should've taken my bike!"

Kat had to make distance as she prepared a counter attack. A freezing ice beam could take care of this problem, but she needed time to prepare it. "Crap! Crap, crap!" Kat shouted as she avoided Shampoo's attack, skating along the walls even to gain some distance. Kat was in no way a coward, but she had to return with the groceries. Her twin brother was depending on her to get them and she wasn't going to get them ruined. The meals he made were worth the trouble.

Kat leaned to the side as Shampoo threw her mace at the back of her head. It nearly nicked her cheek, growling, Kat decided to end this.

"THAT'S IT!" Kat screamed. "BLIZZARD BREATH!" She breathed in and fired a torrent of arctic level winds at Shampoo, who had not expected such an attack. Kat continued to blow and when she was done, Shampoo was now in a block of ice. She skated towards the frozen bimbo and tapped the icy prison. "Don't mess with the ice queen," Kat snickered before skating towards the Tendo Dojo, leaving Shampoo to thaw out.


Ranma and Leo, meantime, were sparring and were equally matched. Ranma, after learning that the twins gained abilities from the Beast Spirits they were connected to, could tell what their fighting styles were.

Leo focused on speed and could strike unexpectedly like a storm. His electrical and wind-based powers could do a lot of damage in a short time so the auburn haired boy often regulated his strikes. Ranma could also tell that Leo was capable of unarmed combat, which made him different from Kuno who fully relied on his bokken. Leo, even if he was ever disarmed, could still continue fighting. That was good. One shouldn't rely on weapons too much.

Kat, on the other hand, was a hothead like Akane and had a bad temper but at least she didn't lash out at people when she did. Also, Kat's fire and ice powers allowed her to strike from afar and subdue the opponent swiftly. This, added with her archery skills, made her one dangerous fighter. Ranma was thankful that the twin Knights were his friends.

Ranma barely dodged a snap kick to his stomach but then Leo pulled back his leg and went into a reverse roundhouse which Ranma caught. Though Leo hadn't gone through the hellish ten years of training that Ranma had, the other boy could still give Ranma a run for his money, especially since touching Leo would guarantee a shock. Of course, Ranma also respected Leo for being a great cook. He was above Kasumi's level but modest. He wished to improve himself, experimenting with new recipes. Akane tried to do that but she kept forgetting to taste them herself. Luckily, Leo was able to force her to do so by using reverse psychology.

It had been four times now that Akane had been admitted to the hospital for food poisoning. During the last stomach pump, the doctor asked if Akane had some mental problems that needed to be addressed. Ranma had been tempted to talk about her temper, but Soun using his demon head and yelling how his 'little girl' was the picture of health ruined that idea. The funny thing was that Akane still couldn't figure out how her food tasted so bad when she was positive it was so good. Kat was betting money that sooner or later she would convince herself that someone was sabotaging her.

Back in the present, Leo and Ranma had backed away to give each other some room to breathe. Both were eyeing each other down, trying to find some kind of opening to exploit. After a moment of complete stillness, both boys suddenly lunged forward with what some would consider the speed masters would use. Leo used his foot for a forward strike while Ranma had gone for a sideways chop. Both martial artists were focused completely on landing their next blow and nothing was going to stop them.


The match suddenly stopped as both boys hit their intended target. Leo's foot was resting against Ranma's chest where it hit, sparkling with electricity while Ranma's hand was against Leo's side, causing his clothes to smoke from the amount of ki coming out of it.

Leo, instead of grimacing in pain, smiled at Ranma, "You're good, Ranma-san," before removing his foot. Ranma in turn removed his hand from Leo's side.

"Hey, you're good too," Ranma said, shaking the numbness away. "That was a shocker."

Leo responded to Ranma's joke by having electricity crackle around his fingers, "It is my forte."

"And so is cooking," Ranma noted. Leo nodded in agreement. "You know, what you said to Akane is really starting to make her think. Of course, if she could just follow the recipes…"

"A cook's life is riddled with trial and error, it is those who do not learn from their errors that will be stuck," Leo spoke, "Ojii-chan, said this."

Ranma blinked, "You usually quote your mom."

"True, but when it comes to cooking, it's better to quote my late grandfather," Leo stated. He checked his watch, "Right now, I need to take a bath and help Kasumi prepare dinner."

"You're right," Ranma agreed. "But your sis isn't-"

"GANGWAY!!" Kat shouted as she skated into the dojo at top speed, throwing the grocery bags in the air. Leo and Ranma grabbed them but then flinched when they saw Kat crash into the wall.

"Onee-chan!" Leo shouted, "Are you…?"

"I'm fine!" Kat said on the floor in a daze. "Woah, what a rush!"

"Adrenaline junkie," Ranma chuckled.

"Oh, like you're any different, Saotome," Kat grinned back.

Leo checked the groceries and was relieved that nothing was damaged. "Good, arigato, onee-chan."

"Hey, it was nothing," Kat waved it off.

"But, why were you speeding?" her brother wondered.

"A crazy purple-haired girl tried to smash me to the ground," Kat replied, frowning.

Ranma's fears had just been realized, "Oh, crap! Shampoo! Kat, she must've seen you with me at the cooking contest and thought you were another fiancée!"

"OK, that explains a lot," Kat said as she removed her rollerblades. "Well, right now she's in the middle of the road thawing."

"You froze her," Leo reasoned.

"Hey, I had to prioritize," Kat said as she stood up, slinging her blades over her shoulder. "I mean, between not ruining a good meal or getting into a fight, I chose the former."

"Well, thank you for bringing home the groceries. Now, Kasumi-san and I can get dinner ready."


As Leo left to deliver the groceries, Ranma and Kat stood alone. "So, had a good spar with my bro?" Kat asked.

"Let's just say it was a shocking experience," Ranma joked. Over the past few weeks, working together fighting the Beast Spirits and Star Beasts, the twins and Ranma had grown quite close. Ranma's only memory of having a real friend was Ukyo, and she'd ruined it by attacking the wedding as a 'favor'.

"You know, I passed by Spats," 'Spats' was Kat's nickname for Ukyo, which came from the spatulas Ukyo often sported.

"So, what did she say?" Ranma asked.

"She still cares about you," Kat responded, "And sooner or later, you both need to sort this out."


