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A dark figure crept up to the gate of Xavier's institute for gifted youngsters. A light post revealed it to be a girl. Her name was Fayte and she was a student at this school.

She looked to her left and right, about to jump the gate when she caught site of a dark figure approaching on her left.

When the figure got to the lamp post it was revealed to be another girl. This one had long brown hair and green eyes. She was wearing a leather trench coat and had her hair free around her. This mutant was Fayte's best friend and room mate, Marie.

"A delinquent such as yourself sneaking out on a school week? May I ask why?"

"Just visiting a friend." Fayte said promiscuously.

"Humph." Marie said, crossing her arms. "You know you should probably concentrate on studying. Not getting boys."

Fayte just laughed her friends biting comments off and kissed her on the cheek, "You're only such a mother because you love me."

"Whatever." she couldn't stay angry for long though. "I suppose you'll need me to leave the window in our dorm open?"

"Yeah, that'll be nice. But tonight was just a fling. I promise I didn't do anything scandalous"

"Pssh. You? everything about you is scandalous!" she teased, smiling

"Not as scandalous as the fact that a model student would have a lighter." She said lighting a cigarette. "That's bad for the image." She tossed the lighter to Marie, which her sticky fingers picked up when she kissed her friend.

"Uh! You clepto." she squealed catching the lighter "You automatically attract anything shiny don't you? And you know you shouldn't smoke, it's bad for you." she said, bringing out her own pack of clove cigarettes and lighting them.

"What's the difference? You smoke but I don't freak on you. Besides, shiny is my um third middle name."

"I don't freak, I warn with concern. So what does this make your whole name? Fayte sugar-freak boy-luva shiny... whatever your last name is?"

"That's rude. It's Fayte boy-luva sugar-freak shiny Mejorium. The boys come first. Unless they have something shiny then, well you get the idea."

She chuckled under her breath, taking a drag of her cigarette and huddling into her coat. "I really don't know what you see in those guys. There are no good men hereā€¦"

"Pssh! Have you seen the eyes on Nightcrawler? Not to mention the blue skin. Anyways, you're just saying things like that because you haven't met a guy who gets into your veins and drives you. when you do, you'll know what it's like."

"Whateve." she said, flicking ash off of her cigarette before continuing "How is Kurt doing these days? Last I heard he's been skipping school allot to rendez-vous with some promiscuous little mutant." she clicked her tongue. "That much meeting will get you noticed by the teaches."

Fayte took another drag and closed her eyes. "I don't know anything about that." She shrugged and smiled promiscuously, "Ah well, I'm tired and I need to catch up on work. I'll see you in the morning." Looking over her shoulder to see if anyone was watching, Fayte jumped the 15 ft. wall that surrounded the property to their "private" school.

Marie rolled her eyes and muttered "Showoff." under her breath. She flicked her cigarette onto the ground and crunched it under her shoe. She looked at the wall and began to scale it. Soon both female figures had disappeared into the night

Despite the fact that it was a restless night, and that neither like getting up for school, the damn sun still shined with full strength in the morning. Fayte, swearing fluently, mad a mad dash to the first in the bathroom.

"OH YOU SUCK FAYTE!!" Marie screamed putting a bagel in the toaster "YOU BETTER BE OUT SOON OR I'M COMING IN WITH YOU!!"

"The door's open!! But you're not a lesbian." Fayte yelled back.

"Who told you that?" she said back giggling as she prepared her bagel to be demolished. "Pesky rumors."

"I know, they said I sleep with Scott, but I'm not a whore." replied a very nude Fayte. "but who knows how these rumors get started."

"Pesky people who want life to be more exciting. You'd think they'd get enough of it being a mutant and all." She brought her bagel to the table and plopped down, beginning to eat.

Fayte shrugged and began to dress. After a few moments she realized, "You bitch! Was that the last one?!?

Marie stuffed the rest of the bagel in her mouth before muttering "I don know what your talkin bout" spewing crumbs everywhere.

"That's abusive!" Fayte argued frantically searching though the cupboards for anymore bagels. "That's rude." Sighing Fayte took out a classic bowl of cereal and a jug of milk.

Marie finally was able to swallow then said "Sorry babe. You got the shower, I got the bagel. My turn to have a shower, and yours to eat." she passed by the girl and rolled her eyes "Besides you got the last bagel last week."

"Maybe, but that was blueberry, it's not the same." She said pouting at her bowl of cereal.

Marie just stuck out her tongue before closing the bathroom door. Water began to run. In a moment of pure mutant teenage rebellion Fayte tiptoed to the bathroom door and slowly began to put a thick layer of ice over it. Smiling to herself she plopped back down and began to eat her cereal, which tasted slightly better with a side of prank and an 8 oz. glass of orange juice. The water stopped. a few moment passed before a shrill "FAYTE!! YOU ASS WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO???" was heard

"Sorry Marie, gotta go. Physics starts in five minutes."

"Fayte if you leave I swear I will pay you back sevenfold." a calm voice said from the bathroom.

"Okay, later Marie." Fayte walked out of the room and strolled down the hall whistling a merry tune.

Marie sighed. "Well. She asked for it." She rummaged in the pockets of her clothes. She pulled out her cigarettes and a lighter. She then opened the cabinets under the sink and pulled out a bottle of vodka. She took a swallow, flicked open her lighter and blew. Voila! Instant flame thrower. With a nudge of power the door burst into flames, though the walls were unharmed. She walked out in a towel, throwing open the door to the hall, spotted Fayte, then started walking in her direction.

"I get hurt by a 120-some pound mutant in three, two, one..."

Marie clapped her hands, willing the sound waves to build in force. A gale-like power washed over her friend, throwing her a few feet but otherwise, not harming her. By this time they had an audience

"Not right. I was expecting to get tackled." She jumped up from off her back and took off her right glove and touched Marie's cheek. "My turn." Mirroring Marie's attack she flipped her friend over and flipped up her skirt. "Ohhh it's Marie's undies."

"FAYTE!! You're so immature!" she squealed, slapping her friend.


"You betcha." she said before turning on her toe and going back to the room, slamming the door behind her.

"I think I just got dumped." Fayte shrugged and walked into Xavier's study just as the tardy bell rang. A few minuets latter Marie appeared at the door glaring at Fayte. She was wearing faded jeans and a baby blue t-shirt. The jeans were tucked into black motorcycle boots, and her hair was spiked with blue.

"Nope not dumped at all."

Marie's lips tugged, of their own will, into a smile "You are such an ass." she said, coming into the room and taking a seat.