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Beyond the Grave

Chapter 1: Betrayal

Relena happily snuggled down against Heero's chest, the alarm wouldn't go off for another five minutes and she was going to enjoy every second she got before her perfect soldier woke. Instinctively his arm tightened around her and it made Relena smile that she could invoke such unconscious reactions in him.

She lay there warmly, forgetting everything else for a moment and just basked in the glow of the early morning. In just minutes Heero would get up and go for his morning run, she would get up and get ready for another day in the office. When Heero got back he would take his turn getting ready, preparing for another day in his office at Preventor Headquarters. They would eat breakfast together and then he would take her to her office and kiss her goodbye. She'd meet him for lunch after a rigorous morning of phone calls and signing papers, maybe Wu Fei might join them, he was Heero's partner.

They'd go back to work, another kiss, and then she'd toil the long hours until he came to pick her up and they would go home. Dinner, sometimes with the other pilots, she and Quatre were good friends now and Trowa too. Then they might read together on the couch, they might watch the news together, or they might partake of the promises the night held and she could tame her soldier in her bed.

All too soon the alarm announced the time and Heero woke next to her. Relena feigned waking and looked up at him with sleepy eyes.

"Good morning." He tilted down to meet her kiss and then he was rolling out of bed. Relena took a breath to mourn for that lost moment; it was time to start another day in her perfect life. She finally had everything she wanted, Relena smiled as she watched Heero dress for his run, his taunt muscles flexing beneath tanned skin, yes…everything she ever wanted.

Even if sometimes his touch was somewhat empty, hallow of emotion. Even if sometimes during their lovemaking she could swear he was looking past her, through her. She could forgive him those moments. He'd hadn't had a normal childhood after all, he'd survived a war, no one could come out of what he did unscathed.

Still, her life was perfect.

Until the fax.

Relena realized that she had brought this upon herself as she looked down at the paper in her hands, the fax that had come in just moments ago. She'd been sitting, resting between signing documents and diplomatic phone calls when the fax had beeped urgently at her and she'd run to close her door and then run to read the fax. There were only two reasons the fax beeped more than twice when a fax came in, one was if it was a family emergency, the other…the other was her secret to keep, a secret that threatened her perfect life.

The fax was from a doctor, a doctor who worked for her, a doctor whom she had hired when no one else would because of his reputation during the war. The doctor was telling her that something had gone wrong with one of his patients, he watched over several people for her, people she wasn't afraid to lose to his rather brash practice. People who were kept away from society for their own good, dangerous people. It wasn't a prison per say, it was more like a home. She was doing them a favor really; she was the only thing between them and a real prison.

Reye's Syndrome, a disease that was more common in children than adults, deadly in most cases when not caught right away. The doctor wanted her approval for surgeries and other tests that he didn't go into, but the hints made Relena's skin crawl. She pushed the paper away from her and shuddered. She got out of her chair and walked over to her window, allowing herself to feel the sun on her face and remember other things in place of memories of the war that sprung to mind whenever she was faced with the doctor.

Relena turned back to the fax with her mouth set; the doctor knew what he was doing, if the patient died under his knife, well…those things just happened, no one really had control over it. Relena pulled a pen from the holder sitting on her desk and quickly signed the paper with a flourish at the end. She didn't even realize she was smiling as she did it.

A soft knock made her head jerk up abruptly; she shoved the fax under another piece of paper and quickly took her seat. "Yes?"

"Ma'm, Agent Chang is here, about the Ambassador's visit next week, and you have a phone call from Chairman Doone. Oh, and did you want these copies made in twos or threes?" Her secretary had a clipboard in her hand and held out some more documents for her after she'd crossed the room.

"Oh," Relena looked around her desk for the Ambassador's file and gave her secretary the pile she was done with. "Let's do threes, and you can tell Agent Chang to come in, this call will be brief."

Relena took the call, talking swiftly as Wu Fei came in; she smiled a greeting to him and held up her finger, asking for a minute. He nodded and took a seat in a chair. Her assistant handed him the papers he needed off her desk and he began to read over them as Relena finished her call.

"Thank you for waiting Wu Fei, it's been a busy morning, I can not wait till lunch, I need a break." She smiled as he nodded.

"The Ambassador's visit is causing similar disorder where security is concerned." Wu Fei allowed himself to give her a small smile in return.

"Where is Heero?" Relena asked as she shifted papers around a bit more and set things up so she could start signing the new documents when their meeting was over.

"He is currently going over the Ambassador's schedule, running through it so we have an idea of vantage points." Wu Fei put the files away and looked to Relena.

"How big is the security detail going to be?" Relena asked, getting down to business. They discussed the entourage she was going to end up with, press covering of the event, the first nights dinner and then lunch was approaching fast.

"We should finish this later." Relena relented, she rubbed at her eyes, hunger was making her irritable now.

"Agreed." Wu Fei looked like wise stressed.

"Good, I have some stuff to do still before then." Relena tried not to let her fingers tap in exasperation. She needed to get that fax sent off before someone saw it.

"I will not be joining you for lunch today; I will see you this afternoon." Wu Fei stood, giving her a slight bow of his head and left.

Relena sighed heavily when the door was closed; she sat back in her chair and closed her eyes tightly. At least this would probably be the second to last fax she ever got if the doctors reputation held true. One last fax, telling her it was over, and then she'd never have to deal with this stress again.