"Be a man, Horsie-Boy!" Kat snapped. "She doesn't have the nerve to come so you might as well get it out of her." She sniffed under her arms. "Ugh, I need a good warm soak. See you at dinner, Horsie-Boy." Soon after, Kat left the dojo. Leo returned to the dojo, having heard the entire thing.

"Onee-chan may be rough around the edges, but she gives good advice too," Leo commented to the pigtailed martial artist.

"Yeah, I guess," Ranma sighed. "But it's hard to trust anyone around here who isn't a Knight. I half expect that if I apologize to Ukyo then she'll see it as some 'sign' we're meant to be and just go back to trying to marry me."

"You must know her better than that," Leo commented.

"Well, she is probably one of the nicest of the Fiancée Brigade," Ranma admitted. "But usually she prefers to be a fiancée rather than my friend. Did I ever tell you about the Ultimate Weakness Moxibustion?"

"No, actually," Leo answered.

"It was a wild ride," Ranma sighed. "You see, Happosai got mad at me because I ruined one of his little raids. So to get even, he used this moxibustion point to remove my strength. I was as weak as a baby. I had speed and skill, but no strength to use it."

"Wow!" Leo gasped. "I had no idea that such things existed!"

"Things like that pop up all the time in Nerima," Ranma shrugged. "Anyway, most of my rivals were coming out of the woodwork to try and take me down since Happosai even told everyone what he did. If it wasn't for Ryoga they would have gotten me."

"That must not have been fun," Leo shivered.

"It wasn't," Ranma agreed. "Anyway, I got knocked out at one point and I woke up at Ukyo's. She tried to make me feel better but went into the nice life that we would live together and actually reminded me that I couldn't take over the dojo if I have no strength."

"Ano, don't you want to have a dojo?" asked Leo.

"Yeah," Ranma nodded. "That's why what Ukyo said hurt twice as much. Not only was she just putting me in what she wanted without asking, but it was like getting kicked while I was down."

"Still, you consider Ukyo your friend?" Leo asked, hoping that their friendship hadn't been ruined by that slip of the tongue.

"Sure I did," Ranma nodded. "My point is that Ukyo gets so wrapped up in the whole fiancée race she keeps forgetting about what I want and tries to fit me into the life she wants."

"Was that the only time?" wondered Leo.

"Heck no," Ranma sighed. "The worst before the wedding was when she, Shampoo, and Kodachi destroyed my old house."

"Nani?" Leo blinked.

"My mom gave me this weird pillbox as an engagement present for Akane," Ranma explained. "The problem was that it looked like an engagement ring. It didn't help that Nabiki sold the information to everyone so the fiancées were up in arms trying to steal it from me so they could say their engagement was official. It got so bad I tossed a box of band-aids to Pops and made them think it was the pillbox. They were so riled up they attacked Pop and each other for it and destroyed the house in the process. Come to think of it, no one apologized for that either."

Leo just blinked in surprise. How could Ranma be engaged to such violent people and still everyone kept trying to push him towards one engagement or another?

"I guess trying to reason with them isn't an option," Leo replied.

"Are you kidding me!?" Ranma shot back. "Those people don't think about the consequences of whatever they do as long as they get me."

Leo contemplated. In Smart Brain corporation there was this covert team of operatives that were trained to handle things like this. He may not agree with their methods, but Takada had explained that they were necessary.

But should he tell Ranma? Was it out of the question?

Leo sighed, "Well, I do wish you the best in handling these situations."

"No advice, huh?"

"Nothing for this situation, unfortunately. Though, my sister would recommend killing them."

"Really? It doesn't seem like something she'd do."

"Killing? Maybe, but since you refuse to fight the girls, they don't get the message."

Ranma was surprised, "You want me…to beat up girls?"

"Sometimes you need to fight force with force," Leo said, quoting his sister. "It's just how things are." He paused, "And then there's the other alternative."

"Which is?" Ranma inquired.

"Commit seppuku, making their fight pointless."

"That is a little severe, isn't it?"

"It is, but at some point you need to make a stand or die trying," Leo answered. "Well, Kasumi-san is going to need my help now. I sure hope you can think of a solution, Ranma-san." He then left the dojo to assist Kasumi.


In one of the back alleys of Nerima, a group of thugs were busy hanging out and avoiding things which their parents and teachers told them to do. All they did was sit by a fire in a barrel and try to occupy their time.

"Hey Taka, did you see those chicks at the arcade?" one of the thugs asked.

"Sure did Momo," Taka laughed. "Man, I would have loved to get my hands on her. Too bad those cops were hanging around though."

"Yeah, too bad." Momo sighed. "Bet she would be wild in the sack."

"I bet," Taka nodded.

As the two boys and their friends were talking, there was a slight scuffling sound deeper in the shadows. One of the thugs seemed to hear it and turned to look at the darkness. He was curious as to what it was, but he wasn't stupid enough to go and look.

The rustling noise grew louder and the punk turned to see what it was. Of course, he looked again and saw nothing. After gazing at the darkness for a moment, he shrugged and decided to ignore it.


The cry of one of the thugs groaned as he fell to the ground. His friends cried out in shock and ran to his side to see what was happening. His shirt had suddenly shredded and claw mars were visible all over his body.

"Holy crap!" one guy cried. "Someone get an ambulance!"

"Hold on, Tama!" one of the guys cried out.

Off at the other end of the alley, a figure stood in the darkness. A slight gold hue which was very visible in the night. It was watching the scrambling thugs before it raised its right hand. Clenching its fist, it suddenly vanished from sight.


The next morning, Leo woke up early to do some morning exercises. He always did this before doing his chores. It had always been part of his routine. Jogging out of the compound, he found the morning paper at the gate and picked it up. He was about to read the morning headlines when he heard someone talking.

"You have quite the peculiar aura, sonny boy," spoke an aged female voice. Leo spun around, startled, and then saw the sweet old lady who ran the Nekohanten.

"Oh, obaa-sama," he greeted before bowing. "Ohayo."

"Good morning to you too," Cologne said, bowing her head in greeting. She had never gotten quite warm of a welcome, unless it came from Kasumi. Receiving a polite greeting from the young boy before her was refreshing.

Leo then recalled her words and asked, "What is it about my aura that is strange, obaa-sama?"

Cologne's eyes narrowed critically as she explained, "It is like a raging storm, controlled but may overwhelm you if it breaks the dam."

