"I really couldn't care less about how he felt about me." Haruno Sakura declared, exuding such graceful confidence that caused Yamanaka Ino 's face to form a Naruto-esque grin.

"You've finally gotten over him!"

Sakura looked amused.

"Who said anything about that?"

The floral expert's smile had faded, suddenly replaced with an expression that blatantly showed her confusion.

"But…you said you didn't care!"

Silence enveloped the closed-for-the-day Yamanaka Flower Shop, sickening Ino. (She was accustomed to the store being in the opposite state.)

Ino attempted to say some thing—at least something!—but for once, she was left speechless.

Suddenly, a hearty chuckle escaped Sakura's lips, a twinkle in her rich jade eyes that enhanced the medic's beauty—confusing Ino yet again.

"Really, Ino, all the truly matters is that I love him. Who gives a rat's ass about what he thinks? Wherever he is." The stunning aura of confidence had retained itself, even as Sakura's chuckles elevated into pure laughter.

Ino tried to laugh along.


Ino didn't understand.

It was Sakura's day off today.

Ino had been searching everywhere for her, plans in mind to go shopping.

She looked everywhere. The hospital, the hokage tower, Sakura's apartment…

Forehead girl, where the hell are you?

An hour or two later, Ino found Sakura sprawled on the floor of a training area.

Sakura was panting heavily, bruises and cuts littered all throughout her skin. Surrounding her were several craters and fallen trees, no doubt a result of her brutal strength.

She was training?!


Ino ran over to her roseate-haired friend and proceeded to heal some of Sakura's larger cuts.

About one year ago

Ino had witnessed Sakura's training with Tsunade, immediately awed by the stamina—patience!—it required.

As soon as the training was over, Ino ran to Sakura, who was now healing a gash on her right forearm.

"Forehead girl, why are you doing this to yourself?"

"I have to prove to him…to everyone…that I'm not the weak Sakura that couldn't do anything."

"This was your day off! Why are you still training? I thought you didn't care about what he felt anymore!"

Sakura smiled weakly. "This…isn't to prove anything anymore," she softly uttered. "This…is to bring him back. For Naruto, for me and for his own good."

Ino still couldn't understand.

Ino watched as Uzumaki Naruto practically danced through Konohagakure's gates, followed by an Icha Icha-absorbed Hatake Kakashi.

Aside from the the way Naruto was prancing, this wasn't beyond normal. But something forced her eyes to remain on the gates.

Soon, Ino could not help but gasp as Uchiha Sasuke(as handsome as ever albeit slightly beaten) along with Sakura came into her view. The Uchiha's arm was draped over Sakura's shoulders for support; face devoid of emotion. On the contrary(They really complemented each other, ne?), Sakura wore a soft smile and—if one looked hard enough—her eyes held satisfaction, victory…and undying passion…love.

And Ino understood

Third time's the charm.
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