Relena finally sat foreword and pulled out the fax from its hiding place. Except that…it wasn't the fax. Just another paper for her to sign. Relena's heart jumped and she began to dig. She shifted and looked through every paper on her desk, searching first thoroughly and then frantically.

It was here, it had to be here! She'd hidden it right under…the…Ambassadors files!

Relena felt her heart jerk in what she was sure was a heart attack; she stood and raced for the door, running full out, ignoring the way her secretary called after her. People scrambled out of her way as she ran, willing Wu Fei to have dawdled for once, for him to still be there…but of course…he wasn't. He was long gone…with her fax…gone.

Gone with her fax…to see Heero.

Relena fell to her knees in the lobby and stared out the doors into the bright sunlight. Her perfect world shattered around her in that light…people talking at her, shaking her, trying to get her to look at them…all gone.

Wu Fei walked into the office he shared with Heero and set down the files he'd collected at Relena's office on his desk. He sat and pulled up the program for the scanner on his computer and began to methodically scan the papers.

Heero came back and sat down across from him at his own desk with an exasperated sigh, looking worse for wear than when he had left. He just sat there for a while, staring up at nothing, blank. He did this from time to time, especially when the day was especially stressful, Wu Fei let him.

"This is going to be a nightmare." Heero finally broke the silence. Wu Fei sighed himself and agreed.

"These files are extensive; however, they don't provide much insight that will help us. They are mostly for Relena's benefit." Wu Fei rolled his shoulders in an attempt to get the muscles in his back to relax; he was finally nearing the end of the pile.

Heero grunted and leaned forward to lean on his desk. He stared at the piled work in front of him and couldn't bring himself to start. How many years had it been now…how long since…

"H-Heero!" Wu Fei's alarm caused Heero to jerk up and look at him. Heero froze, the only other time he'd seen that look on Wu Fei's face had been…

"What is it!?" Heero demanded his chair rolling back as he stood quickly. He practically ran around the desk to look at Wu Fei's computer screen, where Wu Fei was staring with that horrified look on his face.

Heero stood behind Wu Fei's chair and began reading the file that he had just scanned into his computer.

The title heading was one he'd never seen, a place he'd never heard of. A prison that didn't exist; couldn't exist because both men knew the names and locations of all prisons. But what stood out, what caught his eye, what made him shake and grab onto the back of Wu Fei's chair till his hands hurt and he heard fabric ripping was a name…D. Maxwell.

Heero felt everything reeling away, turning as he stumbled backwards, forcing his hands to release the back of Wu Fei's chair, until he hit the wall behind him and braced himself there. Alive…!? Sick! But still alive…not dead...Not Dead!

"He's…alive…" Wu Fei echoed Heero's thoughts, his voice breathy and horrified.

"Duo's alive…" Heero didn't recognize his own voice, it wavered with emotion and his heart ached as he tried to stay standing. It was unbelievable. It was a miracle; it was…it was…a betrayal of the worst kind.

"RELENA!" Heero said her name like a curse. He let his sudden hate run through his veins like ice cold venom. He wasn't sure if he could stand only moments ago, and now all he wanted to do was run from the room to commit murder. "She paid for everything! She fucking helped us pick out the gravesite!"

Wu Fei said something in Chinese, Heero could only understand a few words, but what he did know were half curses and the other half something about dishonor and death.

"Where is it!?" Heero demanded, pushing off from the wall. He had two choices here, and he couldn't very well walk into Relena's office and start killing. And there was no way he could see her now and not shoot her, not harm her in some way, but a small part of him still understood the good she was doing for earth and the colonies, that she was still needed. But the other part of him put up a good argument, what kind of people needed someone like this for a leader?!

So there was only one other choice left. He was going to go get Duo, whom they thought dead for years now. Four and a half years, too long! What had he suffered at Relena's extended hand, what did he think of them, did he think of them? Did he resent them all, had he hoped to be rescued? Had he fought to escape and fail and curse them for it? Did he think of him, of Heero?

The fax with Relena's fresh signature on it said something about Reye 's syndrome, what was that!? Was it deadly? Was he somewhere in pain, writhing and hating them for deserting him? For surely that was what they had done. It would've been kinder to pick out a bullet and shoot him. Memories assailed him, forcing him to think back on the last time they'd all been together, then the last time he'd eaten lunch with him and Wu Fei, and then the last time he'd seen him. The last smile Duo had given him, how it had haunted him all these years, and how it caused him even more pain now! That smile, he'd destroyed it. The accident hadn't been his fault, it had been amazing that such a thing to take one of them away…but this, this was different. This was his fault…it was Relena's fault really, it was her behind the whole thing, but in part, it was his fault too.

No wonder it was closed casket! The sudden thought made Heero nauseous even as he watched Wu Fei bringing up maps on his computer. The way she'd cried with them, the way she'd comforted him, all lies! All vicious, knowing lies. He'd made love to her and believed that what they had was real, but it was all false! This was her doing, and he was going to undo it, at any cost.

"Here!" Wu Fei pointed at a mountain, seemingly in the middle of no where, "This is where she's hiding her prison."

"Then that's where I'm going." Heero scowled at the map.

"Where we're going, my friend." Wu Fei corrected him then started making phone calls while Heero left to tell Une they were leaving, sending up a silent prayer to whatever god that would listen that it wasn't too late.