Leo blinked in confusion at her words. There was something wrong with his aura? That didn't make sense to him. He felt fine. He then realized that maybe she was talking about his Category Ace's aura. After the first fusion, his aura had started to mix with it, explaining his electrical and wind powers.

"Anyway," Cologne shrugged. "I am here because my great-granddaughter said she fought your sister and was defeated, thus beginning the Kiss of Death."

"Nani?!" Leo cried. "But…but…but it wasn't any kind of official challenge! Besides, my sister didn't actually fight your granddaughter! She just made sure that Shampoo-san couldn't follow her!"

"I had suspected that," Cologne nodded. "Don't worry. I'm just making sure that the circumstances are valid, rather than made on a mistake like when Shampoo gave Ranma the Kiss of Death thinking he was a girl."

Leo breathed a sigh of relief. So it would seem that Shampoo wouldn't be going after his sister like she had done with Ranma. It made him feel better since from the stories he had heard, Shampoo wasn't one who listened very often.

"Now, my great-granddaughter is under the impression that your sister is a rival for Son-In-Law's affections," Cologne continued. "I was wondering if that was true."

"Oh, no it isn't," Leo smiled. "We're just friends with Ranma. If I have to be honest though, Ranma's fiancées seem to be prone to fits of needless jealousy. Your granddaughter included."

Cologne sighed. "Too true. I am not ashamed to admit it. You must know that in our village, Shampoo is the best fighter. She's the girl who a lot of families want their sons to marry. Our selective breeding brings out strong children and Shampoo has her pick of the strongest males in the village. Her good looks and physical attributes bring them running. Mousse is one such example."

"So…Shampoo-san is used to getting what she wants?" asked Leo.

"Yes," Cologne nodded. "Being my heir and the strongest in the village brings a lot of privilege. Right now, she desires Ranma. In truth the council back home is considering dissolving the Kiss of Marriage because of Son-In-Law's victory over Saffron."

"Saffron?" asked Leo.

"The leader of the Phoenix Tribe on Mt. Jusendo," Cologne explained. Seeing Leo's curious gaze, she decided to explain. "There are three tribes which live near the valley of Jusenkyo back in China. One of them is the Amazons of the Joketsuzoku."

"Like you and your granddaughter," Leo pointed out.

"Correct," Cologne nodded. "The second is the Musk Dynasty, a male dominated people who use Jusenkyo's power to merge the power of beasts into their bloodlines. Their leader, Herb, has the blood of a dragon in him. His power alone is terrible, but Son-In-Law managed to defeat him."

"Really?" Leo blinked. "Why would the two fight in the first place? I mean, doesn't Herb-san have his own affairs in China?"

"That is the amusing part," Cologne smiled, containing her laughter. "Herb has obtained a Jusenkyo curse as he tried to learn about women. He was pushed into the Spring of Drowned Girl by a monkey he put through the same spring. This monkey turned girl then splashed Herb with water from an artifact that locks Jusenkyo curses. Herb was stuck as a woman."

"Wow," Leo blinked.

"Yes," Cologne nodded. "The cure for this affliction was a kettle which was in Japan. When Herb came to Nerima to inquire about its whereabouts, he got in a fight with Son-In-Law. In the scuffle, he got splashed with this artifact, locking his curse. So he followed Herb and the two fought for the kettle, leaving Son-In-Law as the victor."

"Ranma-san is that skilled?" Leo blinked.

"Indeed," Cologne nodded. "It was his victory over Herb that made the council desire Son-In-Law more than ever. Of course, that changed after Jusendo and the Phoenix Tribe."

"Who are these Phoenix people?" asked Leo.

"They were originally a tribe of normal people that lived at the bottom of Jusendo," Cologne explained. "Of course, there was a Jusenkyo spring which only birds drowned in at the top of the mountain. The waters seeped down to the villagers and they eventually took on bird-like qualities."

"Sugoi!" Leo gaped.

"Yes," Cologne nodded. "They eventually returned when they tried to get their leader Saffron, who is a true phoenix, to quickly grow into an adult. He is in a constant state of life and rebirth like a real phoenix. His tribe wished to get him to adulthood so he could tap into the source of Jusenkyo so to save his people. You see, the leader of the Phoenix tribe is usually a source of light and warmth to the people. They usually regard him as a god."

"I assume that it did something fierce for his ego," Leo grimaced.

"Oh very true," Cologne nodded. "Anyway, with Saffron threatening the source of Jusenkyo, and his lieutenant enslaving my granddaughter, the people with Jusenkyo curses left for China to stop him and hopefully grab a cure while they were at it. Of course, Akane was dragged along by the Phoenix as leverage over the boys. From what I was told, Saffron turned her into a doll during an attack on Ranma, forcing the boys to go for the source of the water to heal her. In the battle, Ranma defeated Saffron and forced him back into infancy. Defeating the leaders of both our enemies has made the council really reconsider their intentions for Ranma."

"Isn't that just before the wedding disaster I heard about?" asked Leo.

"Yes," Cologne nodded. "Shampoo wasn't exactly pleased when Nabiki sold her the invitation."

"Ranma-san wasn't exactly pleased with everyone's actions," Leo pointed out. "Exploding food that could have hurt everyone besides just Ranma is a good example."

"I was there. I know," Cologne nodded. "While I was fine with Shampoo stopping the wedding, I made sure she was punished for almost harming the non-martial artists there."

"Shampoo-san still hasn't apologized for it," Leo pointed out. "In fact, from what Ranma has been describing, she seems to almost be expecting a thank you for stopping the wedding."

Cologne sighed, "Shampoo is hard-headed. Since I came here, she seemed to think that if Son-In-Law isn't going to her, then something is forcing him from doing so."

"And your opinion?" asked Leo.

"Son-In-Law is a good martial artist, but naïve elsewhere," Cologne chuckled. "With everyone demanding something from him or causing trouble, he can't really get himself together to put his foot down."

Leo thought over her words but there was something about her visit that seemed a little suspicious. She had an ulterior motive and though Leo seemed naïve of a lot of things, his time with his sister and as an Advent Knight had taught him that he shouldn't trust anyone new 100 percent. "You have another reason for coming here, correct?"

A ghost of a smile formed on Cologne's lips so she answered, "Well, yes, my boy. I have actually been observing you and your sister and you both possess very unique abilities."

'Yes, but they aren't really ours,' Leo spoke in his mind as he continued to listen to Cologne's explanation.

"So, I was hoping for a chance to observe your abilities and skills more closely," Cologne finished.
Leo thought over her request. It was true that his sister and himself possessed abnormal abilities and anybody curious would like a chance to see them more up close, but Leo knew that Cologne was seeing him as a possible replacement for Ranma. She had told him about selective breeding and the ability to control the elements of wind and lightning would be something that Cologne would want to see passed on to the next generation.

Leo wasn't interested in marriage. He had his own future planned out. After all the Beast Spirits are sealed, he would travel to Paris and become an accomplished chef like his late-grandfather. Then, he remembered that Cologne ran the Nekohanten. Leo never learnt how to make truly good ramen, much less Chinese ramen. He looked over to the elder and then bowed respectfully.

"Very well, but in exchange I would like to learn your culinary secrets in making your delicious ramen," Leo said.

Cologne blinked. The boy just wanted to learn how to make ramen and not martial arts. She wasn't expecting this, but from what she'd seen the boy was far more interested in cooking than martial arts, though his martial arts prowess were comparable to Ranma's. Chuckling, the old woman replied, "Very well."

Suddenly, the two heard a scream.



Suddenly, a block of ice came flying out of the house and landed right between Ranma and Cologne. Inside the block of ice was Happosai.

"Never antagonize my sister," Leo said, admiring his sister's handiwork.

Cologne tapped the ice and said, "Hm…interesting…"


Out in Juuban, Takada was listening to the radio and television about a series of strange attacks that were littering the district. All he could tell was that people were suddenly dropping from assaults that no one could see.

These facts disturbed the Knight of Byakko. He was very shire that it was a Beast Spirit that was involved, but he couldn't figure out which one it was. Even worse, it wasn't detectable on the scanner which he and the other Knights were carrying around.

"Could this be one of the Royals?" he asked himself.

The Knight of Byakko began to type at his computer, trying to figure which Beast Spirit they were dealing with. Some stories about the Battle Game were carved into the walls where the tablets which held the Beast Spirits were held before their release. It told about what some of them could do, but didn't go into great detail. Perhaps there would be something about a Beast Spirit that could move faster than one could see.

"Better call the twins too," Takada sighed as he rubbed his eyes. "It would be good to have more sets of eyes keeping watch." Takada was even thinking about recruiting the Senshi as well as the Celestial Knights. Unfortunately, he had no way of contacting the former. It would be easier to contact the Celestial Knights since the twins were close to them. However, in regards to the Senshi, he didn't feel like working with Uranus or putting Chibi-Moon and Saturn in danger. Both of them were still children and despite the power they had, they were too young for this sort of thing.

Sighing, Takada started to type a message to send to the twins.


The twins in question, meanwhile, were spending some time together. They didn't know what else to do really for fun. Leo enjoyed cooking while Kat enjoyed fighting above all else. Then, Leo remembered talking to Ranma about their past adventures and Ranma mentioned about a skating rink. So, the twins both got on a bus that was headed to outside the district where there was a skating rink available.

Though Leo had fun, it was a different matter for Kat. At first, she expected ice-skating to be no different from her usual skating using her rollerblades. She was soon proven as she fell on the slippery ice, time and again.

"Onee-chan," Leo spoke as he helped his sister up, "You need to maintain your balance."

"That's what I've been doing!" she snapped at him but then apologized at his stricken look, "Sorry. Kinda stressed, really."

"You never learnt to ice skate, did you?" Leo asked. She nodded. "But you're able to manipulate ice."

"Well, that doesn't mean I've skated on it before," Kat defended as she wobbly stood on her feet. "OK, I think I got this." She kicked backwards with her foot to glide along the ice. "Hah! Easy as pie!" And then she lost her balance. "Aaaahhhh!!" She flailed her arms around as she started to glide uncontrollably.

"Onee-chan!" Leo cried as he skated after his sister, avoiding several of the other skaters. Kat barely missed a few as she flailed her arms around, trying to maintain her balance. She suddenly found herself landing against a soft surface rather than the cold hard wall surrounding the ice. She looked up to see a rather handsome man, holding her protectively.

"Are you alright?" the man asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Kat nodded. Leo skated and stopped in front of them.

"Arigatou! You saved my sister!" Leo bowed to the man.

"Of course, it was a pleasure," said the man. "And, my name is Mikado Sanzenin."

Leo blinked. Where had he heard that name before?

"Well, you can let go of me now," Kat said as Mikado's arms were still wrapped around her waist.

"But, wouldn't the lady like to give a kiss to her savior?" Mikado asked.

Kat and Leo blinked.

"Woah! Hold on there, buddy!" Kat said as she managed to remove Mikado's arms from her waist. "I ain't no damsel in distress or a fairy tale princess! I don't kiss just anybody!"

Mikado didn't seem to want to accept the answer, "But, I do deserve something." He puckered his lips and skated forwards. Leo pulled his sister aside.

"She said no," Leo said firmly.

Mikado looked a little angry but regained his composure, "I see. So, you refuse to kiss me, is that it?"

"Damn straight!" Kat fumed. This guy was nearly as bad as Kuno!

"Well, then, how about a little contest?" Mikado offered.

"What kind of contest?" Leo asked.


"You both did what!?" Ranma yelled at both Kat and Leo. The three of them were in the dojo, sitting on the floor.

"We agreed to an ice skating match, a pair thing," Leo repeated.

"With Mikado?"

"You know him?" Kat asked.

"Oh, hell yeah!" Ranma exclaimed. He then told the twins everything. The memories were bitter and there was a lot of destruction involved in that battle. It was also one of the battles that Ranma could remember that he received serious wounds from.

Kat stifled in her laughter, "He…kissed you?"

Ranma grimaced as he realized that he had accidentally let that slip. It was not one of his best moments. Ranma was definitely not a romantic. Still, he would have liked to have a normal kiss as a boy with a girl. Instead, he got his first kiss from a complete pervert as a girl. It was also one of the times he openly cried. Not that he would admit it.

"So, that's why that name was so familiar," Leo realized. He had been listening to Ranma explain some of his adventures. The name Mikado had come up a few times.

"And, believe me, me and Akane had trouble fighting those two," Ranma warned. "His partner Azusa may be an airhead and Mikado a complete pervert, but they know how to fight as a team."

"You want us to forfeit?" Kat crossed her arms.

"No, just, really practice your skating and fighting skills," Ranma said, concerned. "Who knows what tricks they have on them?"

"We'll be ready," Leo nodded, offering some assurance.

"Hey, we fight monsters all the time. How tough can they be?" asked Kat.


The next day…

"I had to ask," Kat growled as she looked at the crowd which had gathered around the skating rink. Everyone was milling around excitedly and talking about the match that the 'Golden Pair' was going to be in.

"Warned you," Ranma sighed as he followed the twins. He blinked when he suddenly realized that there was something important that he had to say. "Oh, a little word of warning about Azusa."

"What about her?" asked Kat.

"It has to do when she sees something cute," Ranma explained. "When she sees something cute she immediately grabs it and gives it a name. It doesn't matter if it belongs to someone else, she will try to take it."

"But that's stealing!" Leo gasped.

"Doesn't really stop her," Ranma sighed. "That was the reason me and Akane were fighting her and Mikado. She wanted P-chan and I wouldn't let him kiss Akane."

"Shallow much?" Kat growled.

The three martial artists continued until they got to the benches where everyone switched their shoes for skates. There were also a lot of hockey players moaning and groaning on the benches, trying to get some of their equipment off so they could their wounds treated.

"Looks like Azusa and Mikado just finished their warm-up," Ranma commented.

"Nani?" Leo blinked, some nervousness appearing on his face.

"Mikado and Azusa usually train with having a hundred people attack them," Ranma explained. "There is no shortage since all of them are the angry boyfriends of girls Mikado either kissed or stole away from them."

"The perv gets around," Kat frowned.

"He once said it was his goal to kiss 1,000 different girls," Ranma continued.

"THAT'S IT! THE PERV IS GOING DOWN! I AM NOT GOING TO BE A NOTCH ON HIS HEADBOARD!" Kat proclaimed, pointing to the heavens with fire in her eyes. Her younger twin sweatdropped at her announcement, smiling and chuckling weakly.

Mikado skated towards both Leo and Kat who were standing outside the rink. He frowned in disdain at Ranma who returned the glare full force. Still, deciding to be a gentleman, greeted the twins, "So, you both decided to come, I see."

"Well, you did challenge us," Kat said.

"That I did," Mikado nodded. He then turned his gaze to Ranma, letting it turn hard. "I see we meet again, boy who partnered with Akane Tendo."

"Yeah whatever," Ranma sighed. "So where is Azusa? She out stealing more stuff?"

"She is merely my partner," Mikado commented coldly. "I am not her caretaker. What she does out of my sight is none of my concern."

"Ugh, spare me the testosterone," Kat sighed. "Let's just get to the part where me and my brother kick your butts so we can get on with our day."

"Very well," Mikado smirked. "I will allow you to get changed first."

"Changed?" Kat blinked. "Buddy, I'm just putting on a pair of skates."

"Um…Onee-chan?" Leo asked, trying to get his sister's attention.

"You obviously don't grasp the traditions of this challenge," Mikado smirked. "Each participant must wear an outfit for this challenge. Normal clothes do not apply."

"Since when?" asked Ranma. "You didn't have this rule when I fought you."

"Hmph," Mikado snorted. "You were the male partner. You are permitted to wear what you believe is functional. Martial arts freestyle skating is about functionality and grace. The female must act on behalf of grace and are thus given a dress code. Akane Tendo naturally filled that role with her outfit that day."

"You've got to be kidding me," Kat growled. "I don't even have an outfit!"

"Ano," Leo spoke up, catching everyone's attention. He lifted up a duffel bag that he had brought along. "I had that taken care of."


"THERE IS NO WAY I'M WEARING THIS!!" Kat yelled as she stared at the costume she was holding in front of herself. It was a black leotard with her emblem on the chest. The sleeves were tight as well and ended in red bands around the wrist. It also had a rather short skirt. The outfit looked atrocious to her.

Apparently, after receiving the challenge, Leo had decided to check the rules, as obscure as the style was. He had discovered the female dress-code tradition rather early in his search. Knowing full well that his sister would NEVER willingly buy something like that, he phoned his mother and told her what was happening. Emiko was more than happy to whip something up and send it overnight to the dojo where Leo had picked it up the day before they left for the skating rink.

Now, with the little time they had to prepare, both Leo and Kat had been practicing, mostly Kat's ice skating skills. She would have to learn how to balance in order to fight alongside her brother who was acting as her partner. Despite hating the idea of wearing a skimpy costume, she hated losing more. She wasn't going to go down without a fight.

"I don't think you have much choice, onee-chan," Leo sighed, knowing that his sister was going to react this way. "It is a tradition and we can be considered forfeiting for not following it."

"I still think this is bull," Kat growled. "I am not made for girly stuff like this!"

"Welcome to my world," Ranma smirked. "I'm lucky if I don't get crammed into something frilly for a couple of days."

"Not helping Horsie-boy," Kat frowned, throwing a glare at Ranma. She then asked her brother, "So, what are you wearing?"

Leo pulled out his costume. It was mostly white with blue trimmings and his Spade emblem was on the back. Kat grumbled. "Great, now you're going to look great while I prance around in this excuse of a dress." She groaned, "I sure hope nobody else I know sees me in this get up." Ranma looked slightly nervous after hearing that. "Oh, hell no!"

"Word gets around with these things, so you better expect a large audience," Ranma said.

"Who are we talking about here?" Kat asked.

Ranma answered, "Hiroshi and Daisuke for one, and most of the guys in school who want to catch you in your costume."

Kat placed her face in her hands, mortified. "Ugh, this day just gets better and better."

"Well, think of the bright side," Leo said, trying to put a more positive spin on the situation. "They did come to cheer us on."

"And catch a glimpse of my butt while they're at it."


In the stands, a group of girls had also come. Their names were Usagi Tsukino, Minako Aino, Ami Mizuno, Makoto Kino, Rei Hino and Chibi-Usa.

"So, there's going to be a really intense match here today?" asked Minako.

"Well, that's what Sempai told me," Makoto spoke, referring to Ranma.

Ami looked on at the ice rink. "A martial arts ice skating match. How peculiar."

"And not to mention exciting! I sure hope the guys in this are going to be hunky!" Minako giggled.

Since meeting up with the girls at the circus where Celestial Knight Kronos appeared, he had tried to keep in touch with them. He didn't tell them what his phone number was since if they called the dojo, someone other than him would pick up and then Ranma would get an interrogation/beating from Akane. Ranma himself got their numbers and had called them now and again from a public telephone. He told them about things going on in his life and how the twins moved into the dojo. He had called Makoto and told her about the challenge. Since she was interested in martial arts, she got all the details and told her friends about it.

"So who is doing the fighting?" asked Usagi.

"Well, their names are Leo and Kat going against the Golden Pair," Makoto explained. "Sempai made them sound pretty good."

"Leo?" Ami blinked. "As in Ryuki Leonard Narukawa?"

"That's one of them," Makoto nodded. "How did you know?"

"Oh! I remember him!" Minako smiled. "He was that cute guy Ami went on a date with!"

"It wasn't a date!" Ami cried with her face turning bright red. "It was just an outing between new friends."

"Suuuuuure it was," Rei giggled. "Keep telling yourself that, Ami."


In the male dressing room, which Leo had the unfortunate coincidence of sharing with Mikado, the younger half of the Advent Knight twins was getting ready. He checked his skates alongside his outfit.

Mikado, who was with him, said, "You better not believe you can defeat the likes of I and Azusa. We are called the 'Golden Pair' for a reason! We have the ability to work together flawlessly. Our victory is already at hand, so your sister's lips will be mind to claim."

Leo had his back facing Mikado, since he didn't want Mikado to see the crackling electricity arching from his eyes. Nobody had the right to kiss his dear sister! No one!

What Mikado and Azusa were probably not expecting was the sense of loyalty and trust Leo and Kat shared. They had battled Beast Spirits alongside each other for so long that working together had become second nature to them. They were very in sync with one another. Leo's only worry was his sister not getting into her costume.


"Ugh, I feel like a centerfold for a Playboy or something," Kat said as she looked herself in the mirror, already dressed in her black skating outfit. "Though, I have to admit that mama does excellent work." She was alone in her dressing room. Maybe Azusa had prepared early or something or like any other prima-donna had her own dressing room. Regardless, Kat was happy to be alone. She was nervous, evident by the floor around her freezing. She went to her bag and took out the cards she had, and gazed at her Spirit card the longest. "Alright, it's time for me to do this!"


The lights around the rink dimmed as spotlights started to dance around. Ranma was in the stands with Daisuke and Hiroshi, along with several of the male students of Furinkan High. There were also some of the female students as well. Even Kuno made an appearance. Sitting next to Ranma, with P-chan (Ryoga) in her lap was Akane and even Mousse was there too.

There were TV cameras all around, televising this event.

"This is going to be great!" Hiroshi grinned. "I bet Kat is going to look great in her skating outfit!"

"Heck yeah!" Daisuke nodded. "She has a nice body so I'm a little confused as to why she wants to hide it."

"Probably because she doesn't want people like you two pervs ogling her," Ranma sighed. He turned to look at his two friends. "Besides, what about Yuka and Sayuri?"

"Hey, it's not like we're going to make a move on Kat," Hiroshi retorted. "We're just saying she has a nice body and seeing her in a skating outfit would be cool."

"Yeah," Daisuke agreed. "We may want Yuka and Sayuri, but that doesn't mean we don't notice other cute girls."

"Perverts," Akane growled under her breath.

Mousse just sighed at the antics as he waited for the match to begin. The only reason he was here was because Ryoga had asked him to help him get there. The lost boy had heard about the match and wanted to watch since he wanted to see the Golden Pair get their butts kicked again. The near-blind boy hadn't been in Nerima to watch the match so he didn't know how the pair fought. Of course, once they got there, someone spilled their drink. Mousse had been wearing his glasses for a change and managed to avoid it, but Ryoga wasn't paying attention and got splashed, turning him into P-chan once more.

The MC then announced as the Golden Pair made their appearance, skating gracefully onto the ice, performing daring acrobatic feats, just to show off no less. Azusa was in her usual pink costume and Mikado had on the same outfit he'd worn during his previous match with Akane and Ranma.

"Presenting the Golden Pair, Mikado Sanzenin and Azusa Shiratori!" The Golden Pair bowed to the audience after finishing their routine. "And now, the challengers. Neko Katherine Hasuma and Ryuko Leonard Hasuma, the Advent Twins!"

"Advent Twins?" Minako echoed. The rest of the Senshi, minus Ami, looked towards each other at the familiarity of the word. Ami did not. If she was correct with her guess, since the Advent Knight Deaco had referred to Mimic as his sister, than Kat was really Mimic. The name was fitting.

Both Leo and Kat skated onto the ice. Like her brother, Kat had decided to braid her hair too. As soon as she was seen, all the Furinkan boys began to holler out her name, with her name on banners from her own fanclub. Of course, Kuno was cheering the loudest. Leo also received some cheering as several girls he'd seen at school started to hold up banners with his name on it too.

"You look lovely, onee-chan," Leo complimented his sister.

"Thanks, but this thing is digging into my butt," Kat complained. "Well, those two put on a show, why don't we do it too, Advent style!"

Leo smiled. The two then shot forwards along the ice, performing daring martial arts moves. They jumped up and did double flips into the air. Kat landed gracefully, which was surprising given the short time she had to practice, but with her brother's held, she was able to master ice skating.

Both her brother and she began to spin on one of their skates before slowing down. They finally linked arms and bowed. They received applause soon after.

"As much as I hate this outfit, this attention isn't half bad," Kat said, waving. Leo smiled in agreement.

As the light turned to normal, the two pairs faced one another. Mikado winked at Kat who grimaced in disgust.

"Well, I hope you are prepared to lose," Mikado spoke condescendingly towards Leo.

"We are so going to wipe that smile off your face," Kat growled.

Azusa's eyes lit up when she saw Kat's hair bow and Leo's goggles. She pointed, "Azusa want those!" Both twins' eyebrows shot up. Looks like what Ranma told them held some truth to them.

"OK, we'll wager out bow and goggles too," Kat said to Azusa.

Azusa giggled. She was so going to win, take home the two items, and name them!

Leo and Kat skated backwards, making some space between the Golden Pair. Leo pulled his goggles over his eyes and looked at his sister.

"Ready?" Leo asked.

"Ready is my middle name," Kat grinned.

The countdown began. 5…4…3…2…1…


As soon as the horn was blown, both teams charged at one another.

"I'll handle the girly-girl! You go after the pervert!" Kat ordered as she skated ahead.

"Chotto matte, onee-chan!" Leo called as he chased after her.

Kat did a sweep kick but Azusa leapt over the black clad girl. "Huh?" Landing gracefully on her skates, Azusa giggled. "Why that little…"

Leo, meanwhile, was having trouble with striking Mikado. Despite learning how to figure skate, Martial Arts Figure Skating was a different art form, and both Leo and Kat did not know much of the techniques. Mikado swung his arm at Leo, who ducked but then he had to avoid a knee strike to his face. Leo's eyes narrowed. There had to find a way to beat the Golden Pair.

Cameras were flashing as spectators took photographs of the action. Kat suspected that the boys were taking pictures of her, but she ignored it. Right now, her worries was a girly-girl in pink.

Azusa was playing with her and she knew it. It annoyed Kat but she had to keep her anger in check. She had the ability to generate flame and a fire here would not be such a good idea. It would make fighting that much harder if the ice melted under their feet.

"Now, it is time for you to face the true power of the Golden Pair!" Mikado announced as she skated past Leo. He also skated by Kat before grabbing Azusa's arms. He spun around and then threw Azusa straight towards Leo. Leo skated quickly out of the way, but Azusa landed on the ice again before skating at him again and doing a jump. She attempted to strike him in the face with his knee, but lucky for him he had his sister watching his back. Kat leapt up and dealt a roundhouse into Azusa's back. The girl would've landed face first on the ice but Mikado rescued her, grabbing her out of midair before both did a twirl and stood side by side.

"Show offs!" Kat growled. Leo was next to her. "Otouto-chan, we need to take it up a notch."

Leo was unsure what she meant when she suddenly suggested, "We take advantage of the battle field."

Leo knew what she meant. With her control over ice, she could very well change the surface of the ice. She could make it uneven or make spikes jut out. He shook his head, "No, that would be dishonorable."

Kat sighed. Her bro did make a strong point. What was the point of winning if they cheated? Of course, during their conversation, they should've paid attention. Azusa had grabbed onto Leo's leg, catching him off guard. Mikado also had hold on Azusa's legs.

"Now, feel the horror of our power!" Mikado shouted out as he started to spin.

"Onee-chan!" Leo shouted out as he reached for his sister. She grabbed onto his arms.

"I gotcha!" This, of course, caused her to be trapped within the Pair's tornado. "WOAH!!"

The MC shouted out, "It appears that the Golden Pair is using their deadliest technique! Will the Advent Twins survive the Separation Whirldwind?"

Kat and Leo gripped each other tightly, not wanting to let go.

"This is how many of our opponent's fell. Once a couple has been separated, they are easy pickings! I shall be generous and stop if you will release one another!" Mikado shouted.

"NEVER!" the twins shouted in unison.

"You have yet to understand the bond we share!" Leo shouted.

Kat continued, "We ain't just bro and sis, we ain't just twins. We're…"

"WARRIORS! REVERSAL WHIRLDWIND!" Leo and Kat shouted in unison. Kat froze her hands onto Leo's arms so that she wouldn't lose her grip as Leo tapped into his power. They were going to out spin Mikado and Azusa by taking control of the spin.

Mikado felt funny as he started to spin in the opposite direction, "What's going on!?"

"Wow, it looks like the Golden Pair is losing control!" shouted the MC.

"Azusa is getting dizzy!!" Azusa yelled out. She was forced to let go off Leo's legs, sending the twins sailing towards the wall which lined the rink. The spectators watched in horror.

"ONEE-CHAN! NOW!" Leo ordered. Kat nodded. Tapping into her own power, once melting the ice coating her hands and his arms, she pointed to the ice and a slide formed. Both twins skates touched the slide as they skated down harmlessly back to the even surface of the ice.

Mikado and Azusa were both dizzy, but one could not ignore the livid look on Mikado's face, to see his technique defeated like so. He then charged forward, with Azusa on his shoulder.

Kat cracked her fingers. "Let's see you handle this!" She slammed his palms onto the ice. Ice spikes began to sprout out of the ice in the Pair's path, who hadn't expected this at all. Acting quickly, he leaped over the spikes and skated to the side, avoiding Kat completely.

"This may be more difficult than I assumed," he frowned.


Within their prison realm, the Shishin watched the battle between the twins and the Golden Pair. Their eyes were trained on the battle with immense interest.

"It seems that the twins are as powerful as we suspected," Seiryuu commented.

"Indeed," Byakko nodded. "However, this is only because of their personal skills. The Beast Spirits they wield only makeup a fraction of their abilities."

"I don't care either way," Genbu grumbled as he tapped his staff on the ground. "The point is that they are indeed a threat with those Rouge Cards they possess!"

"Calm yourself, Genbu," Suzaku purred. "We understand their threat potential. However, I am not too worried about it."

Byakko turned to his female companion with some curiosity behind his helmeted gaze, "Oh? And what makes you so unconcerned? Do you know something we do not?"

"I always do," Suzaku giggled. She pointed to the crystal which the Shishin would gaze outside their prison with. The view suddenly changed to show outside the skating rink. Off to the side, there was something rippling through the air as it moved closer to the building.

"What is that?" asked Genbu.

"Temporal distortion," Seiryu answered. "Something has stopped time and is moving towards the building. Odd. The only entity I know of that has this kind of power would be Sailor Pluto."

"There is one other," Byakko spoke up. "I believe it must be one of the Beast Spirits. I had researched them after Draco and Mimic appeared. It mentioned that one of them had the ability to manipulate time itself."

"Really?" asked Genbu. "Then we should capture it! Imagine what we could do with that kind of power!"

"A foolish attempt," Seiryu shot back. "The only ones the Beast Spirits obey are the ones who are of higher rank than it. They attack all others. However, we may be able to use this to our advantage."

"Mmm?" hummed Suzaku. "How so?"

Seiryu took his naginata and pointed it at the crystal in the centre of the room. Blue energy shot through the air and hit the crystal, making it sparkle with blue energy. The image within went dark before a single light appeared in the middle.

"Go to the place you saw in the image," Seiryu ordered. "Your targets are in the skating rink."

The light bobbed up and down in acknowledgement before it faded from sight, leaving the crystal to return to the image of the four fighters in the rink.

"Now for a real show," Genbu chuckled.


The Inner Senshi had been watching the match from the very beginning and were both stunned by the amount of skill that Kat and Leo possessed. Also, what was strange was that Kat possessed the ability to control the surface of the ice. Whether that was because of advanced martial arts training or something, they were unsure.

A lot of spectators were cheering the twins on. Heck, even Akane found herself cheering but she felt slightly envious. Kat and Leo were good at what they did, and she had to admit it. Of course, she would never admit it out loud. She still didn't think of them much.

Kuno once again went into a rant about his 'beautiful kitten' and how he would carry her off once she attained victory.

Everyone was really getting into the battle with loud cheers and proclamations of either love or hate towards Mikado. It seemed that everyone was happy to see the battle going as it was, making sure that no one was going to be disappointed with how the action was going.

Things were going nicely before there were two sudden explosions which ripped through the air. One was in the centre of the ice while the other was on the far end of the skating rink.


Takada was doing some researching in his hotel room when his Beast Spirit detector began to go off. He was picking it up in a flash as he checked the reading.

"Nerima?" he blinked. "But one hasn't showed up there before."

He knew the twins might be able to handle it, but with the recent string of attacks happening too fast to see, he knew he wasn't going to sit by idly. Acting quickly, he grabbed his buckle and the Category Ace before dashing from the room. He raced out of the building before he got on his bike and roared down the street.

There was a Beast Spirit to hunt.


The twins stood at the ready when they heard the two explosions. In the stands, even Ranma was becoming apprehensive. Two things were coming out of those explosions and they weren't good.

One of the creatures was insectoid in appearance and covered in an exoskeleton that had a golden hue. Its face was black and it had sinister green eyes. Its antennae moved around as it assessed the area. Around its forearms and shins were dirty cloth bandages. Around its waist was an ancient looking organic belt, which revealed to the twins what it was.

It was a Beast Spirit!

The other creature looked like a humanoid walrus of all things. It was covered in bulky gray armor which made it look muscle-bound. Its hands were rather long and when its fingers were pressed together, they looked like flippers. Its face was box-like, but two sharp tusks were running out of its mouth. Its eyes were a hateful green as it gazed at the four skaters.

"Golden Pair," it snickered. "Advent Twins. The Shishin will be pleased when I present your four Star Beasts!"

"Of all the timing," Kat grumbled. "And my buckle is still in the changing room!"

"Mine too," Leo frowned. It did not look good for the pair as they stared down the large Star Beasts that had made them its targets.

Meanwhile, the Scarab Beast Spirit was apparently sniffing the air. It was completely ignoring the chaos its appearance was creating. Something more important seemed to be on its mind. It was gazing into the panicking crowds as it tried to hone in on something. It looked closely into the crowds before it spotted something. A flash of pink hair. There!

Unleashing a hiss, the Scarab Beast Spirit charged at the crowds.

"It's coming this way!" Rei cried as she spotted the gold insect creature started running for the crowd.

"I hate bugs!" Serena cried loudly.

The five Senshi and singe Senshi in-training had tried to move with the crowd to slip away and find a place to transform. Unfortunately, it got a little harder now that the Beast Spirit was charging at them.

The Beast Spirit itself was carelessly throwing people to the side as it charged at the girls. It wasn't just out for wanton destruction; it was going right for them! It was easy to tell since its gaze was directed straight at them.

"Why is it after us?" asked Makoto as she and the other girls tried to run closer to the edge of the stands.

"It must consider us threats," Ami suggested. "It might be able to sense our Senshi energies."

"So we have bull's-eyes on our backs," Rei frowned. "Just great."

"It could be worse," Minako suggested. "We could be sitting birds."

"Sitting ducks, Minako," Chibi-Usa frowned. She looked back and saw the Beast Spirit coming closer. Since more and more people were leaving, there was less and less getting in the Beast Spirit's way. "It's getting closer!"

Over with the Wrecking Crew and friends, Ranma was navigating the throngs of people while pulling Akane along with him.

"Ranma!" she cried. "What are you doing?!"

"Getting you out of here!" Ranma retorted.

"Hey! I'm not helpless!" Akane frowned. "I am a martial artist!"

"Martial arts are fine when your opponent is human, but in case you missed it, those things are monsters!" Ranma frowned. "We are in no shape to be fighting them!"

"But what about the people still inside?!" Akana asked. "What about Kat and Leo? Are you just going to leave them?"

"No. I'm going to go back to check on them," Ranma explained. "You stay outside and make sure no one is injured."

Normally Ranma would have gone and fought the monsters without hesitation, but Akane was there and he did not ant to transform in front of her. She would probably get angry at him for keeping secrets before demanding to be a Knight too. With a bit of Draco's ideas, he had given Akane a reason to stay outside. If he just left her there like he did in other fights, she would have just followed him, saying she could help since she was a martial artist and probably get in the way again.

Akane seemed satisfied with the idea, making Ranma silently vow to thank Draco for the idea when he managed to get back to the dojo.

Once Akane was outside, Ranma promptly turned tail and went back to the battle. He spied Hiroshi and Daisuke spying and making sure that no one else was stuck. Ryga and Mousse were running out of a washroom.

"Is everyone gone?" asked Ranma.

"Well, the Golden Pair vanished in the chaos, but Kat and Le are trying to get to the dressing rooms," Daisuke explained. "That gold thing is heading for the stands too."

"Then let's get moving," Ranma grinned as he pulled out his deck case. The other four boys nodded as they removed their own cases.

"Lunar Knight Power!"

"Kronos Knight Power!"

"Zeus Knight Power!"

"Poseidon Knight Power!"

"Aries Knight Power!"


All five boys were engulfed in a different colored light. When the light faded, five young men weren't there. Instead, there were five Celestial Knights.

"Let's go," Lunar spoke. His fellow Knights nodded as they started heading for the ice. It was time for the Celestial Knights to do what they did best. Kick butt and take names!

To Be Continued…

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